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Most chess databases are too large and cumbersome to be practical. Create your own microbases and take them with you wherever you go!

Perfect for storing and annotating your own games. Save small, relevant game collections. Ideal for coaches wanting to share lessons or players doing opening preparation.

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  • Enter and save your own chess games
  • Annotate your chess games
  • Engine analysis in your browser!
  • Create microbases (small chess databases)
  • Add games by copy-paste PGN
  • Import games from PGN
  • Download games as PGN
  • Works on any web-browser or mobile device!
  • Publish your chess games on the web
  • Embed a PGN viewer on your blog or website
  • Easily share a game or entire microbase

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  • A tournament chess player (a microbase is better than a shoebox for all your old scoresheets!)