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1Bartell, F.1853Mabry, W.13191-047 ≣C0127 May 2006
2Taylor, D.1915Bartell, F.18531-033 ≣B32TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
3Barkell, K.1728Bartell, F.18531-045 ≣C26TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
4Bartell, F.1853Eacker, B.16350-148 ≣A18TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
5Bartell, F.1814Shouse, D.12161-055 ≣A05Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
6Vander Sys, M.1584Bartell, F.18141-027C60Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
7Pocol, D.1615Bartell, F.18141-037 ≣A45Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
8Bartell, F.1814Roland, J.1700½-½50 ≣A30Idaho Open27 Aug 2006
9Bartell, F.1814Porth, A.5961-037A21Idaho Open27 Aug 2006
10Bartell, F.1780Laimana, J.13681-045 ≣B70ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
11Harmon-Vellotti, L.1583Bartell, F.17800-139 ≣C10ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
12Bartell, F.1780Roland, J.1734½-½68 ≣A15ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
13Unger, G.1736Bartell, F.17801-069 ≣C10ICA Sumr Classic15 Jul 2007
14Bartell, F.1780Pinedo, J.18031-069 ≣C70ICA Sumr Classic15 Jul 2007
15Bartell, F.1785Gorsuch, T.4871-029A22SIO10 Nov 2007
16Reynolds, G.1884Bartell, F.17851-042 ≣C41SIO10 Nov 2007
17Harmon-Vellotti, L.1685Bartell, F.17851-038 ≣B32SIO10 Nov 2007
18Bartell, F.1785Harmon-Vellotti, C.1579½-½19 ≣E00SIO11 Nov 2007
19Bartell, F.1785Hoskins, J.11751-031 ≣C60SIO11 Nov 2007
20Bartell, F.1837Looney, D.16271-037 ≣A22ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)07 Mar 2009
21Bartell, F.1837Pocol, D.16230-159 ≣A10ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)07 Mar 2009
22Eacker, B.1633Bartell, F.1837½-½38 ≣D00ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)08 Mar 2009
23Reynolds, G.1950Bartell, F.18371-036 ≣C00ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)08 Mar 2009
24Porth, A.1191Bartell, F.17180-139D04SIO14 Nov 2009
25Bartell, F.1718Kett, E.14281-037C41SIO14 Nov 2009
26Weathers, R.1385Bartell, F.17181-074D00SIO15 Nov 2009
27Bartell, F.1718Kircher, C.1540½-½60 ≣A34SIO15 Nov 2009
28Brown, N.838Bartell, F.1643½-½43 ≣A05Pres. Cup-1 (Qual...31 Jul 2010
29Bartell, F.1643Douglas, K.16730-11 ≣A00Pres. Cup-1 (Qual...31 Jul 2010
30Bartell, F.1643Patterson, K.7451-01 ≣A00Pres. Cup-1 (Qual...31 Jul 2010
31McGarvey, J.1689Bartell, F.16430-11 ≣A00Pres. Cup-1 (Qual...31 Jul 2010
32Myers, H.1596Bartell, F.16430-18 ≣B01Pres. Cup-1 (Qual...31 Jul 2010
33Brown, N.1261Bartell, F.16691-018A07Pres. Cup-2 (Elim...31 Jul 2010
34Bartell, F.1669Edvalson, P.12361-022 ≣B30Pres. Cup-2 (Elim...31 Jul 2010
35Bartell, F.1645Patterson, K.9791-059A04WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
36Patterson, K.1270Bartell, F.1645½-½42 ≣B21WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
37Bartell, F.1645Eacker, B.16000-154 ≣A05WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
38Hutchinson, C.Bartell, F.16450-131 ≣A48WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
39Myers, H.1533Bartell, F.16180-121 ≣B21SIO (Open)13 Nov 2010
40Bartell, F.1618Kircher, C.16500-137 ≣D10SIO (Open)13 Nov 2010
41Booth, T.1567Bartell, F.16181-043 ≣E90SIO (Open)13 Nov 2010
42Parsons, L.2005Bartell, F.16041-067 ≣A20Idaho Closed19 Feb 2011
43Bartell, F.1604Seekamp III, J.7861-035C60Idaho Closed19 Feb 2011
44Abderhalden, K.1741Bartell, F.16041-034 ≣E90Idaho Closed20 Feb 2011
45Bartell, F.1604Simonson, J.5651-035 ≣A13Idaho Closed20 Feb 2011
46Ye, M.1354Bartell, F.1604½-½33 ≣C17Idaho Closed21 Feb 2011
47Bartell, F.1604Looney, D.1593½-½9 ≣A05Idaho Closed21 Feb 2011
48Manross, S.1906Bartell, F.16001-053 ≣A46Idaho Open (Open)16 Apr 2011
