Rosenthal vs Steinitz
[Event "Vienna"] [Site "?"] [Round "0"] [White "Rosenthal"] [Black "Steinitz"] [Result "0-1"] [FEN "r1br2k1/ppp2pbp/6p1/8/2qN1P2/2P1B3/PP3QPP/R4RK1 b - - 0 1"] {Systematic use of the Bishop pair. Steinitz was the first to show a method for the best utilization of the two Bishops. So far as is know, it was in the present game that he first applied his system. The theory of Steinitz applies to positions which are not close, but which, on the other hand, are not yet completely open in character. White still has support points at d4 and e5. The cornerstone of the Steinitz system is to deprive the opponent of such support points by means of pawn advances. The hostile pieces will thus be doomed to passivity, and the owner of the bishop pair should not find it difficult to set a decisive attack in motion. His contemporaries pointed out the weakness which these pawn advances must necessarily creat. Only through the games of Steinitz was it realized that such weaknesses are not so serious because two bishops can cover all the squares, being in this way much more useful for neutralizing weaknesses than two Knights or Knight and Bishop would be} 1... c5 2. Nf3 b6 {Puts an end to any Bishop activity on the g1-a7 diagonal} 3. Ne5 Qe6 4. Qf3 Ba6 5. Rfe1 f6 {deprives the Knight also of the e5 square} 6. Ng4 h5 { Drives the Knight further back} 7. Nf2 Qf7 { intending Bb7 inducing weaknesses on this diagonal} 8. f5 {It is understandable that white should strive for some counterplay, but in so doing he only weakens his position.} (8. b3) 8... g5 9. Rad1 Bb7 (9... Qxa2 10. Qxh5) 10. Qg3 Rd5 $1 {This is the positional refutation of 8. Pf5. The f-pawn is now incurably weak} (10... Qxa2 11. Qc7 Rxd1 12. Rxd1 Bd5 13. Qd7 $132) 11. Rxd5 Qxd5 12. Rd1 (12. Qh3 $2 g4) 12... Qxf5 13. Qc7 Bd5 14. b3 Re8 15. c4 Bf7 16. Bc1 Re2 17. Rf1 Qc2 18. Qg3 (18. -- Rxf2 19. Rxf2 Qxc1+) 18... Qxa2 0-1
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