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1Patrick Cook1648Chris Segrave11601-014 ≣A52Ballarat Chess Cl...02 Apr 2014
2Patrick Cook1648Rob Bailey1632½-½18 ≣E38Ballarat Chess Cl...09 Apr 2014
3Patrick Cook1648Bjorn Lategan9851-020 ≣D11BCCC 201423 Apr 2014
4Rod Jacobs1565Jonathon Yates13001-041 ≣B122014 Club Champio...23 Apr 2014
5Rod Jacobs1565Peter Miitel15401-010 ≣B212014 Club Champio...02 Apr 2014
6Rod Jacobs1565Rob Bailey1632½-½40 ≣C002014 Club Champio...16 Apr 2014
7Patrick Cook1648Jamie Brotheridge15771-038 ≣D70Ballarat Chess Cl...30 Apr 2014
8Patrick Cook1648Rod Jacobs15651-053 ≣A80Ballarat Chess Cl...14 May 2014
9Patrick Cook1648Daniel Healey13471-045 ≣E38Ballarat Chess Cl...21 May 2014
10Jonathon Yates1300Patrick Cook16481-018C01Ballarat Chess Cl...28 May 2014
11Chris Segrave1188Tim Commons13330-110 ≣A40BCCC 201404 Jun 2014
12Rob Bailey1632Jonathon Yates13001-049 ≣D41Ballarat Chess Cl...04 Jun 2014
13Daniel Healey1347Rob Bailey16320-134 ≣B90Ballarat Chess Cl...28 May 2014
14Rob Bailey1632Tim Commons13331-027 ≣A43Ballarat Chess Cl...02 Apr 2014
15Kevin Perrin1575Daniel Healey13470-160 ≣B02BCC Championship ...02 Apr 2014
16Tim Commons1333Kevin Perrin15750-139 ≣C62BCC Championship ...02 Apr 2014
17Tim Commons1333Patrick Cook16480-124 ≣C02Ballarat Chess Cl...11 Jun 2014
18Kevin Perrin1575Patrick Cook16480-138 ≣A22BCC Championship ...18 Jun 2014
19Tim Commons1333Jonathon Yates13000-144 ≣B13BCCC 201425 Jun 2014
20Rob Bailey1632Kevin Perrin1575½-½76 ≣C02Ballarat Club Cha...26 Jun 2014
21James EyreTom Oppenheim11261-035 ≣E10Reserves Ch. Play...01 Jul 2014
22Kevin Perrin1580Patrick Cook1622½-½32 ≣A22Play-off round 124 Jul 2014
23Patrick Cook1622Rod Jacobs15450-184 ≣D32Play-off round 610 Aug 2014
24Patrick Cook1622Rob Bailey1632½-½28 ≣E00Play-off round 209 Sep 2014
25Robert Bailey1632Kevin Perrin15800-147 ≣C70Play-off Round 310 Sep 2014
26Rod Jacobs1545Patrick Cook16221-081 ≣C07Play-off round 314 Sep 2014
27Kevin Perrin1580Rod Jacobs15451-031 ≣A13Play-off Round 226 Jul 2014
28Patrick Cook1648Kevin Perrin15750-121 ≣A40Play-off round 407 Oct 2014
29Kevin Perrin1580Robert Bailey1632½-½37 ≣B90BCC 2014 Champion...17 Oct 2014
30Rob Bailey1638Rod Jacobs15780-133 ≣D322014 Club Champ. ...02 Nov 2014
31Rod Jacobs1578Kevin Perrin15801-031 ≣C03Club Championship...20 Sep 2014
32Rob Loveband1611Patrick Cook16481-066 ≣D02BCC Championship15 Jun 2014
33Rob BaileyRob Loveband½-½23 ≣B13Ballarat Chess Cl...30 Apr 2014
34Rob LovebandRod Jacobs0-136 ≣D08Ballarat Chess Cl...28 May 2014
35Rob LovebandJamie Brotheridge1-048 ≣A46Ballarat Chess Cl...28 May 2014
36Rob LovebandDaniel Healey1-029 ≣A47Ballarat Chess Cl...04 Jun 2014
37Jonathon YatesRob Loveband1-017 ≣B40Ballarat Chess Cl...11 Jun 2014
38Kevin PerrinRob Loveband1-026 ≣A25Ballarat Chess Cl...04 Jun 2014
39Tim CommonsRob Loveband0-126 ≣B20Ballarat Chess Cl...18 Jun 2014
40Rob BaileyChris Segrave1-020 ≣B07Ballarat Chess Cl...24 Apr 2014