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King's Gambit Accepted, Allgaier and Kieseritsky Gambits including Rice Gambit 1. e4 e5 2. f4 exf4 3. Nf3 g5 4. h4 Guide: Back to All Games are selected from the end position for the opening. Eco Codes can vary due to this.

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1Van Der Lasa TJaenisch Carl F A (RUS)1-027 ≣C39
2Van Der Lasa TAnderssen Adolf (GER)1-048 ≣C39Match
3Kieseritzky LionelCalvi I1-036 ≣C39?
4Harrwitz Daniel (GER)Anderssen Adolf (GER)0-138 ≣C39Match
5Morphy Paul2680Mcconell L Honorary1-029 ≣C39?
6Morphy Paul2680Rousseau Emmanuel (USA)1-017C39?
7Nathan S (GER)Anderssen Adolf (GER)0-122 ≣C39?
8Anderssen Adolf (GER)Dufresne Jean (GER)0-132 ≣C39?
9Anderssen Adolf (GER)Van Der Lasa T1-048 ≣C39?
10Pitschel ClausAnderssen Adolf (GER)0-124 ≣C39Match
11Anderssen Adolf (GER)Perigal G1-023 ≣C39?
12Urusov Sergey SBin1-023 ≣C39?
13Anderssen Adolf (GER)Pitschel Claus1-027 ≣C39?
14Mongredien OAnderssen Adolf (GER)1-041 ≣C39?
15Elkin L SrMorphy Paul26800-125 ≣C39?
16Morphy Paul2680Lord Lyttleton1-017 ≣C39Simultan (blindfold)
17Morphy Paul2680Bird Henry E (ENG)1-018 ≣C39?
18Morphy Paul2680Medley George W (ENG)1-026 ≣C39?
19Anderssen Adolf (GER)Morphy Paul26800-124 ≣C39Match
20Anderssen Adolf (GER)Morphy Paul26801-032 ≣C39Match
21Morphy Paul2680Anderssen Adolf (GER)1-023 ≣C39Match
22Baucher Jacques (FRA)1993Morphy Paul26800-144 ≣C39?
23Harrwitz Daniel (GER)Morphy Paul26801-047 ≣C39?
24Anderssen Adolf (GER)Lange Max (GER)1-030 ≣C39It
25Anderssen Adolf (GER)Lange Max (GER)0-136 ≣C39?
26Anderssen Adolf (GER)Suhle Bertholod (GER)0-136 ≣C39?
27Anderssen Adolf (GER)Hirschfeld P0-124 ≣C39?
28Anderssen Adolf (GER)Hirschfeld P0-144 ≣C39?
29Kolisch Ignac (AUT)Anderssen Adolf (GER)1-050 ≣C39?
30Anderssen Adolf (GER)Paulsen Louis (GER)0-136 ≣C39?
31Anderssen Adolf (GER)Green Valentine1-026 ≣C39It
32Dubois Serafino (ITA)Mongredien O1-029C39It
33Anderssen Adolf (GER)Medley George W (ENG)0-144 ≣C39?
34Steinitz Wilhelm (CZE)Wilson Peter John Barry (ENG)19651-020C39?
35Rosanes JAnderssen Adolf (GER)0-123C39?
36NN (ITA)Petroff Alexander D (RUS)0-126 ≣C39?
37Steinitz Wilhelm (CZE)Green Valentine1-024 ≣C39Match
38Dubois Serafino (ITA)Smalt1-028C39Match
39SmaltDubois Serafino (ITA)0-128C39Match
40Anderssen Adolf (GER)Knorre V1-040 ≣C39?
41Anderssen Adolf (GER)Schallopp Emil (GER)1-021 ≣C39?
42Anderssen Adolf (GER)Zukertort Johannes (GER)1-037 ≣C39?
43Sidney RFBuckley E0-120 ≣C39Tournament
44Anderssen Adolf (GER)Neumann Gustav R L (GER)0-119 ≣C39?
45Anderssen Adolf (GER)Neumann Gustav R L (GER)0-139 ≣C39?
46Anderssen Adolf (GER)Zukertort Johannes (GER)0-118 ≣C39?
47Anderssen Adolf (GER)Zukertort Johannes (GER)0-131 ≣C39?
48Steinitz Wilhelm (CZE)BelIaev V1-020 ≣C39?
49Anderssen Adolf (GER)Paulsen Louis (GER)0-142 ≣C39It
50Pierce WilliamGossip George Hatfeild0-121 ≣C39corr.
