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Top Grand Master Games with win and Games from 2000 in rating: 14. February to 20. February 2017.

Guide Chess Table:

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1Nakamura, H.2785Rapport, R.26921-055 ≣D0720 Feb 2017
2Muzychuk, A.2558Stefanova, A.25121-039 ≣C70WCh Women 201720 Feb 2017
3Harika, D.2539Dzagnidze, N.25251-047 ≣C03WCh Women 201720 Feb 2017
4Rapport, R.2692Vachier Lagrave, M.27960-154 ≣A01Sharjah Grand Pri...19 Feb 2017
5Mamedyarov, S.2766Tomashevsky, E.27111-037 ≣E12Sharjah Grand Pri...19 Feb 2017
6Salem, A.2656Ding Liren27600-134 ≣C55Sharjah Grand Pri...19 Feb 2017
7Ju Wenjun2583Girya, O.24581-029 ≣D11WCh Women 201719 Feb 2017
8Padmini, R.2387Tan Zhongyi25021-090 ≣C50WCh Women 201719 Feb 2017
9Girya, O.2458Ju Wenjun25831-053 ≣E10WCh Women 201719 Feb 2017
10Tan Zhongyi2502Padmini, R.23871-039 ≣D53WCh Women 201719 Feb 2017
11Cramling, P.2434Kosteniuk, A.25490-154 ≣A05WCh Women 201719 Feb 2017
12Tan Zhongyi2502Padmini, R.23871-050 ≣D55WCh Women 201719 Feb 2017
13Harika, D.2539Guramishvili, S.23571-046 ≣A06WCh Women 201719 Feb 2017
14Ju Wenjun2583Girya, O.24581-057 ≣D11WCh Women 201719 Feb 2017
15Kosteniuk, A.2549Cramling, P.24341-031 ≣B28WCh Women 201719 Feb 2017
16Short, N.2675Baburin, A.24811-045 ≣D11Bunratty Masters ...19 Feb 2017
17Bates, R.2370Astaneh Lopez, A.24170-132 ≣A49Bunratty Masters ...19 Feb 2017
18Lalic, B.2449Prilleltensky, M.21951-023 ≣D15Bunratty Masters ...19 Feb 2017
19Astaneh Lopez, A.2417Short, N.26750-154 ≣A06Bunratty Masters ...19 Feb 2017
20Speelman, J.2522Bates, R.23700-132 ≣E11Bunratty Masters ...19 Feb 2017
21Finegold, B.2483Abrahamyan, T.23271-028 ≣E32St Louis Winter G...19 Feb 2017
22Checa, N.2400Berczes, D.24790-159 ≣E10St Louis Winter G...19 Feb 2017
23Ali Marandi, C.2495Burke, J.24951-035 ≣D85St Louis Winter G...19 Feb 2017
24Berczes, D.2479Kumar, N.24791-035A05St Louis Winter G...19 Feb 2017
25Abrahamyan, T.2327Checa, N.24001-057 ≣C07St Louis Winter G...19 Feb 2017
26Liang, A.2493Ali Marandi, C.24950-123 ≣A04St Louis Winter G...19 Feb 2017
27Gorovets, A.2533Arribas Lopez, A.25110-175 ≣A41St Louis Winter G...19 Feb 2017
28Banawa, J.2370Neimer, V.23561-040 ≣D00St Louis Winter I...19 Feb 2017
29Williams, J.2333Hua, L.23331-051 ≣A05St Louis Winter I...19 Feb 2017
30Grabinsky, A.2372Eckert, D.21351-064 ≣A46St Louis Winter I...19 Feb 2017
31Young, A.2295Williams, J.23330-159 ≣A49St Louis Winter I...19 Feb 2017
32Neimer, V.2356Colas, J.23171-023 ≣A03St Louis Winter I...19 Feb 2017
