Bareyev vs Kasparov
[Event "Tilburg"] [Site "?"] [Round "0"] [White "Bareyev"] [Black "Kasparov"] [Result "0-1"] [ECO "E73"] [Opening "King's Indian: 5.Be2 O-O"] 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 Bg7 4. e4 d6 5. Be2 O-O 6. Nf3 e5 7. d5 a5 8. Be3 Ng4 9. Bg5 f6 10. Bh4 Na6 { The knight's future is on c5, which aims at White's center, especially e4.} 11. Nd2 h5 {This was a fairly new move at the time.} 12. a3 Bd7 13. h3 { 13.O-O was more accurate. This just weakens the kingside.} 13... Nh6 14. Rb1 Nc5 15. b4 axb4 16. axb4 Na4 17. Qc2 {A poor move. Bareyev should have exchanged knights. 17.Nxa4 Bxa4 18.Qc1 Be8 19.f3 g5 20.Bf2 f5 Black's kingside attack is impressive, don't you think?} 17... Nxc3 18. Qxc3 g5 19. Bg3 h4 20. Bh2 f5 21. c5 g4 { The weakening of the kingside by 13.h3 now comes back to haunt my opponent.} 22. c6 Bc8 {This is stronger than capturing at c6, which would have opened up the a2-g8 diagonal for potential counterplay. 22...bxc6?! 23.dxc6 Bc8 24.Bc4+ Kh8 White has some chances for a counterattack on the a2-g8 diagonal.} 23. hxg4 fxg4 24. cxb7 Bxb7 25. O-O Qg5 26. Ra1 { 26.g3 Rf7 27.Nc4 Qg6 The weakness at e4 makes itself felt.} 26... Rxa1 27. Rxa1 Bxd5 {27...Nf5! 28.exf5 e4 29.Nxe4 Qxf5 30.Qa3 Bxa1 31.Qxa1 Qxe4 32.Bf1 Bxd5 Black's material advantage is decisive.} 28. Ra7 { 28.exd5 e4 I win more material on the a1-h8 diagonal.} 28... Be6 29. Rxc7 Qf6 30. Qe3 Nf7 31. Bc4 Bh6 32. Qe2 Bxd2 33. Bxe6 Qxe6 34. Qxd2 Qb3 {Not the most efficient move. Later I found a better plan. 34...Qg6 35.Qd3 Ng5 36.Qc4+ Qe6 37.Qxe6+ Nxe6 My control of the d4 square would be more important than the seventh rank.} 35. Kh1 {A good move, creating a home for the bishop.} 35... Qb1+ 36. Bg1 Qxe4 37. Qc2 Qxc2 38. Rxc2 {One would think that White has some chances in this endgame, thanks to the passed pawn on the b-file. But it is an optical illusion. My protected passed pawn, though still at d6, is stronger.} 38... d5 39. b5 d4 40. f3 g3 {Now the White king is trapped on the back rank.} 41. b6 Rd8 {This is the winning move. Rooks belong behind passed pawns. The win comes remarkably quickly.} 42. Rc6 Nd6 43. Rc7 {43.Rc5 Nb7 44.Rxe5 d3 45. Re1 d2 46.Rd1 Rd3 White is in zugzwang, where any move loses.} 43... Rb8 44. Rc6 Nf5 45. Re6 Ne3 {Here Bareyev resigned, having calculated the rest.} 46. Rxe5 Rxb6 47. Re4 Rb1 48. Rxd4 Nd1 {And Nf2+ follows.} 0-1
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OpeningE73 — King's Indian: 5.Be2 O-O