Alekhine vs Lasker
[Event "New York"] [Site "?"] [Round "0"] [White "Alekhine"] [Black "Lasker"] [Result "0-1"] [ECO "D30"] [Opening "QGD: 3.Nf3 Nf6"] 1. d4 d5 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 Nf6 4. Nc3 Nbd7 5. cxd5 exd5 6. Bf4 c6 7. e3 { 7.h3 With the idea of preserving his dark squared bishop, would be met with ... Be7 8.e3 Ne4 9.Be2 f5 with a good game for Black due to his strong knight one4. } 7... Nh5 8. Bd3 {This leaves his d-pawn extremely weak after Black plays 8... Nxf4. 8.Be5 would be better as after 8...f6 9.Bg3 Nxg3 10.hxg3 when White has succeeded in giving Black light square weaknesses.} 8... Nxf4 9. exf4 Bd6 10. g3 { Black has forced White to weaken his kingside in order to protect the f4 pawn.} 10... O-O 11. O-O Re8 12. Qc2 Nf8 13. Nd1 f6 14. Ne3 Be6 15. Nh4 Bc7 16. b4 { White begins a minority attack on the queenside where his two pawns will attack Black's three.} 16... Bb6 17. Nf3 Bf7 18. b5 {A mistake since the White d-pawn needs protection. 18.Qb2 Ne6 19.Nc2 Gives the weak pawn protection.} 18... Bh5 { Forcing White to further weaken his kingside in order to save his d4 pawn.} 19. g4 Bf7 20. bxc6 Rc8 {20...bxc6 21.Qxc6} 21. Qb2 bxc6 22. f5 {This prevent s Black from using the e6-square but it creates further holes on the kingside.} 22... Qd6 23. Ng2 Bc7 {Black moves quickly to put pressure on the dark squared. } 24. Rfe1 h5 {Black's idea is not only to undermine White's pawn position but also to get his knight into the game via h7.} 25. h3 Nh7 26. Rxe8+ Rxe8 27. Re1 {White must keep the e-file under control to avoid being mated. 27.a4 Ng5 28. Nxg5 Qh2+ 29. Kf1 Qh1+ Mate.} 27... Rb8 { 27...Ng5 28.Rxe8+ Bxe8 29.Qe2 allows White to defend himself.} 28. Qc1 Ng5 29. Ne5 {29.Nxg5 Qh2+ 30.Kf1 fxg5 would be much better for Black because of White's exposed king.} 29... fxe5 30. Qxg5 e4 { Black reopens the b8-h2 diagonal.} 31. f6 g6 32. f4 { 32.gxh5 Qh2+ 33.Kf1 exd3 when Black threatens 34...Qh1 mate.} 32... hxg4 { 32...exd3 allows White counterplay after...33.gxh5} 33. Be2 { 33.hxg4 exd3 34.Qh6 Qf8 would leave Black a piece up.} 33... gxh3 34. Bh5 Rb2 35. Nh4 Qxf4 36. Qxf4 Bxf4 {White resigned due to his material deficit.} 0-1
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OpeningD30 — QGD: 3.Nf3 Nf6
TournamentNew York