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Evans Gambit with 4...Bxb4 5.c3 Ba5 Notation: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. b4 Bxb4 5. c3 Ba5 Guide: Back to All Games are selected from the end position for the opening. Eco Codes can vary due to this.

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1Evans William (ENG)MacDonnell Alexander (ENG)1-020C51?
2Staunton Howard (ENG)Anonymous1-021 ≣C51?
3Staunton Howard (ENG)Cochrane John (SCO)1-019 ≣C51?
4Staunton Howard (ENG)Anonymous1-025 ≣C51?
5Discart FBonetti Carlo (ITA)18911-021 ≣C51?
6Morphy Paul2680Morphy Ernest1-025C51?
7Anderssen Adolf (GER)Dufresne Jean (GER)1-028 ≣C51?
8Anderssen Adolf (GER)Mayet Carl (GER)1-025 ≣C51?
9Anderssen Adolf (GER)Mayet Carl (GER)1-023 ≣C51?
10Dufresne Jean (GER)Anderssen Adolf (GER)0-119 ≣C51?
11Dufresne Jean (GER)Anderssen Adolf (GER)0-123 ≣C51?
12Kosak JDufresne Jean (GER)1-019C51?
13ZytogorskiAnderssen Adolf (GER)1-023 ≣C51?
14Anderssen Adolf (GER)Dufresne Jean (GER)1-024C51?
15Anderssen Adolf (GER)Eichborn0-128 ≣C51?
16Mcconell L HonoraryMorphy Paul26800-125 ≣C51?
17Morphy Paul2680Ayers T (USA)1-026 ≣C51?
18Anderssen Adolf (GER)Dufresne Jean (GER)1-025 ≣C51?
19Anderssen Adolf (GER)Dufresne Jean (GER)1-023 ≣C51?
20Dufresne Jean (GER)Anderssen Adolf (GER)0-122 ≣C51?
21Anderssen Adolf (GER)Saalbach A1-022 ≣C51?
22Perrin FLoyd S0-128 ≣C51?
23Owen John (ENG)Barnes Thomas W (ENG)1-019 ≣C51?
24Kipping JAnderssen Adolf (GER)0-128 ≣C51?
25Kipping JAnderssen Adolf (GER)1-021 ≣C51?
26MaracheMorphy Paul26800-120C51?
27Thompson (USA)Morphy Paul26800-128 ≣C51?
28Morphy Paul2680Amateur11-027 ≣C51Simultan (blindfold)
29Morphy Paul2680Forde1-023C51Simultan (blindfold)
30Lange Max (GER)Anderssen Adolf (GER)1-025C51?
31Mongredien OMorphy Paul26800-118 ≣C51Match
32Morphy Paul2680Laroche1-013 ≣C51?
33Kolisch Ignac (AUT)Gastein1-019 ≣C51?
34Kolisch Ignac (AUT)Schlemm1-022C51?
35Neumann Gustav R L (GER)Anderssen Adolf (GER)1-021 ≣C51?
36De Riviere Jules A (FRA)Journoux1-020C51?
37Kolisch Ignac (AUT)Cremorne1-026C51Match
38Anderssen Adolf (GER)Raland1-026 ≣C51?
39Anderssen Adolf (GER)Mayet Carl (GER)1-019 ≣C51?
40Hipp H SrLichtenscheidt1-022 ≣C51?
41Steinitz Wilhelm (CZE)Pilhal1-017C51?
42Steinitz Wilhelm (CZE)Pilhal1-018C51?
43Steinitz Wilhelm (CZE)Anonymous1-018C51?
44BergellCordel1-015 ≣C51?
45Neumann Gustav R L (GER)Anderssen Adolf (GER)1-015 ≣C51?
46Neumann Gustav R L (GER)Ruhland1-024 ≣C51?
47Anderssen Adolf (GER)Zukertort Johannes (GER)0-127 ≣C51?
48Blackburne Joseph H (ENG)Corlett1-026 ≣C51Blindfold
49Blackburne Joseph H (ENG)Cousin P (FRA)20891-026 ≣C51Blindfold
50Steinitz Wilhelm (CZE)Grand Hans H1-018C51?
