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1Johnson, P.1614Roland, J.15350-126 ≣C6822 Aug 1981
2Downs, S.1425Roland, J.15350-129 ≣C70BSU Chess Club In...22 Aug 1981
3Roland, J.1535Moore, C.16670-132 ≣A58BSU Chess Club In...22 Aug 1981
4Roland, J.1535Johnson, P.16141-017 ≣A16BSU Chess Club In...23 Aug 1981
5Roland, J.1535Downs, S.14251-026 ≣D30BSU Chess Club In...23 Aug 1981
6Moore, C.1667Roland, J.15351-037 ≣D10BSU Chess Club In...29 Aug 1981
7Roland, J.1535Benavente, E.1-061 ≣C50Boise Open10 Oct 1981
8Smolensky, R.1739Roland, J.15350-149 ≣B11Boise Open10 Oct 1981
9Roland, J.1535Colin, L.19330-124 ≣E10Boise Open11 Oct 1981
10Robinson, T.1805Roland, J.15351-061 ≣C68Boise Open11 Oct 1981
11Featherston, S.Roland, J.17090-133C20NIO17 Jul 2004
12Roland, J.1709Sutton, S.1968½-½32 ≣B01NIO17 Jul 2004
13Campbell, M.2092Roland, J.1709½-½40 ≣C68NIO17 Jul 2004
14Roland, J.1709Smith, D.18040-133 ≣A46NIO18 Jul 2004
15Eacker, D.1795Roland, J.17091-038 ≣A13NIO18 Jul 2004
16Evans, S.1759Roland, J.17000-133 ≣D05Tri-State M (ID, ...23 Oct 2004
17Roland, J.1700Evans, S.1759½-½59 ≣B07Tri-State M (ID, ...23 Oct 2004
18Evans, S.1759Roland, J.1700½-½58 ≣D02Tri-State M (ID, ...24 Oct 2004
19Roland, J.1700Evans, S.1759½-½43 ≣A41Tri-State M (ID, ...24 Oct 2004
20Roland, J.1700Nielsen, C.1-019C60NIO22 Jul 2006
21Roland, J.1700Eacker, D.17510-131 ≣C17NIO22 Jul 2006
22Anderson, M.1750Roland, J.17001-028 ≣A05NIO22 Jul 2006
23Mundee, R.1600Roland, J.17000-136 ≣A05NIO23 Jul 2006
24Roland, J.1700Keele, S.10991-024 ≣C70NIO23 Jul 2006
25Roland, J.1700Porth, A.5961-032C70Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
26Campbell, M.2030Roland, J.17001-045 ≣C68Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
27Roland, J.1700Vander Sys, S.1548½-½30 ≣A48Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
28Bartell, F.1814Roland, J.1700½-½50 ≣A30Idaho Open27 Aug 2006
29Roland, J.1700Shouse, D.12161-033 ≣C64Idaho Open27 Aug 2006
30Roland, J.1700Kircher, C.13151-018B32EIO (Open)15 Sep 2006
31Taylor, D.1935Roland, J.17000-150 ≣C10EIO (Open)15 Sep 2006
32Roland, J.1700Zumbrunnen, R.20000-124 ≣D02EIO (Open)15 Sep 2006
33Roland, J.1700Nowak, G.21870-153 ≣C41EIO (Open)16 Sep 2006
34Owen, G.1598Roland, J.17000-131 ≣C00EIO (Open)16 Sep 2006
35Roland, J.1700Watson, J.14791-039 ≣D02SIO04 Nov 2006
36Shouse, D.1211Roland, J.17000-123 ≣C10SIO04 Nov 2006
37Roland, J.1700Kennedy, S.16230-121 ≣C70SIO04 Nov 2006
38Eacker, B.1667Roland, J.1700½-½16 ≣A05SIO05 Nov 2006
39Roland, J.1700Nahlen, J.7841-035C70SIO05 Nov 2006
40Harmon-Vellotti, L.1229Roland, J.17060-152 ≣C10WIO (Open)09 Dec 2006
41Roland, J.1706Reynolds, G.19231-032 ≣A46WIO (Open)09 Dec 2006
42Roland, J.1706Fucsko, J.1778½-½20 ≣C43WIO (Open)09 Dec 2006
43Jiang, A.1469Roland, J.1706½-½28 ≣C45WIO (Open)10 Dec 2006
44Barkell, K.1735Roland, J.1706½-½28 ≣C10WIO (Open)10 Dec 2006
45Roland, J.1706Myers, H.1679½-½32 ≣A81ICA January Quads #118 Jan 2007
46Fucsko, J.1778Roland, J.17060-130 ≣A05ICA January Quads #121 Jan 2007
47Roland, J.1706Vellotti, D.1755½-½20 ≣A40ICA January Quads #117 Jan 2007
48Langrell, A.766Roland, J.17270-170C02Idaho Closed17 Feb 2007
49Roland, J.1727Dominick, M.12690-139 ≣A46Idaho Closed17 Feb 2007
50Harmon-Vellotti, L.1268Roland, J.1727½-½23 ≣B23Idaho Closed18 Feb 2007
51Roland, J.1727Mabry, W.13201-042C03Idaho Closed18 Feb 2007
