Reti vs Rubinstein
[Event "Karlsbad"] [Site "Karlsbad"] [Round "0"] [White "Reti"] [Black "Rubinstein"] [Result "1-0"] [ECO "A07"] [Opening "Reti: KIA, Neo-Gruenfeld"] {28. RETI (1889-1929) During and after World War I there emerged a group of young players who attempted to break completely with accepted opinion. Foremost among them was Reti. Instead of occupying the centre with pawns these hypermoderns, with Reti as their leader, preferred to control the central territory by the action of their pieces. They developed their Bishops on the flanks and held back the centre pawns as long as possible. In his innovations Reti eventually went too far. He overpressed his theories, as inexperienced players sometimes do, and was often the victim of practical difficulties} 1. Nf3 {Zukertort also frequently opened with this Knight move, but the system White used here was worked out by Reti, and is quite rightly known as Reti's opening} 1... d5 2. g3 Nf6 3. Bg2 g6 4. c4 d4 { This ambitious space gaining move is virtually an attempt at refutation} (4... c6 {more prudent}) 5. d3 Bg7 6. b4 {A sophisticated strategem; White anticipates the reinforcing move ... Pc5, undermining it in advance} 6... O-O 7. Nbd2 c5 8. Nb3 cxb4 9. Bb2 Nc6 10. Nbxd4 Nxd4 11. Bxd4 {White's strategy has been completely successful. The centre is under control by White's pieces - not pawns. Note that White has made no automatic developing moves; he has not yet castled. The hypermodern player does this only after some sophisticated preliminary strategical skirmishing} 11... b6 12. a3 Bb7 13. Bb2 bxa3 14. Rxa3 Qc7 15. Qa1 {The doubling on the diagonal is an invention of Reti; it may be regarded as analogous to doubling heavy pieces on a file} 15... Ne8 16. Bxg7 Nxg7 17. O-O (17. Rxa7 $2 Rxa7 18. Qxa7 Ra8 { trapping White's Queen}) 17... Ne6 18. Rb1 Bc6 (18... -- 19. Rxa7 Rxa7 20. Qxa7 Ra8 21. Qxb6) 19. d4 {Only now do the centre pawns come into action} 19... Be4 20. Rd1 a5 21. d5 Nc5 22. Nd4 Bxg2 23. Kxg2 Rfd8 24. Nc6 Rd6 25. Re3 Re8 26. Qe5 f6 (26... -- 27. Nxe7+) (26... Rd7 27. Nxe7+ Rexe7 28. Qxc7 Rxc7 29. d6 Rxe3 30. dxc7 Re8 31. Rd8 $18) 27. Qb2 e5 28. Qb5 Kf7 29. Rb1 Nd7 30. f3 Rc8 31. Rd3 e4 {A last try} (31... Nb8 32. c5 $1) 32. fxe4 Ne5 33. Qxb6 $1 Nxc6 34. c5 $1 {The point of White's previous move} 34... Rd7 35. dxc6 Rxd3 36. Qxc7+ Rxc7 37. exd3 Rxc6 38. Rb7+ Ke8 39. d4 {White has acquired complete central domination. The following endgame is expertly handled by Reti, who was a noted composer of many fine endgame studies} 39... Ra6 40. Rb6 $1 Ra8 (40... Rxb6 41. cxb6 Kd7 42. e5 fxe5 43. dxe5 a4 44. e6+ $1 Kxe6 45. b7 $18) 41. Rxf6 a4 42. Rf2 a3 43. Ra2 Kd7 44. d5 g5 45. Kf3 Ra4 46. Ke3 h5 47. h4 { Preparing decisive pentration of the White King} 47... gxh4 48. gxh4 Ke7 49. Kf4 Kd7 50. Kf5 1-0
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OpeningA07 — Reti: KIA, Neo-Gruenfeld