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1Buus, J.Blake, I.5991-032 ≣B1019 May 2012
2Patterson, K.1281Buus, J.1-032 ≣C26ICA Players Mem-Res.19 May 2012
3Abernathy, M.1277Buus, J.1-033 ≣A04ICA Players Mem-Res.20 May 2012
4Buus, J.Blake, L.1-030 ≣B30ICA Players Mem-Res.20 May 2012
5Gorman, C.1290Buus, J.10501-031 ≣A00ICA Sumr Classic ...14 Jul 2012
6Chaney, A.1105Buus, J.10500-129 ≣B23ICA Sumr Classic ...14 Jul 2012
7Buus, J.1050Blake, L.9090-146B07ICA Sumr Classic ...14 Jul 2012
8Buus, J.1050Patterson, K.12391-029 ≣B10ICA Sumr Classic ...15 Jul 2012
9Buus, J.1109Longhurst, C.15690-131 ≣B90National Chess Day13 Oct 2012
10Buus, J.1109Niro III, F.17340-132 ≣B21National Chess Day13 Oct 2012
11Nahlen, J.748Buus, J.11090-134 ≣B30National Chess Day13 Oct 2012
12Sinanan, J.Buus, J.1-028 ≣E00Sinanan Simul07 Dec 2012
13Clark, R.101Buus, J.11200-144 ≣B21WIO (Reserve)08 Dec 2012
14Buus, J.1120Patterson, K.9931-035C70WIO (Reserve)08 Dec 2012
15Abernathy, M.1325Buus, J.11201-040 ≣B30WIO (Reserve)08 Dec 2012
16Buus, J.1120Healy, M.7891-059 ≣B90WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2012
17Porth, A.1325Buus, J.11200-132 ≣B21WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2012
18Looney, D.1624Buus, J.1201½-½34 ≣B23TVCC08 Jun 2013
19Buus, J.1201Kircher, C.15910-131B01TVCC08 Jun 2013
20Hunter, R.1000Buus, J.12010-150 ≣B23TVCC08 Jun 2013
21Buus, J.1201Blake, I.10001-051 ≣B12TVCC08 Jun 2013
22Buus, J.1201Sanderson, K.17000-125 ≣C02ICA Summer Classi...17 Aug 2013
23Machin, A.1569Buus, J.12011-012 ≣A16ICA Summer Classi...17 Aug 2013
24Lee, C.1694Buus, J.12011-017 ≣D02ICA Summer Classi...17 Aug 2013
25Buus, J.1201Edvalson, P.15560-138 ≣B33ICA Summer Classi...18 Aug 2013
26Buus, J.1201Zlatnik, S.15741-046 ≣C02ICA Summer Classi...18 Aug 2013
27Buus, J.1201Roland, J.17010-145 ≣C02ICA PM (Open)21 Sep 2013
28Buus, J.1201Booth, T.1602½-½41 ≣C02ICA PM (Open)22 Sep 2013
29Gorman, C.1657Buus, J.12011-028 ≣A05ICA PM (Open)22 Sep 2013
30Buus, J.1243Roland, J.17351-035 ≣C31SIO (Open)02 Nov 2013
31Buus, J.1243Gorman, C.17530-130 ≣B00SIO (Open)02 Nov 2013
32Jin, B.Buus, J.12430-138 ≣A04SIO (Open)02 Nov 2013
33Carr, J.1700Buus, J.12431-043 ≣D10SIO (Open)02 Nov 2013
34Crowson, K.521Buus, J.13650-138 ≣D10Idaho Closed15 Feb 2014
35Buus, J.1365Roland, J.17070-155 ≣C02Idaho Closed15 Feb 2014
36Porth, D.928Buus, J.13650-126B90Idaho Closed16 Feb 2014
37Buus, J.1365Imamovic, N.14140-134 ≣B90Idaho Closed16 Feb 2014
38Inman, J.1745Buus, J.13651-034 ≣D02BCC Inaugural08 Mar 2014
39Hill, E.1126Buus, J.13650-150 ≣D15BCC Inaugural08 Mar 2014
40Buus, J.1365Booth, T.16381-049 ≣C02BCC Inaugural08 Mar 2014
41Hamilton, B.1700Buus, J.13650-126 ≣D10BCC Inaugural08 Mar 2014
42Kircher, C.1929Buus, J.14940-134 ≣B23BCC #212 Apr 2014
43Buus, J.1449Tatom, G.16171-043 ≣B27BCC #212 Apr 2014
44Hamilton, B.1700Buus, J.14941-042 ≣D10BCC #212 Apr 2014
45Buus, J.1494Olsoy, P.17630-124 ≣C70BCC #212 Apr 2014
46Chao, S.Buus, J.15621-018 ≣A04BCC #310 May 2014
47Buus, J.1562Longhurst, C.14431-032 ≣B54BCC #310 May 2014
48Buus, J.1520Kircher, C.18921-044 ≣B01ICA Summer Classi...19 Jul 2014
49Buus, J.1520Siek, J.9551-011C30ICA Summer Classi...20 Jul 2014
