Storm 0.6 (1827) vs Johnny Hector 1.0 (2200)
Hector Test 2 | China | 9 Aug 2016 | Round 2
[Event "Hector Test 2"] [Site "China"] [Date "2016.08.09"] [Round "2"] [White "Storm 0.6"] [Black "Johnny Hector 1.0"] [Result "0-1"] [WhiteElo "1827"] [BlackElo "2200"] [ECO "D08"] [Opening "QGD: Albin, 3.dxe5 d4"] 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e5 {Albin Counter Gambit. Perfect for a tactical player against weaker opponents.} 3.dxe5 d4 4.e3 Bb4+ 5.Bd2 dxe3 6.Qa4+ Nc6 7.fxe3 (7.{Not } Bxb4? {because of} exf2+ 8.Kxf2 Qh4+ 9.g3 Qd4+ 10.Ke1 Qe4+ 11.Kf2 Qxh1 $17) 7...Qh4+ 8.Kd1 Bg4+ 9.Ne2 O-O-O $19 {Already enormous pressure in just 9 moves!} 10.Qc2 Nxe5 11.h3 Ne7 12.g3 Qh6 13.Bg2 Nf5 14.Bxb7+ {White needs to do something, so he tries this desperate move to draw the black king out and seek counterplay.} Kxb7 15.Qe4+ Kb8 16.Qxe5 Nxe3+ 17.Kc1 Rxd2! 18.Qb5+ Ka8 19.Nxd2 Bxd2+ 20.Kxd2 Nxc4+ 21.Kc3 Qd2+ 22.Kxc4 Be6+ {White loses his Q and mate is coming. An amazing demolition.} {#R} 0-1
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