Kasparov vs Karpov
[Event "World Championship"] [Site "?"] [Round "4"] [White "Kasparov"] [Black "Karpov"] [Result "1-0"] [ECO "A16"] [Opening "English: Anglo-Indian, 2.Nc3"] 1. c4 Nf6 2. Nc3 e5 3. Nf3 Nc6 4. g3 Bb4 {Karpov has great deal of experience with this variation, most notably in his match games against Viktor Korchnoi.} 5. Bg2 O-O 6. O-O {Now if Black plays 6...e5 we have a Sicilian Defense with colors reversed. But there is a more energetic plan.} 6... e4 7. Ng5 Bxc3 { This disrupts my pawn structure.} 8. bxc3 Re8 {Black has to defend this pawn.} 9. f3 exf3 10. Nxf3 {OK, Black has a better pawn structure. Still, White is going to be able to build a very strong central formation, and the f-file leads right to Black's king.} 10... Qe7 {A new approach. More common is 10. ... d5 which is favored by former World Champion Vassily Smyslov.} 11. e3 Ne5 12. Nd4 {Playing for the f5 square and to create pressure on the f-file. Eventually this square might be well-suited for a pawn. But the knight is in a beautiful position here. 12.Nxe5 Qxe5 13. Rb1 White has the freer position.} 12... Nd3 {The hole at d3 is not very important.} 13. Qe2 Nxc1 14. Raxc1 { Karpov went to great lengths to eliminate my bishop. Although it didn't seem to be doing anything special, in the long run it could have become a powerful attacker.} 14... d6 15. Rf4 {Open files should be occupied by doubled rooks.} 15... c6 16. Rcf1 Qe5 17. Qd3 {The f5-square belongs to me!} 17... Bd7 18. Nf5 Bxf5 19. Rxf5 Qe6 20. Qd4 {Now Karpov has to be constantly worried about the possibility of an exchange sacrifice at f6.} 20... Re7 21. Qh4 { Not yet! 21.Rxf6 gxf6 22.Rxf6 Qe5 23.Rxd6 This position is not so easy to win.} 21... Nd7 22. Bh3 {This threatens a discovered attack on the queen, but her majesty has no useful flight square because of the congestion in the forecourt. } 22... Nf8 23. R5f3 Qe5 24. d4 { See. I told you this square would eventually make a nice home for the pawn!} 24... Qe4 25. Qxe4 Rxe4 26. Rxf7 {The game is now effectively over. I have won the pawn at f7, but more importantly have seized the seventh rank.} 26... Rxe3 27. d5 {This adds to my control of the e6-square, thus limiting the options for Karpov's knight.} 27... Rae8 28. Rxb7 cxd5 29. cxd5 R3e7 { 29...Rxc3 30.Rff7 Rc1+ 31.Bf1 Ree1 32.Rxg7+ Kh8 33.Rgf7 Kg8 34.Rxa7} 30. Rfb1 h5 31. a4 g5 32. Bf5 { Avoiding 32...g4 which would drive the Bishop to a more passive location.} 32... Kg7 33. a5 Kf6 34. Bd3 Rxb7 35. Rxb7 Re3 36. Bb5 Rxc3 37. Rxa7 Ng6 { The passed pawn is decisive.} 38. Rd7 Ne5 39. Rxd6+ Kf5 40. a6 Ra3 41. Rd8 { Karpov decides, with good reason, that further moves are unnecessary.} 1-0
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OpeningA16 — English: Anglo-Indian, 2.Nc3
TournamentWorld Championship