51Young1Zukertort Johannes (GER)1-023 ≣C51?
52Anderssen Adolf (GER)Rosenthal Samuel (POL)1-016 ≣C51It (matches)
53Riemann Fritz (GER)Anderssen Adolf (GER)1-028 ≣C51?
54Blackburne Joseph H (ENG)Amateur11-028C51Blindfold
55Blackburne Joseph H (ENG)Amateur11-019 ≣C51Blindfold
56Blackburne Joseph H (ENG)Peyer1-024C51Blindfold
57Winawer Szymon A (POL)Chigorin Mikhail I (RUS)1-028C51?
58Blackburne Joseph H (ENG)Martin (ENG)1-023C51Blindfold
59Seghieri AValle G1-023 ≣C51?
60Crespi ESalvioli C1-022 ≣C51?
61Steel RobertBlackburne Joseph H (ENG)0-126 ≣C51?
62Chigorin Mikhail I (RUS)Mortimer James (USA)1-019 ≣C51It
63Chigorin Mikhail I (RUS)Alapin Semyon Z (LTU)1-023C51?
64Pollock William H K (ENG)Peake AS1-019 ≣C51Tournament12 Oct 1885
65Zannoni FCavalier S1-017 ≣C51?
66Chigorin Mikhail I (RUS)Steinitz Wilhelm (CZE)1-026 ≣C51Ch World (match)
67Chigorin Mikhail I (RUS)Steinitz Wilhelm (CZE)0-126 ≣C51Ch World (match)
68Pollock William (USA)Baird John W (USA)1-025C51It
69Showalter Jackson W (USA)Burille Constant1-016 ≣C51It
70ApoldaZema0-127 ≣C51corr.
71Steinitz Wilhelm (CZE)Devide Zoran (CRO)22961-018 ≣C51?
72Tarrasch Siegbert (GER)Keltz1-026 ≣C51?
73Gunsberg Isidor A (HUN)Steinitz Wilhelm (CZE)1-024 ≣C51Ch World (match)
74Gunsberg Isidor A (HUN)Steinitz Wilhelm (CZE)1-021 ≣C51Ch World (match)
75Chigorin Mikhail I (RUS)Steinitz Wilhelm (CZE)1-028 ≣C51Ch World (match)
76BrosztelCharousek Rezso (HUN)0-120 ≣C51?
77Chigorin Mikhail I (RUS)Zibin Ivan (RUS)1-020 ≣C51?
78OrchardBurille Constant1-023 ≣C51?
79Chigorin Mikhail I (RUS)Steinitz Wilhelm (CZE)1-026 ≣C51It
80Chigorin Mikhail I (RUS)Rozenkrantz Karl Viliamovich (RUS)1-021 ≣C51?
81Heinrichsen ArvedWalbrodt Carl1-025 ≣C51?
82Bier MAmateur11-020 ≣C51?
83Didier MMortimer James (USA)0-125 ≣C51It
84Corzo JorgeCapablanca Jose Raul (CUB)1-027 ≣C51Match
85Marshall Frank J (USA)Janowski Dawid M (POL)0-128 ≣C51It
87Fritz Alexander (GER)Schallopp Emil (GER)1-023 ≣C51?
88MlotkowskyShrader Eug1-018 ≣C51?
89SmogrovicsVon Schuetz H1-020C51It (d)
90Mieses Jacques (GER)Napier William E (ENG)0-124 ≣C51Match
91Alekhine Alexander A (RUS)Sachovskoj1-027 ≣C51Tournament \
92Labatt Leon LLasker Emanuel (GER)1-018 ≣C51Simultan
93GouwentakRotlewi Georg (POL)0-123 ≣C51Tournament (a)
94Dodds GSeverne E0-120 ≣C51Ch New Zealand
95Tartakower Savielly (FRA)Nyholm Gustaf (SWE)1-014 ≣C51It
96MlotkowskyLovegrove1-023 ≣C51?
97Ward William (ENG)1914Wortman1-023 ≣C51Tournament
98Alekhine Alexander A (RUS)Sorokin1-028 ≣C51Simultan
99Horvath1Mayer Lajos1-018C51?
100KrylenkoLykum1-023 ≣C51?