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1Eacker, B.1632McClary, L.20630-148 ≣A0517 Jul 2004
2Barredo, W.Eacker, B.16321-030 ≣B20NIO18 Jul 2004
3Brown, N.826Eacker, B.16321-027A45NIO18 Jul 2004
4Carr, J.1732Eacker, B.16001-054 ≣E30Tri-State M (ID, ...23 Oct 2004
5Eacker, B.1600Carr, J.17320-130 ≣A09Tri-State M (ID, ...23 Oct 2004
6Carr, J.1732Eacker, B.1600½-½34 ≣A46Tri-State M (ID, ...24 Oct 2004
7Eacker, B.1600Carr, J.1732½-½50 ≣C01Tri-State M (ID, ...24 Oct 2004
8Reynolds, G.1963Eacker, B.16351-043 ≣C00TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
9Eacker, B.1635Jiang, A.1344½-½38 ≣A09TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
10Taylor, S.1113Eacker, B.16350-143 ≣C02TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
11Bartell, F.1853Eacker, B.16350-148 ≣A18TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
12Eacker, B.1728Mabry, W.13191-027 ≣A05TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
13Eacker, B.1649Rice, B.1-049A04Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
14Buckendorf Jr., G.1800Eacker, B.1649½-½15 ≣C03Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
15Eacker, B.1649Zumbrunnen, R.2000½-½20 ≣A09Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
16Fucsko, J.1665Eacker, B.1649½-½43 ≣A09Idaho Open27 Aug 2006
17Pocol, D.1615Eacker, B.1649½-½32 ≣D00Idaho Open27 Aug 2006
18Nahlen, J.1368Eacker, B.16670-134C02SIO04 Nov 2006
19Reynolds, G.1923Eacker, B.1667½-½29 ≣C00SIO04 Nov 2006
20Eacker, B.1667Watson, J.1479½-½28 ≣A09SIO04 Nov 2006
21Eacker, B.1667Roland, J.1700½-½16 ≣A05SIO05 Nov 2006
22Eacker, B.1667Kennedy, S.1623½-½37 ≣A05SIO05 Nov 2006
23Eacker, B.1675Simonson, J.6391-038A09Idaho Closed17 Feb 2007
24Johnson, P.2015Eacker, B.16751-039 ≣A46Idaho Closed17 Feb 2007
25Eacker, B.1675Harmon-Vellotti, C.1185½-½30 ≣A09Idaho Closed18 Feb 2007
26Frasure, D.1180Eacker, B.16751-048 ≣C00Idaho Closed18 Feb 2007
27Eacker, B.1675Kern, J.1-053 ≣A04Idaho Closed19 Feb 2007
28Harmon-Vellotti, L.1268Eacker, B.1675½-½45 ≣C13Idaho Closed19 Feb 2007
29Eacker, B.1675Viveros SE, C.1-023 ≣A04Idaho Open31 Mar 2007
30Morrow, H.1936Eacker, B.1675½-½47 ≣C16Idaho Open31 Mar 2007
31Reynolds, G.1900Eacker, B.16751-027 ≣A05Idaho Open31 Mar 2007
32Eacker, B.1675Owen, G.1555½-½37 ≣A04Idaho Open01 Apr 2007
33Roland, J.1718Eacker, B.16751-031 ≣E40Idaho Open01 Apr 2007
34Abderhalden, K.1026Eacker, B.16251-061 ≣C17ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
35Eacker, B.1625Abderhalden, R.8751-036A04ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
36Keelan, T.1363Eacker, B.16250-141 ≣C00ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
37Eacker, B.1625Seiniger, S.14581-042 ≣A09ICA Sumr Classic15 Jul 2007
38Watts, V.1604Eacker, B.16251-035 ≣D00ICA Sumr Classic15 Jul 2007
39Zumbrunnen, R.2000Eacker, B.16001-027 ≣C00SIO10 Nov 2007
40Eacker, B.1600Pemsler, C.2301-021A40SIO10 Nov 2007
41Hoskins, J.1175Eacker, B.16000-131 ≣C00SIO11 Nov 2007
42Eacker, B.1600Morrow, H.19001-059 ≣A46SIO11 Nov 2007
43Eacker, B.Roland, J.½-½29 ≣A45ADACT vs TROTS Match16 Feb 2008
44Roland, J.Eacker, B.½-½29 ≣A46ADACT vs TROTS Match16 Feb 2008
45Min, W.967Eacker, B.16420-130C00Idaho Closed14 Feb 2009
46Eacker, B.1642Anderson, M.16200-131 ≣D00Idaho Closed15 Feb 2009
47Weathers, R.1389Eacker, B.1642½-½37 ≣C02Idaho Closed15 Feb 2009
48Eacker, B.1642Lundy III, G.14811-027 ≣A80Idaho Closed16 Feb 2009
49Eacker, B.1642Kircher, C.15050-184 ≣D00Idaho Closed16 Feb 2009
50Porth, A.1220Eacker, B.16330-137 ≣C00ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)07 Mar 2009