49Bartell, F.1600Niro III, F.17001-031 ≣B90Idaho Open (Open)16 Apr 2011
50Nowak, G.2114Bartell, F.16001-047 ≣A00Idaho Open (Open)17 Apr 2011
51Black, C.1233Bartell, F.1600½-½66 ≣C00Idaho Open (Open)17 Apr 2011
52Pentico, C.1434Bartell, F.17991-044 ≣A04ICU Twin Falls Ci...25 Jun 2011
53Bartell, F.1799Vereshchagin, A.14451-039 ≣B00ICU Twin Falls Ci...25 Jun 2011
54Bartell, F.1799Patterson, E.15160-168 ≣C00ICU Twin Falls Ci...25 Jun 2011
55Porth, A.1224Bartell, F.17990-135 ≣B30ICU Twin Falls Ci...25 Jun 2011
56Bartell, F.1606Kircher, C.17811-035 ≣A25SIO (Open)12 Nov 2011
57Barney, K.1677Bartell, F.16060-152 ≣B33SIO (Open)12 Nov 2011
58Bartell, F.1606Roland, J.17230-136 ≣A35SIO (Open)12 Nov 2011
59Kirk, P.1640Bartell, F.16060-127 ≣B20SIO (Open)12 Nov 2011
60Bartell, F.1777Myers, H.1621½-½38 ≣C20ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)24 Mar 2012
61Roland, J.1700Bartell, F.17770-128 ≣D20ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)24 Mar 2012
62Bartell, F.1777Looney, D.16331-035 ≣B15ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)24 Mar 2012
63Imamovic, N.1688Bartell, F.17771-019 ≣B30ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)24 Mar 2012
64Bartell, F.1682Black, S.11191-035B01Idaho Open (Open)21 Apr 2012
65Belanoff, T.2139Bartell, F.16821-024 ≣C10Idaho Open (Open)21 Apr 2012
66Bartell, F.1682Black, C.15611-035B54Idaho Open (Open)21 Apr 2012
67Roland, J.1700Bartell, F.1682½-½65 ≣D06Idaho Open (Open)22 Apr 2012
68Bartell, F.1682Eacker, B.16160-132 ≣C02Idaho Open (Open)22 Apr 2012
69Porth, D.483Bartell, F.16750-149B23Southern Idaho Open03 Nov 2012
70Bartell, F.1675Henderson, M.18561-039 ≣C55Southern Idaho Open03 Nov 2012
71Bartell, F.1675Roland, J.17001-034 ≣A35Southern Idaho Open03 Nov 2012
72Leano, B.1752Bartell, F.16751-042 ≣B32Southern Idaho Open03 Nov 2012
73Porth, D.924Bartell, F.17110-143A46Idaho Closed16 Feb 2013
74Bartell, F.1711Hollingsworth, G.14070-141 ≣A15Idaho Closed16 Feb 2013
75Imamovic, N.Bartell, F.17110-153 ≣B30Idaho Closed17 Feb 2013
76Bartell, F.1711Gorman, C.17121-038A16Idaho Closed17 Feb 2013
77Bartell, F.1711Roland, J.1700½-½37 ≣A16Idaho Closed18 Feb 2013
78Kircher, C.1845Bartell, F.17111-029 ≣B23Idaho Closed18 Feb 2013
79Baggett, J.1636Bartell, F.17720-124 ≣B20MVCC Ch (Champion...23 Mar 2013
80Bartell, F.1772Roland, J.16900-142 ≣A19MVCC Ch (Champion...23 Mar 2013
81Eacker, B.1624Bartell, F.1772½-½30 ≣A45MVCC Ch (Champion...23 Mar 2013
82Bartell, F.1772Rambo, A.1715½-½35 ≣A06MVCC Ch (Champion...23 Mar 2013
83Bartell, F.1772Marchant, D.10001-015 ≣A21Mountain Home Open11 Jan 2014
84Taylor, S.1374Bartell, F.17721-026 ≣C16Mountain Home Open11 Jan 2014
85Bartell, F.1772Porth, A.12621-039 ≣A01Mountain Home Open11 Jan 2014
86Porth, D.1058Bartell, F.17720-114 ≣A41Mountain Home Open11 Jan 2014
87Bartell, F.1700Porth, D.1220½-½30 ≣A04Idaho Closed15 Feb 2014
88Looney, D.1615Bartell, F.17000-137 ≣B12Idaho Closed15 Feb 2014
89Roland, J.1707Bartell, F.17001-015 ≣B12Idaho Closed16 Feb 2014
90Bartell, F.1700Douglas, K.1668½-½30 ≣A22Idaho Closed16 Feb 2014
91Eacker, B.1670Bartell, F.17000-162 ≣A40Idaho Closed17 Feb 2014
92Bartell, F.1700Knoll, L.1203½-½33 ≣A22Idaho Closed17 Feb 2014
93Bartell, F.1762Vereshchagin, A.14261-020 ≣A03MVCC (Championship)22 Mar 2014
94Looney, D.1611Bartell, F.1762½-½21 ≣C00MVCC (Championship)22 Mar 2014
95Bartell, F.1762Booth, T.15971-038 ≣A13MVCC (Championship)22 Mar 2014
96Bartell, F.1762Roland, J.1672½-½33 ≣A05MVCC (Championship)22 Mar 2014
97Kircher, C.1869Bartell, F.16791-044B23Southern Idaho Open08 Nov 2014
98Bartell, F.1679Porth, A.13380-140 ≣A34Southern Idaho Open08 Nov 2014
99Roland, J.1729Bartell, F.16791-014B27Southern Idaho Open08 Nov 2014
100Bartell, F.1679Buus, J.16330-119A30Southern Idaho Open08 Nov 2014