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1Healey, M.Howell, D.0-136 ≣C68Kings15 Jun 2013
2Jones, G.Malhotra, T.1-045 ≣B20Kings15 Jun 2013
3Quilter, T.Hebden, M.0-137 ≣A00Kings15 Jun 2013
4Palliser, R.Ruperez, M.1-064 ≣D10Kings15 Jun 2013
5Payne, M.Rendle, T.0-136 ≣B23Kings15 Jun 2013
6Howell, D.Wallace, J.1-027 ≣B40Kings15 Jun 2013
7Buckley, D.Jones, G.0-127 ≣E90Kings15 Jun 2013
8Hebden, M.Richardson, J.1-055 ≣A46Kings15 Jun 2013
9Wells, P.Palliser, R.1-028 ≣A41Kings15 Jun 2013
10Rendle, T.Buckley, S.1-021 ≣C05Kings15 Jun 2013
11Pert, R.Howell, D.0-173 ≣D00Kings15 Jun 2013
12Jones, G.Ansell, S.½-½32 ≣B30Kings15 Jun 2013
13Poulton, J.Hebden, M.0-163 ≣A48Kings15 Jun 2013
14Sarakauskas, G.Rendle, T.1-072 ≣C03Kings15 Jun 2013
15D'Costa, L.Wells, P.0-135 ≣E01Kings15 Jun 2013
16Howell, D.Zhou, Y.1-044 ≣A48Kings15 Jun 2013
17Hebden, M.Sarakauskas, G.½-½51 ≣D02Kings15 Jun 2013
18Wells, P.Jones, G.0-152 ≣A45Kings15 Jun 2013
19Ansell, S.Lalic, B.½-½39 ≣C00Kings15 Jun 2013
20Dgebuadze, A.Hanley, C.½-½22 ≣B53Kings15 Jun 2013
21Sarakauskas, G.Howell, D.0-158 ≣A48Kings15 Jun 2013
22Jones, G.Hebden, M.1-052 ≣C45Kings15 Jun 2013
23Richardson, J.Rendle, T.½-½38 ≣A81Kings15 Jun 2013
24D'Costa, L.Ansell, S.½-½32 ≣A20Kings15 Jun 2013
25Zhou, Y.Wallace, J.0-136B43Kings15 Jun 2013
26Howell, D.Jones, G.0-165 ≣B07Kings15 Jun 2013
27Dgebuadze, A.Lalic, B.1-031 ≣B32Kings15 Jun 2013
28Hebden, M.Wallace, J.1-066 ≣A48Kings15 Jun 2013
29Ansell, S.Palliser, R.½-½11 ≣B52Kings15 Jun 2013
30Rendle, T.Healey, M.1-050 ≣C55Kings15 Jun 2013