33Eckert, D.2135Banawa, J.23700-155 ≣A15St Louis Winter I...19 Feb 2017
34Brooks, M.2384Grabinsky, A.23721-077 ≣C00St Louis Winter I...19 Feb 2017
35Ragnarsson, D.2276Jacobsen, M.23001-037 ≣D15ch-Nordic Youth 201719 Feb 2017
36Morling, J.2079Berglind, A.21300-153 ≣D20ch-Nordic Youth 201719 Feb 2017
37Ragnarsson, D.2276Berglind, A.21300-165 ≣D15ch-Nordic Youth 201719 Feb 2017
38Pottier, A.2127Gurevich, M.25490-150 ≣B07Meurthe et Mosell...19 Feb 2017
39Vignale, S.2040Fressinet, L.26600-123 ≣A04Meurthe et Mosell...19 Feb 2017
40Gurevich, M.2549Pouchon, J.21091-040 ≣A30Meurthe et Mosell...19 Feb 2017
41Fridman, D.2594Santamaria, J.22071-029 ≣A40Meurthe et Mosell...19 Feb 2017
42Andriasian, S.2281Gurevich, M.25490-128 ≣B07Meurthe et Mosell...19 Feb 2017
43Partac, E.2105Fridman, D.25940-127 ≣B13Meurthe et Mosell...19 Feb 2017
44Gurevich, M.2549Shchekachev, A.25521-064 ≣A30Meurthe et Mosell...19 Feb 2017
45Fridman, D.2594Berend, F.23431-054 ≣A40Meurthe et Mosell...19 Feb 2017
46Iglesias, J.2273Fressinet, L.26600-122 ≣A46Meurthe et Mosell...19 Feb 2017
47Fridman, D.2594Gurevich, M.25490-153 ≣A81Meurthe et Mosell...19 Feb 2017
48Fressinet, L.2660Mullon, J.23881-024 ≣A47Meurthe et Mosell...19 Feb 2017
49Micottis, D.2241Nevednichy, V.25480-154 ≣B07Meurthe et Mosell...19 Feb 2017
50Gurevich, M.2549Micottis, D.22411-030 ≣A10Meurthe et Mosell...19 Feb 2017
51Doluhanova, E.2259Zatonskih, A.24430-126 ≣B01Meurthe et Mosell...19 Feb 2017
52Adrian, C.2233Moucheroud, J.21971-036 ≣A09Meurthe et Mosell...19 Feb 2017
53Potrel, M.2156Fridman, D.25940-124 ≣B12Meurthe et Mosell...19 Feb 2017
54Fressinet, L.2660Zatonskih, A.24431-044 ≣A05Meurthe et Mosell...19 Feb 2017
55Fridman, D.2594Adrian, C.22331-029 ≣D02Meurthe et Mosell...19 Feb 2017
56Doluhanova, E.2259Mullon, J.23880-154 ≣B41Meurthe et Mosell...19 Feb 2017
57Bogdanovich, S.2602Onischuk, V.26011-033 ≣B07Nebesna Sotnya Me...19 Feb 2017
58Mirzoev, E.2446Bernadskiy, V.25180-171 ≣A40Nebesna Sotnya Me...19 Feb 2017
59Bykovskiy, O.2332Zubarev, A.25060-141 ≣B22Nebesna Sotnya Me...19 Feb 2017
60Budnikov, O.2403Bordovsky, V.23821-039 ≣A05Nebesna Sotnya Me...19 Feb 2017
61Ianov, V.2299Kislinsky, A.24750-135 ≣A36Nebesna Sotnya Me...19 Feb 2017
62Bernadskiy, V.2518Bogdanovich, S.26021-058 ≣A20Nebesna Sotnya Me...19 Feb 2017
63Kislinsky, A.2475Solovchuk, A.23941-057 ≣C55Nebesna Sotnya Me...19 Feb 2017
64Reshetkov, K.2236Sergeev, V.24390-117 ≣B02Nebesna Sotnya Me...19 Feb 2017
65Matviishen, V.2407Razin, V.23740-159 ≣A06Nebesna Sotnya Me...19 Feb 2017
