Gerrard, Tom (1594) vs Gibbison, Robert (1593)
[Event "Leicestershire Chess League Division 3"] [Site "Market Harborough"] [Date "2023.10.24"] [White "Gerrard, Tom"] [Black "Gibbison, Robert"] [Result "1-0"] [WhiteElo "1594"] [BlackElo "1593"] [ECO "C30"] [Opening "King's Gambit: 2...d6 3.Nf3"] 1.e4 e5 2.f4 d6 3.Nf3 Bg4 4.Bc4 Nf6 5.O-O {If Nxe4, Bxf7+ Kxf7, Ng5+ Nxg5, fxg5+ followed by Qxg4} Be7 6.d3 c6 7.fxe5 dxe5 8.Nbd2 {Missed a tactic here! Bxf7+ Kxf7, Nxe5+ wins back the piece and two pawns. I'm annoyed I missed it because it's quite a thematic idea in this opening.} O-O 9.Qe1 Bxf3 10.Nxf3 Nbd7 11.Qg3 Nh5 12.Qg4 g6 13.Bh6 Ng7 14.Ng5 Bf6 15.Rf3 b5 16.Bb3 Nc5 {Felt like it was now or never to attack with the knight temporarily leaving it's defense of f6 and the bishop about to be removed.} 17.Bxf7+ Rxf7 18.Nxf7 Kxf7 19.Rxf6+ Qxf6 20.Rf1 {This was what I was hoping for when I played Bxf7+. (If 19...Kxf6, Bg5+ wins the queen anyway.)} Qxf1+ 21.Kxf1 Rf8 22.Ke2 Kg8 23.b4 Nce6 24.c3 Rf7 25.g3 {Maybe a little cautious but wanted to make sure black had no counterplay.} Rc7 26.Bxg7 Nxg7 27.Qg5 Ne6 28.Qxe5 Re7 29.Qb8+ Kf7 30.Qc8 Rc7 31.Qa6 Ke7 32.a4 bxa4 33.Qxa4 Kd6 34.b5 cxb5 35.Qxb5 Ke7 36.Qb4+ {Just making sure I definitely don't get forked...} Kf6 37.d4 h6 38.d5 Nc5 39.Qb8 Rd7 40.Qf8+ Ke5 41.Qf4# {First classical game I've won since July!} 1-0
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WhiteGerrard, Tom (1594)
BlackGibbison, Robert (1593)
OpeningC30 — King's Gambit: 2...d6 3.Nf3
DateOctober 24, 2023
TournamentLeicestershire Chess League Division 3
LocationMarket Harborough