Katakam, Deethya Sai (1105) vs De Livera, Hamish
[Event "VIC State Finals Junior Primary"] [Site "161 Central Rd, Nunawading VI"] [Date "2020.10.19"] [Round "5.1"] [White "Katakam, Deethya Sai"] [Black "De Livera, Hamish"] [Result "1-0"] [WhiteElo "1105"] [FEN "4R3/pr6/bp3p1k/2b5/8/P4P2/1P4PP/3R3K w - - 0 38"] [ECO "A00"] [Opening "Polish (Sokolsky; Orang-Utan)"] 1.b4 {The best move. Black's 2 bishops can be very strong and Deethya has seen that the dark squared bishop has very few safe squares} Bf2 (1...Bb5 {was possible and when White's rook on e8 moves it will give Black's dark squared bishops extra squares to choose from}) 2.Rd2 Bh4 {This looks like the only safe move for Black but it loses the bishop} (2...Rc7 {Saves the bishop because of back rank mate threats}) 3.g3 {Now White's pawns trap the poor bishop} Bg5 4.f4 {White's pawns do an amazing job. On dark squares they trap one bishop, while the other bishop can never attack any White pawn.} Bxf4 {Black's trapped bishop sacrifices itself for a White pawn, but it is not enough} 5.gxf4 {With rook ofr bishop, and an extra pawn, Deethya went on to win this game, and all 9 games in the Victorian Junior Primary division} {#r} 1-0
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WhiteKatakam, Deethya Sai (1105)
BlackDe Livera, Hamish
OpeningA00 — Polish (Sokolsky; Orang-Utan)
DateOctober 19, 2020
TournamentVIC State Finals Junior Primary
Location161 Central Rd, Nunawading VI