66Mirzoev, E.2446Onischuk, V.26010-150 ≣A41Nebesna Sotnya Me...19 Feb 2017
67Bogdanovich, S.2602Budnikov, O.24031-029 ≣B06Nebesna Sotnya Me...19 Feb 2017
68Rakhmangulov, A.2308Zubarev, A.25061-045 ≣A40Nebesna Sotnya Me...19 Feb 2017
69Pen, L.2216Razin, V.23740-148 ≣C01Nebesna Sotnya Me...19 Feb 2017
70Bortnik, N.2428Bordovsky, V.23821-067 ≣A46Nebesna Sotnya Me...19 Feb 2017
71Vusatiuk, V.2344Gritsak, O.24970-135 ≣B44Nebesna Sotnya Me...19 Feb 2017
72Onischuk, V.2601Kislinsky, A.24751-042 ≣B27Nebesna Sotnya Me...19 Feb 2017
73Razin, V.2374Bogdanovich, S.26021-030D02Nebesna Sotnya Me...19 Feb 2017
74Bargan, S.2291Bortnik, N.24280-158 ≣A53Nebesna Sotnya Me...19 Feb 2017
75Sergeev, V.2439Omelja, A.23401-020 ≣A40Nebesna Sotnya Me...19 Feb 2017
76Klymchuk, A.2411Mikhaletz, L.24050-124 ≣B00Nebesna Sotnya Me...19 Feb 2017
77Fingerov, D.2334Zubarev, A.25060-135 ≣A00Nebesna Sotnya Me...19 Feb 2017
78Page, M.2117Abdulla, M.21261-087 ≣B23Perth Congress 201719 Feb 2017
79Koehn, L.2006Hogg, S.20381-047 ≣B11Perth Congress 201719 Feb 2017
80Koehn, L.2006Abrahams, D.21180-158 ≣B40Perth Congress 201719 Feb 2017
81Admiraal, M.2456Michiels, B.25240-132 ≣C05TCh-BEL 2016-1719 Feb 2017
82Kerigan, D.2362Van Haastert, E.24491-033 ≣C03TCh-BEL 2016-1719 Feb 2017
83Bitalzadeh, A.2397De Rover, Y.23380-157 ≣A22TCh-BEL 2016-1719 Feb 2017
84Van der Lende, I.2347Van Oosterom, C.23891-026 ≣A80TCh-BEL 2016-1719 Feb 2017
85Van der Stricht, G.2379Van der Auweraert, E.22670-143 ≣E47TCh-BEL 2016-1719 Feb 2017
86Henrichs, T.2475Saiboulatov, D.23731-039 ≣C17TCh-BEL 2016-1719 Feb 2017
87Bruno, R.2013Gulbas, C.23600-128 ≣B40TCh-BEL 2016-1719 Feb 2017
88Berelowitsch, A.2528Migot, T.23711-00 ≣TCh-BEL 2016-1719 Feb 2017
89De Wit, M.2196Huesmann, T.22580-130 ≣C70TCh-BEL 2016-1719 Feb 2017
90Leenhouts, K.2499Wantiez, F.23391-040 ≣D85TCh-BEL 2016-1719 Feb 2017
91Maenhout, T.2392Marechal, A.23191-048 ≣A25TCh-BEL 2016-1719 Feb 2017
92Michiels, R.2281Le Corre, B.23081-00 ≣TCh-BEL 2016-1719 Feb 2017
93Fontaine, Q.2269Gryson, W.22121-037 ≣B06TCh-BEL 2016-1719 Feb 2017
94Sterck, A.2191Herman, J.22531-044 ≣B32TCh-BEL 2016-1719 Feb 2017
95Sumets, A.2562Hera, I.26190-181 ≣E10TCh-BEL 2016-1719 Feb 2017
96Rotstein, A.2501Tan, M.24300-159 ≣A07TCh-BEL 2016-1719 Feb 2017
97Memeti, K.2196Skulener, W.23860-134 ≣A45TCh-BEL 2016-1719 Feb 2017
98Rotstein, J.2316Noiroux, K.21691-042 ≣A02TCh-BEL 2016-1719 Feb 2017
99Hovhanisian, M.2461Wemmers, X.24070-150 ≣A05TCh-BEL 2016-1719 Feb 2017
100Lai, H.2419Offringa, J.23021-044 ≣A04TCh-BEL 2016-1719 Feb 2017