Veerappan, Sivanesh (842) vs Shafeeq, Ashaz (1084)
[Event "Chess @ 4pm - Premier (800+ Rating)"] [Site "?"] [Date "2020.07.22"] [Round "1.5"] [White "Veerappan, Sivanesh"] [Black "Shafeeq, Ashaz"] [Result "0-1"] [WhiteElo "842"] [BlackElo "1084"] [FEN "8/8/3R4/2R2pk1/6p1/2K5/5r1P/8 w - - 0 52"] [ECO "A00"] [Opening "Kadas Opening"] {With an extra rook, White should be winning this position. If I was White then I'd like to trade a pair of rooks, then Black would only have pawns and a king. I'd also like to bring my king to the king side to stop Black's pawns and help the rooks to win those Black pawns.} 1.h4+? {This makes White's game much harder. Don't give up material!} (1.Rd2 {was better. A good guide line to remember is that when you're ahead keep as many pawns on the board as possible.}) 1...Kxh4 2.Rh6+ Kg3 3.Kb3? { The king's job in the endgame is to either help its own pawns get to the end or stop enemy pawns getting to the end of the board. Moving the king away from Black's pawns must be wrong.} Rf3+ 4.Kb4 f4 {The closer Black's pawns get to the end of the board, the harder it will be for White to win, or worse, to stop them.} 5.Rc1 (5.Rg6 {Rooks belong behind passed pawns, and Black's g-pawn is only protected by the king}) 5...Rf2 6.Rg1+ Kf3 7.Rc1 g3 8.Rc3+ Kg2 9.Rc1 f3 {Now it is dangerous for White, as the pawns are only 2 squares from promotion. There is a saying in chess that 2 connected pawns on the 6th rank are worth more than a rook!} 10.Rhh1 Rb2+ 11.Kc3 Re2 12.Rcg1+ Kf2 13.Rf1+ Ke3 14.Rh3 Rf2 15.Re1+ Re2 {White now had a chance to draw the game} 16.Rf1 (16.Rxe2+ fxe2 17.Rh1 (17.Rxg3+? Kf2 {and White can't prevent promotion}) 17...Kf2 18.Kd2 g2 19.Ra1 g1=Q 20.Rxg1 Kxg1 21.Kxe2) 16...Kf4 17.Rh4+ Kg5 18.Rh3? {White's rook is too close to Black's king. Rooks like to be a long way from the enemy king, so it can't attack them} (18.Rh8 f2 (18...g2 19.Rxf3 g1=Q 20.Rg8+ Kh4 21.Rxg1 {and White will soon win}) 19.Rg8+ Kf4 20.Kd3 Re1 21.Rf8+ Kg4 22.R1xf2 gxf2 23.Rxf2 {and the game should end a draw}) 18...Kg4! 19.Rhh1 g2 20.Re1 (20.Rfg1 {it was possible to pin} Kg3 21.Rh8 Kf2 22.Ra1 g1=Q 23.Rxg1 Kxg1 {Black still has a pawn and will cost White a rook to stop it promoting}) 20...gxh1=Q 21.Rxh1 Kg3 (21...f2 22.Rf1 Kf3 {followed by Re1 wins}) 22.Kd3 Rh2 {time forfeit White Loss on Time} (22...Kg2 23.Rh8 f2 24.Rg8+ Kf1 {is a win as White's king cannot help to stop the Black pawn from promoting.}) {#R} 0-1
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WhiteVeerappan, Sivanesh (842)
BlackShafeeq, Ashaz (1084)
OpeningA00 — Kadas Opening
DateJuly 22, 2020
TournamentChess @ 4pm - Premier (800+ Rating)