52Roland, J.1727Frasure, D.1180½-½45 ≣D02Idaho Closed19 Feb 2007
53Jiang, A.1489Roland, J.17271-033 ≣B54Idaho Closed19 Feb 2007
54Seiniger, S.1507Roland, J.1718½-½17 ≣C10Idaho Open31 Mar 2007
55Roland, J.1718Watts, V.16551-064 ≣B00Idaho Open31 Mar 2007
56Roland, J.1718Morrow, H.19361-040 ≣B24Idaho Open31 Mar 2007
57Zumbrunnen, R.2010Roland, J.17181-037 ≣A00Idaho Open01 Apr 2007
58Roland, J.1718Eacker, B.16751-031 ≣E40Idaho Open01 Apr 2007
59Roland, J.1734Patterson, E.10631-018C07ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
60Seiniger, S.1458Roland, J.17340-126 ≣B23ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
61Bartell, F.1780Roland, J.1734½-½68 ≣A15ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
62Roland, J.1734Watts, V.16040-152 ≣B00ICA Sumr Classic15 Jul 2007
63Harmon-Vellotti, L.1583Roland, J.17341-061 ≣B23ICA Sumr Classic15 Jul 2007
64Yeaman, D.1193Roland, J.17090-124 ≣C00EIO (Open)06 Oct 2007
65Roland, J.1709Zumbrunnen, R.2000½-½30 ≣D02EIO (Open)06 Oct 2007
66Fucsko, J.1739Roland, J.17091-030 ≣A05EIO (Open)06 Oct 2007
67Hernandez Valenci...Roland, J.17090-139 ≣A40EIO (Open)07 Oct 2007
68Roland, J.1709Vander Sys, S.15391-01 ≣A40EIO (Open)07 Oct 2007
69Pemsler, C.230Roland, J.17390-138A16SIO10 Nov 2007
70Roland, J.1739Morrow, H.19001-081 ≣C65SIO10 Nov 2007
71Roland, J.1739Reynolds, G.18841-045 ≣B23SIO10 Nov 2007
72Zumbrunnen, R.2000Roland, J.17391-033 ≣C70SIO11 Nov 2007
73Harmon-Vellotti, L.1685Roland, J.1739½-½45 ≣C10SIO11 Nov 2007
74Eacker, B.Roland, J.½-½29 ≣A45ADACT vs TROTS Match16 Feb 2008
75Roland, J.Eacker, B.½-½29 ≣A46ADACT vs TROTS Match16 Feb 2008
76Owen, G.1511Roland, J.1772½-½46 ≣C10Idaho Open (Open)05 Apr 2008
77Roland, J.1772Sauer, G.16001-050D55Idaho Open (Open)05 Apr 2008
78Chen, T.1934Roland, J.17721-038 ≣A02Idaho Open (Open)05 Apr 2008
79Derryberry, D.1809Roland, J.17720-127 ≣D85Idaho Open (Open)06 Apr 2008
80Roland, J.1772Kircher, C.14471-026 ≣D50Idaho Open (Open)06 Apr 2008
81Roland, J.1780Walker Jr., B.1620½-½33 ≣A40Tri-State M (ID, ...03 May 2008
82Roland, J.1780McLaughlin, E.17111-024 ≣A48Tri-State M (ID, ...03 May 2008
83Walker Jr., B.1620Roland, J.1780½-½40 ≣C00Tri-State M (ID, ...04 May 2008
84Skovron, J.1784Roland, J.1780½-½23 ≣A45Tri-State M (ID, ...04 May 2008
85Abderhalden, R.1425Roland, J.17820-139 ≣C44Idaho Open (Open)04 Apr 2009
86Roland, J.1782Nowak, G.21290-138 ≣A46Idaho Open (Open)04 Apr 2009
87Britten, D.Roland, J.17820-116 ≣E60Idaho Open (Open)04 Apr 2009
88Roland, J.1782Abderhalden, K.15341-031 ≣A81Idaho Open (Open)05 Apr 2009
89Watts, V.1718Roland, J.1782½-½30 ≣A45Idaho Open (Open)05 Apr 2009
90Patterson, K.1158Roland, J.1787½-½39 ≣C21Flaming Dragons19 Sep 2009
91Roland, J.1787Almeida, J.13381-030C70Flaming Dragons19 Sep 2009
92Roland, J.1787Patterson, E.14391-035C07Flaming Dragons19 Sep 2009
93Abderhalden, K.1499Roland, J.17870-150 ≣D00Flaming Dragons19 Sep 2009
94Roland, J.1787Abernathy, C.13641-050 ≣A40EIO (Open)26 Sep 2009
95Laimana, J.1434Roland, J.17871-041 ≣C02EIO (Open)26 Sep 2009
96Owen, G.1598Roland, J.17870-153 ≣C70EIO (Open)26 Sep 2009
97Roland, J.1787Morrow, H.1912½-½33 ≣B24EIO (Open)27 Sep 2009
98Roland, J.1787Abernathy, P.1-029 ≣A48EIO (Open)27 Sep 2009
99Proferes, A.845Roland, J.17870-18 ≣C47Social Game27 Sep 2009
100Booth, T.1500Roland, J.1782½-½45 ≣A40Casual Game05 Oct 2009