50Roland, J.1755Buus, J.15201-035 ≣B23ICA Summer Classi...19 Jul 2014
51Buus, J.1520Hamilton, B.17000-144 ≣B33ICA Summer Classi...19 Jul 2014
52Sanderson, K.1580Buus, J.15201-025 ≣B23ICA Summer Classi...20 Jul 2014
53Buus, J.1514Hosford, M.19671-044 ≣B00ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
54Jiang, N.1743Buus, J.1514½-½32 ≣B90ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
55Buus, J.1514Edvalson, P.16201-034B33ICA Players Memorial24 Aug 2014
56Buus, J.1514Proano, E.0-141 ≣B18ICA Players Memorial24 Aug 2014
57Roland, J.1781Buus, J.15180-152 ≣A00BCC #406 Sep 2014
58Buus, J.1518Hamilton, B.17060-141 ≣B41BCC #406 Sep 2014
59Booth, T.1551Buus, J.1518½-½30 ≣D10BCC #406 Sep 2014
60Buus, J.1518Batten, J.11361-039C30BCC #406 Sep 2014
61Buus, J.1213Longhurst, C.16011-021C31TVCC25 Oct 2014
62McGarvey, J.1600Buus, J.12130-121 ≣D10TVCC25 Oct 2014
63Buus, J.1213Kircher, C.18500-134 ≣B01TVCC25 Oct 2014
64Buus, J.1633Carr, J.17450-126C01Southern Idaho Open08 Nov 2014
65Buus, J.1633Roland, J.17291-025 ≣C31Southern Idaho Open08 Nov 2014
66Inman, J.1719Buus, J.1633½-½48 ≣D10Southern Idaho Open08 Nov 2014
67Bartell, F.1679Buus, J.16330-119A30Southern Idaho Open08 Nov 2014
68Buus, J.1633Hill, E.13711-037 ≣B32BCC #522 Nov 2014
69Taylor, S.1473Buus, J.16330-136 ≣A00BCC #522 Nov 2014
70Buus, J.1633Amen, C.15260-152 ≣C02BCC #522 Nov 2014
71Kircher, C.1869Buus, J.16331-022 ≣B23BCC #522 Nov 2014
72Buus, J.1671Faulkner, G.13291-043 ≣C30Western Idaho Open13 Dec 2014
73Pitre, H.1879Buus, J.16711-035 ≣A36Western Idaho Open13 Dec 2014
74Buus, J.1671Longhurst, C.14101-035 ≣C31Western Idaho Open14 Dec 2014
75Bowden, D.1621Buus, J.16711-032 ≣A30Western Idaho Open14 Dec 2014
76Buus, J.1669White, M.10771-033C34BCC #730 May 2015
77Buus, J.1669Kircher, C.1849½-½36 ≣B06BCC #730 May 2015
78Booth, T.1572Buus, J.16690-150 ≣D10BCC #730 May 2015
79Inman, J.1812Buus, J.16691-025 ≣D10BCC #730 May 2015
80Porth, D.915Buus, J.16560-129B90Idaho Closed14 Feb 2015
81Buus, J.1656Lucky, D.23770-128 ≣C02Idaho Closed14 Feb 2015
82Zaklan, D.1483Buus, J.16560-123 ≣D02Idaho Closed15 Feb 2015
83Buus, J.1656Bowden, D.16131-037 ≣B13Idaho Closed15 Feb 2015
84Buus, J.1656Machin, A.15710-143 ≣C02Idaho Closed16 Feb 2015
85Derryberry, D.1763Buus, J.1656½-½32 ≣D10Idaho Closed16 Feb 2015
86Nathan, J.1396Buus, J.16690-143B53ICA Spring Open18 Apr 2015
87Buus, J.1669Bartell, F.16041-023 ≣B33ICA Spring Open18 Apr 2015
88Eacker, B.1641Buus, J.1669½-½23 ≣D00ICA Spring Open18 Apr 2015
89Buus, J.1669Chimenton, A.0-118 ≣C30ICA Spring Open18 Apr 2015
90Zaklan, D.1476Buus, J.17300-136 ≣D11Idaho Open20 Jun 2015
91Buus, J.1730Smith, C.1603½-½54 ≣C62Idaho Open20 Jun 2015
92Gorman, C.1885Buus, J.17301-021 ≣D11Idaho Open20 Jun 2015
93Buus, J.1730Machin, A.17160-135C02Idaho Open21 Jun 2015
94Buus, J.1727Siek, J.11721-027 ≣C34BCC #825 Jul 2015
95Glenn, J.1906Buus, J.1727½-½33 ≣D10BCC #825 Jul 2015
96Buus, J.1727Inman, J.17990-135 ≣B13BCC #825 Jul 2015
97Buus, J.1727Kircher, C.18631-023 ≣B27BCC #825 Jul 2015
98Buus, J.1703Zaklan, D.14531-031 ≣B15BCC #929 Aug 2015
99Booth, T.1562Buus, J.17030-145 ≣D10BCC #929 Aug 2015
100Kircher, C.1838Buus, J.17031-016 ≣B40BCC #929 Aug 2015