51Blackburne Joseph H (ENG)Rosenthal Samuel (POL)0-126 ≣C39It (matches)
52Pitschel ClausAnderssen Adolf (GER)0-141 ≣C39It (matches)
53Pitschel ClausBlackburne Joseph H (ENG)0-125 ≣C39It (matches)
54Pitschel ClausGelbfuhs O0-132 ≣C39It (matches)
55Pitschel ClausSteinitz Wilhelm (CZE)0-120 ≣C39It (matches)
56Blackburne Joseph H (ENG)Dupre CEA1-026 ≣C39Simultan
57MacDonnell GBird Henry E (ENG)0-138 ≣C39?
58Tarrasch Siegbert (GER)Mannheimer N1-037 ≣C39?
59Steinitz Wilhelm (CZE)Zukertort Johannes (GER)0-133 ≣C39It
60Dupre CEAVan Foreest Dirk1-033 ≣C39Tournament
61Zukertort Johannes (GER)Wyse Bonaparte1-035 ≣C39Game (blindfold)
62ErdelyiBetulin1-025 ≣C39?
63Tullidge WilliamEiffe Patrick1-016 ≣C39Ch Australia25 Aug 1887
64Steinitz Wilhelm (CZE)Fokher H1-029 ≣C39Simultan
65Steinitz Wilhelm (CZE)Showalter Jackson W (USA)1-032 ≣C39It
66Heemskerk1Van Rhijn Arnoldus1-014 ≣C39Tournament (corr.)
67Caro Horatio (ENG)Schiffers Emanuel S (RUS)1-045 ≣C39It
68Guglieimetti ABarbaro G1-020 ≣C39It (open)
69Trenchard HerbertShowalter Jackson W (USA)0-127 ≣C39It
70Walbrodt CarlBurn Amos (ENG)1-027 ≣C39It
71Moquette JTe Kolste Jan Willem (NED)1-029 ≣C39?
72Lasker Emanuel (GER)Hoffer Leopold1-030 ≣C39Simultan
73Lasker Emanuel (GER)NN (ITA)1-025 ≣C39Simultan
74Tietjen APhysick T1-012 ≣C39It
75Corzo JorgeCapablanca Jose Raul (CUB)0-137C39?
76Lasker Emanuel (GER)De Visser William M0-133 ≣C39Simultan
77Lasker Emanuel (GER)Lynn FW1-019 ≣C39Simultan
78Lasker Emanuel (GER)NN (ITA)1-033 ≣C39Simultan
79Lasker Emanuel (GER)Walker HK1-023 ≣C39Simultan
80Lasker Emanuel (GER)Wuensche AO1-023C39Simultan
81Lasker Emanuel (GER)Chigorin Mikhail I (RUS)0-125 ≣C39Match
82Lasker Emanuel (GER)Chigorin Mikhail I (RUS)1-034 ≣C39?
83Lasker Emanuel (GER)Chigorin Mikhail I (RUS)0-134 ≣C39?
84Klassen AAlekhine Alexander A (RUS)0-112 ≣C39?
85Gunsberg Isidor A (HUN)Chigorin Mikhail I (RUS)0-132 ≣C39It
86Gunsberg Isidor A (HUN)Marco Georg (AUT)0-128 ≣C39It
87Gunsberg Isidor A (HUN)Schlechter Carl (AUT)0-125 ≣C39It
88Gunsberg Isidor A (HUN)Teichmann Richard (GER)0-126 ≣C39It
89Marco Georg (AUT)Maroczy Geza (HUN)0-140 ≣C39It
90Marco Georg (AUT)Pillsbury Harry N (USA)0-138 ≣C39It
91Marco Georg (AUT)Schlechter Carl (AUT)0-131 ≣C39It
92Pillsbury Harry N (USA)Chigorin Mikhail I (RUS)0-132 ≣C39It
93Pillsbury Harry N (USA)Gunsberg Isidor A (HUN)1-025 ≣C39It
94Schlechter Carl (AUT)Gunsberg Isidor A (HUN)1-031 ≣C39It
95Schlechter Carl (AUT)Maroczy Geza (HUN)0-145 ≣C39It
96Teichmann Richard (GER)Marco Georg (AUT)0-133 ≣C39It
97Vidmar Milan Sr (YUG)Goldsand1-018 ≣C39?
98Dickinson WTFawcett ED1-033 ≣C39It \
99Dickinson WTGunsberg Isidor0-139 ≣C39It \
100Dickinson WTLeonhardt Paul S (GER)0-130 ≣C39It \