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1Buckendorf Glen (ID)Parsons Larry R (ID)1-060 ≣B70
2Parsons Larry R (ID)Buckendorf Glen (ID)1-052 ≣A10Idaho Open
3Parsons Larry R (ID)Buckendorf Glen (ID)1-037 ≣A40Western Idaho Open
4Parsons, L.1823McCormick, J.21721-057 ≣A56Idaho Open22 Apr 1979
5Parsons, L.1823Weikel, J.20770-138 ≣A13Idaho Open22 Apr 1979
6Parsons, L.2092Robinson, T.18051-036 ≣A13Boise Open10 Oct 1981
7O'Connor, T.1699Parsons, L.20921-042B15Boise Open10 Oct 1981
8Parsons, L.2092Smolensky, R.17391-022 ≣A15Boise Open11 Oct 1981
9Parsons, L.2092Letterman, J.17791-041 ≣A30Boise Open11 Oct 1981
10Parsons Larry R (ID)Buckendorf Glen (ID)1-023 ≣A10Idaho Open
11Parsons Larry R (ID)Buckendorf Glen (ID)1-028 ≣A17Idaho Class Champ...
12Buckendorf Glen (ID)Parsons Larry R (ID)0-133 ≣B06Idaho Open
13Buckendorf Glen (ID)Parsons Larry R (ID)0-125 ≣B06Idaho Class Champ...
14Parsons Larry R (ID)Buckendorf Glen (ID)1-029 ≣A40Western Idaho Open
15Parsons Larry R (ID)Buckendorf Glen (ID)1-015 ≣A30Idaho Open
16Parsons, L.2081Harmon-Vellotti, L.12681-026 ≣A20Idaho Closed17 Feb 2007
17Myers, H.1679Parsons, L.20810-139 ≣B06Idaho Closed17 Feb 2007
18Parsons, L.2081Flynn, P.18530-159 ≣A15Idaho Closed18 Feb 2007
19Reynolds, G.1900Parsons, L.2081½-½26 ≣B06Idaho Closed18 Feb 2007
20Parsons, L.2081Harmon-Vellotti, C.11851-025 ≣A20Idaho Closed19 Feb 2007
21Taylor, D.1866Parsons, L.20811-030 ≣B06Idaho Closed19 Feb 2007
22Kircher, C.1447Parsons, L.20150-120 ≣A02Idaho Closed14 Feb 2009
23Parsons, L.2015Stark, J.15241-025 ≣A15Idaho Closed14 Feb 2009
24Weyland, P.1864Parsons, L.2015½-½30 ≣A40Idaho Closed15 Feb 2009
25Parsons, L.2015Ong, C.1589½-½37 ≣A30Idaho Closed15 Feb 2009
26Reynolds, G.1866Parsons, L.2015½-½20 ≣B30Idaho Closed16 Feb 2009
27Parsons, L.2015Abderhalden, K.15431-034 ≣A15Idaho Closed16 Feb 2009
28Parsons, L.2005Finch, D.1223½-½54 ≣A15WRW Swiss10 Oct 2009
29Porth, A.1230Parsons, L.20050-142 ≣A40WRW Swiss10 Oct 2009
30Baggett, J.Parsons, L.20050-126 ≣B06WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
31Parsons, L.2005Reynolds, G.1924½-½5 ≣A15WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
32Parsons, L.2000Patterson, E.14631-024 ≣A20Idaho Closed13 Feb 2010
33Stark, J.1563Parsons, L.20000-142 ≣A40Idaho Closed13 Feb 2010
34Parsons, L.2000McGarvey, J.16811-030 ≣A15Idaho Closed14 Feb 2010
35Weyland, P.1824Parsons, L.20000-124 ≣A46Idaho Closed14 Feb 2010
36Parsons, L.2000Evers, J.1887½-½43 ≣A10Idaho Closed15 Feb 2010
37Reynolds, G.1933Parsons, L.2000½-½18 ≣B06Idaho Closed15 Feb 2010
38Parsons, L.2005Bartell, F.16041-067 ≣A20Idaho Closed19 Feb 2011
39Eacker, B.1609Parsons, L.2005½-½18 ≣A45Idaho Closed19 Feb 2011
40Ye, M.1354Parsons, L.20050-128 ≣B06Idaho Closed20 Feb 2011
41Parsons, L.2005Abernathy, C.16091-058 ≣A10Idaho Closed20 Feb 2011
42Douglas, K.1671Parsons, L.2005½-½24 ≣B06Idaho Closed21 Feb 2011
43Parsons, L.2005Carr, J.1732½-½32 ≣A20Idaho Closed21 Feb 2011
44Parsons, L.2000Taylor, S.13811-032 ≣A10Idaho Closed18 Feb 2012
45Lundy III, G.1567Parsons, L.20000-156 ≣B06Idaho Closed18 Feb 2012
46Parsons, L.2000Looney, D.1584½-½33 ≣A15Idaho Closed19 Feb 2012
47Furlow, B.1517Parsons, L.20000-120 ≣B06Idaho Closed19 Feb 2012
48Parsons, L.2000Stark, J.16551-049 ≣A13Idaho Closed20 Feb 2012
49Stewart, T.1901Parsons, L.2000½-½5 ≣A48Idaho Closed20 Feb 2012
50Parsons, L.2000Gorman, C.12520-166 ≣A15Larry Parsons Simul02 Jun 2012
51Parsons, L.2000Longhurst, C.1583½-½75 ≣E73Larry Parsons Simul02 Jun 2012
52Parsons, L.2000Sawyer, D.19440-163 ≣A56Boise Festival Simul02 Jun 2012
53Taylor, S.1389Parsons, L.20000-120 ≣B06Idaho Closed16 Feb 2013
54Parsons, L.2000Carr, J.1700½-½40 ≣A20Idaho Closed16 Feb 2013
55Knoll, L.1060Parsons, L.20000-166 ≣B06Idaho Closed17 Feb 2013
56Roland, J.1700Parsons, L.2000½-½19 ≣B06Idaho Closed17 Feb 2013
57Parsons, L.2000Pemsler, C.14651-061 ≣A20Idaho Closed18 Feb 2013
58Parsons, L.2000Machin, A.1-035 ≣A13Idaho Closed18 Feb 2013
59Porth, A.1301Parsons, L.20000-132 ≣A48Idaho Closed15 Feb 2014
60Parsons, L.2000Pemsler, C.15611-027 ≣A24Idaho Closed15 Feb 2014
61Gorman, C.1808Parsons, L.2000½-½25 ≣A04Idaho Closed16 Feb 2014
62Parsons, L.2000Kircher, C.1911½-½13 ≣A13Idaho Closed16 Feb 2014
63Carr, J.1700Parsons, L.2000½-½19 ≣E70Idaho Closed17 Feb 2014
64Parsons, L.2000Imamovic, N.14141-030 ≣A13Idaho Closed17 Feb 2014
65Machin, A.1571Parsons, L.2000½-½50 ≣A48Idaho Closed14 Feb 2015
66Parsons, L.2000Nathan, J.13951-031 ≣A20Idaho Closed14 Feb 2015
67Pemsler, C.1664Parsons, L.2000½-½34 ≣E60Idaho Closed15 Feb 2015
68Parsons, L.2000Inman, J.1650½-½65 ≣A11Idaho Closed15 Feb 2015