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Thy Skakklub´s lille interne skakdatabase.

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30Jens Grud Sørensen1878Chr. Volmer Nielsen18870-141B01Thy Klub 201815 Nov 2018
9Jens Grud Sørensen1835Hans Jørgen Chris...13201-025 ≣C21Thy Open 201704 Apr 2017
45Dim Buizer1663Jens Grud Sørensen18410-123 ≣A48Holdskak Skive3-...23 Feb 2020
8Finn Munk Andersen1679Jens Grud Sørensen18350-132 ≣A45Thy Open 201725 Apr 2017
4Kai Jessen1804Jens Grud Sørensen18350-116 ≣A04Thy Open 201723 Mar 2017
5Tummas Jacobsen1823Jens Grud Sørensen18350-150 ≣D08Thy Open 201710 Jan 2017
28Per Christensen1602Jens Grud Sørensen18580-140 ≣B07Thy Open 201805 Apr 2018
24Jens Grud Sørensen1895Niels H. Jensen17010-144 ≣C50Holdskak M-rækken...04 Mar 2018
6Jens Grud Sørensen1835Torben Laursen16531-033 ≣C00Thy Open 201724 Jan 2017
1Jens Grud SørensenUffe Kallenbach1-040 ≣B20Thy Open 201626 Apr 2016
7Jens Grud Sørensen1835Uffe Kallenbach16611-022 ≣B29Thy Open 201728 Mar 2017