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Adam and Nathan

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1Jiang, A.1344Taylor, D.19150-11 ≣A0027 May 2006
2Barkell, K.1728Jiang, R.5401-01 ≣A00TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
3Eacker, B.1635Jiang, A.1344½-½38 ≣A09TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
4Jiang, R.540Mabry, W.13190-144 ≣C00TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
5Jiang, A.1344Porth, A.5751-064C44TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
6Jiang, R.540Jiang, A.13440-11 ≣A00TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
7Jiang, A.1344Reynolds, G.1963½-½1 ≣A00TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
8Buckendorf Jr., G.1800Jiang, R.5401-01 ≣A00TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
9Jiang, A.1393Taylor, D.19350-130 ≣C45EIO (Open)15 Sep 2006
10Owen, G.1598Jiang, A.13930-142 ≣A22EIO (Open)15 Sep 2006
11Watts, V.1626Jiang, A.13930-137 ≣B21EIO (Open)15 Sep 2006
12Jiang, A.1393Kircher, C.1315½-½40 ≣B32EIO (Open)16 Sep 2006
13Nowak, G.2187Jiang, A.13931-046 ≣A00EIO (Open)16 Sep 2006
14Jiang, R.874Yeaman, D.13430-136 ≣C02EIO (Reserve)15 Sep 2006
15Avila, J.732Jiang, R.874½-½109 ≣A00EIO (Reserve)15 Sep 2006
16Ely, J.Jiang, R.8741-049 ≣A00EIO (Reserve)16 Sep 2006
17Jiang, R.874Bennett, T.12070-135 ≣C70EIO (Reserve)16 Sep 2006
18Kircher, C.1315Jiang, R.8741-034 ≣C55EIO (Skittles)15 Sep 2006
19Reynolds, G.1923Jiang, A.14691-023 ≣B20WIO (Open)09 Dec 2006
20Jiang, A.1469Harmon-Vellotti, L.12291-026 ≣C45WIO (Open)09 Dec 2006
21Nahlen, J.1363Jiang, A.14690-187B21WIO (Open)09 Dec 2006
22Jiang, A.1469Roland, J.1706½-½28 ≣C45WIO (Open)10 Dec 2006
23Jiang, A.1469Fucsko, J.17780-169 ≣B33WIO (Open)10 Dec 2006
24Jiang, R.852Porth, D.1-044B02WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
25Long, J.Jiang, R.8521-020 ≣C55WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
26Jiang, R.852Barry, S.8241-046C64WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
27Porth, A.658Jiang, R.8521-039C26WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
28Jiang, R.852Andrade, D.8171-035C62WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
29Barkell, K.1775Jiang, R.8341-030C57Idaho Closed17 Feb 2007
30Patterson, E.327Jiang, A.1489½-½67 ≣B70Idaho Closed17 Feb 2007
31Jiang, A.1489Daptardar, S.8551-040C02Idaho Closed17 Feb 2007
32Jiang, R.834Glodt, O.1-033C60Idaho Closed17 Feb 2007
33Booth, T.1454Jiang, A.17791-048 ≣E15Idaho Closed18 Feb 2007
34Jiang, A.1489Hatch, R.922½-½28 ≣C45Idaho Closed18 Feb 2007
35Takeuchi, D.983Jiang, A.14890-163B57Idaho Closed19 Feb 2007
36Jiang, A.1489Roland, J.17271-033 ≣B54Idaho Closed19 Feb 2007
37Abderhalden, R.1122Jiang, A.14960-126 ≣B20WIO (Open)24 May 2008
38Jiang, A.1496Abderhalden, K.1260½-½39 ≣B33WIO (Open)24 May 2008
39Stark, J.1547Jiang, A.14961-049A50WIO (Open)24 May 2008
40Patterson, E.Jiang, A.0-156 ≣A03WIO (Open)25 May 2008
41Jiang, R.837Pemsler, C.2411-058B32WIO (Reserve)24 May 2008
42Jiang, R.837Patterson, K.8960-119C02WIO (Reserve)24 May 2008
43Gailey, J.536Jiang, R.8371-07C57WIO (Reserve)24 May 2008
44Jin, K.Jiang, R.½-½63 ≣C53WIO (Reserve)25 May 2008
45Boldt, M.Jiang, A.15630-143 ≣B30Idaho Scholastic Ch19 Mar 2011
46Jiang, A.1563Care, N.7611-01 ≣A00Idaho Scholastic Ch19 Mar 2011
47Marcusen, T.1058Jiang, A.15630-123 ≣A50Idaho Scholastic Ch19 Mar 2011
48Harmon-Vellotti, C.1847Jiang, A.15631-033 ≣A22Idaho Scholastic Ch19 Mar 2011
49Jiang, A.1563Bruck, N.12891-052C41Idaho Scholastic Ch19 Mar 2011
50Jiang, N.1022Abernathy, C.16861-030B01WIO (Open)10 Dec 2011
51Merwin, S.2025Jiang, N.10221-026 ≣B22WIO (Open)10 Dec 2011
52McGarvey, J.1600Jiang, N.10220-148 ≣A53WIO (Open)10 Dec 2011
53Jiang, N.1022Douglas, K.1763½-½26 ≣B90WIO (Open)11 Dec 2011
54Falbo, C.1500Jiang, N.10220-163 ≣A03WIO (Open)11 Dec 2011
55Jiang, N.1022Roland, J.17251-030 ≣C70Idaho Closed18 Feb 2012
56Edvalson, P.1597Jiang, N.10220-130A05Idaho Closed18 Feb 2012
57Jiang, N.1022Douglas, K.1763½-½21 ≣B90Idaho Closed19 Feb 2012
58Jiang, N.1022Stark, J.16550-123 ≣B12Idaho Closed19 Feb 2012
59Lundy III, G.1567Jiang, N.10220-137 ≣B20Idaho Closed20 Feb 2012
60Jiang, N.1022Abernathy, C.16700-124 ≣B01Idaho Closed20 Feb 2012
61Jiang, N.1632Pemsler, C.13641-024 ≣B18ICA Players Mem-Open19 May 2012
62Hamilton, B.1904Jiang, N.1632½-½33 ≣B90ICA Players Mem-Open19 May 2012
63Jiang, N.1632Olsoy, P.1615½-½31 ≣B33ICA Players Mem-Open19 May 2012
64Jiang, N.1632Stark, J.16701-035 ≣B18ICA Players Mem-Open20 May 2012
65Douglas, K.1763Jiang, N.1632½-½29 ≣B54ICA Players Mem-Open20 May 2012
66Hamilton, B.1777Jiang, N.1695½-½42 ≣A05ICA Sumr Classic ...14 Jul 2012
67Jiang, N.1695Bruck, N.1456½-½23 ≣C41ICA Sumr Classic ...14 Jul 2012
68Longhurst, C.1574Jiang, N.16950-161 ≣A53ICA Sumr Classic ...14 Jul 2012
69Jiang, N.1695Olsoy, P.1696½-½45 ≣B33ICA Sumr Classic ...15 Jul 2012
70Ong, C.1721Jiang, N.1695½-½28 ≣B23ICA Sumr Classic ...15 Jul 2012
71Zaklan, D.1402Jiang, N.17430-157A53ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
72Jiang, N.1743Lang, J.14741-056 ≣C70ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
73Jiang, N.1743Buus, J.1514½-½32 ≣B90ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
74Proano, E.Jiang, N.1743½-½26 ≣A05ICA Players Memorial24 Aug 2014
75Inman, J.1788Jiang, N.17430-130 ≣A53ICA Players Memorial24 Aug 2014