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(Ballarat Chess Club Representatives) A selection of matches from the U18 girls, U16 girls and U12 girls events.

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7Caitlin Barnett941Kanimozhi Balamurugan Veni5721-051C68Victorian Juniors...10 Jul 2017
2Callista Leong-La573Chantelle Barnett543½-½54 ≣B02Victorian Juniors... 9 Jul 2017
1Cassandra Barnett1066Caitlin Barnett941½-½37 ≣A40Victorian Juniors... 8 Jul 2017
11Cassandra Barnett1066Lillian Lu16840-155 ≣D35Victorian Juniors... 9 Jul 2017
8Chantelle Barnett543Kathleen Hooi10041-054 ≣A07Victorian Juniors... 8 Jul 2017
5Clare Zhu432Chantelle Barnett5430-154B02Victorian Juniors... 8 Jul 2017
3Kanimozhi Balamurugan Veni572Cassandra Barnett10660-163 ≣B07Victorian Juniors... 8 Jul 2017
9Lillian Lu1684Caitlin Barnett941½-½38 ≣B07Victorian Juniors...10 Jul 2017
4Oneli De Silva814Caitlin Barnett941½-½59 ≣B07Victorian Juniors... 9 Jul 2017
6Oneli De Silva814Cassandra Barnett10660-159 ≣B07Victorian Juniors... 8 Jul 2017
10Paula Chen1157Cassandra Barnett10661-046 ≣A41Victorian Juniors... 9 Jul 2017