51Eacker, B.1633Bartell, F.1837½-½38 ≣D00ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)08 Mar 2009
52Britten, D.Eacker, B.16100-125D00Idaho Open (Open)04 Apr 2009
53Eacker, B.1610Watts, V.1718½-½20 ≣A40Idaho Open (Open)04 Apr 2009
54Eacker, B.1610Morrow, H.19090-124 ≣A45Idaho Open (Open)04 Apr 2009
55Abderhalden, R.1425Eacker, B.16100-151 ≣C02Idaho Open (Open)05 Apr 2009
56Eacker, B.1610Patterson, E.1445½-½28 ≣A40Idaho Open (Open)05 Apr 2009
57Jaramillo, T.952Eacker, B.16190-159 ≣A45WRW Swiss10 Oct 2009
58Eacker, B.1619Baggett, J.0-143 ≣A45WRW Swiss10 Oct 2009
59Eacker, B.1619Finch, D.1223½-½24 ≣D00WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
60Kett, E.Eacker, B.16190-146 ≣C00WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
61Eacker, B.1611Ye, M.11591-030 ≣D00SIO14 Nov 2009
62Patterson, E.1483Eacker, B.16110-125 ≣A03SIO14 Nov 2009
63Eacker, B.1611Reynolds, G.19250-125 ≣A43SIO15 Nov 2009
64Cohen, R.1500Eacker, B.16110-133 ≣A05SIO15 Nov 2009
65Myers, H.1563Eacker, B.16330-116 ≣C00Idaho Closed14 Feb 2010
66Eacker, B.1633Lang, J.12191-052 ≣D00Idaho Closed14 Feb 2010
67Eacker, B.1633McGarvey, J.1681½-½12 ≣A45Idaho Closed15 Feb 2010
68Weyland, R.1487Eacker, B.16330-133 ≣A45Idaho Closed15 Feb 2010
69Lang, J.1359Eacker, B.1669½-½31 ≣C01Idaho Open01 May 2010
70Eacker, B.1669Abderhalden, R.14871-031 ≣A40Idaho Open01 May 2010
71Morrow, H.1942Eacker, B.16691-048 ≣C10Idaho Open01 May 2010
72Eacker, B.1669Owen, G.15990-131 ≣D00Idaho Open02 May 2010
73Eacker, B.1669Kepple, A.12011-030 ≣D00Idaho Open02 May 2010
74Eacker, B.1732Edvalson, P.13061-038D00Pres. Cup-1 (Qual...31 Jul 2010
75McGarvey, J.1689Eacker, B.17320-140 ≣A40Pres. Cup-1 (Qual...31 Jul 2010
76Eacker, B.1732Buckendorf Jr., G.18181-025D00Pres. Cup-1 (Qual...31 Jul 2010
77Brown, N.838Eacker, B.1732½-½25 ≣A05Pres. Cup-1 (Qual...31 Jul 2010
78Eacker, B.1732Booth, T.15841-025 ≣A40Pres. Cup-1 (Qual...31 Jul 2010
79Eacker, B.1608Porth, A.12361-034A40Pres. Cup-2 (Elim...31 Jul 2010
80Myers, H.1500Eacker, B.1608½-½10 ≣C00Pres. Cup-2 (Elim...31 Jul 2010
81Eacker, B.1608Myers, H.1500½-½22 ≣A80Pres. Cup-3 (Fina...01 Aug 2010
82Brown, N.1261Eacker, B.1608½-½16 ≣C02Pres. Cup-3 (Fina...01 Aug 2010
83Eacker, B.1608Booth, T.1584½-½20 ≣A40Pres. Cup-3 (Fina...01 Aug 2010
84Eacker, B.1600Porth, D.6851-026D00WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
85Manross, S.1809Eacker, B.16001-039 ≣A40WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
86Bartell, F.1645Eacker, B.16000-154 ≣A05WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
87Eacker, B.1600Baggett, J.16060-131 ≣A45WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
88Buckendorf Jr., G.1800Eacker, B.1600½-½23 ≣C02SIO (Open)13 Nov 2010
89Eacker, B.1600Booth, T.1567½-½25 ≣A40SIO (Open)13 Nov 2010
90Eacker, B.1600Tatom, G.1600½-½32 ≣A45SIO (Open)13 Nov 2010
91Porth, D.592Eacker, B.16090-128C00Idaho Closed19 Feb 2011
92Eacker, B.1609Parsons, L.2005½-½18 ≣A45Idaho Closed19 Feb 2011
93Porth, A.1244Eacker, B.16090-158 ≣C00Idaho Closed20 Feb 2011
94Eacker, B.1609Douglas, K.16710-144 ≣A45Idaho Closed20 Feb 2011
95Roland, J.1703Eacker, B.1609½-½9 ≣A40Idaho Closed21 Feb 2011
96Eacker, B.1609Hamilton, B.19510-118 ≣A45Idaho Closed21 Feb 2011
97Eacker, B.1652Vereshchagin, A.14330-124 ≣D00ICU MVCC Ch (Open)26 Mar 2011
98Eacker, B.1652Dugger, G.12801-041D00ICU MVCC Ch (Open)26 Mar 2011
99Stark, J.1617Eacker, B.1652½-½20 ≣A40ICU MVCC Ch (Open)27 Mar 2011
100Eacker, B.1612Nowak, G.21140-142 ≣A45Idaho Open (Open)16 Apr 2011