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Kevin, Emily, and Katie

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1Patterson, E.2500Barry, S.8240-141 ≣C5709 Dec 2006
2Patterson, K.Simonson, J.6571-066 ≣C25WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
3Barry, S.824Patterson, K.1-040C46WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
4Andrade, D.432Patterson, E.1-027C65WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
5Patterson, K.Abderhalden, R.9031-061C48WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
6Patterson, E.Kanet, A.1-054C50WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
7Kaminski, N.734Patterson, K.1-045C64WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
8Abderhalden, R.903Patterson, E.1-060 ≣C44WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
9Abderhalden, K.817Patterson, K.1-046C57WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
10Patterson, E.Barry, J.4410-132C55WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
11Abderhalden, R.903Patterson, K.7321-028B00ICA January Quads #303 Jan 2007
12Patterson, E.327Abderhalden, K.8170-141 ≣C54ICA January Quads #303 Jan 2007
13Patterson, K.750Patterson, E.3500-143C64ICA January Quads #310 Jan 2007
14Abderhalden, R.903Patterson, E.3501-056C44ICA January Quads #317 Jan 2007
15Daptardar, S.788Patterson, K.7501-020C50ICA January Quads #317 Jan 2007
16Patterson, K.732Myers, H.16790-133B01Idaho Closed17 Feb 2007
17Patterson, E.327Jiang, A.1489½-½67 ≣B70Idaho Closed17 Feb 2007
18Mabry, W.1320Patterson, E.3271-060A04Idaho Closed17 Feb 2007
19Harmon-Vellotti, L.1268Patterson, K.7321-034 ≣C53Idaho Closed17 Feb 2007
20Hatch, R.922Patterson, E.3271-056 ≣C65Idaho Closed18 Feb 2007
21Glodt, O.Patterson, K.7321-038 ≣C44Idaho Closed18 Feb 2007
22Patterson, E.327Simonson, J.6391-049C55Idaho Closed18 Feb 2007
23Patterson, K.732Seekamp III, J.5210-133 ≣C64Idaho Closed18 Feb 2007
24Patterson, E.327Daptardar, S.8550-143 ≣C01Idaho Closed19 Feb 2007
25Simonson, J.639Patterson, K.7320-119 ≣C23Idaho Closed19 Feb 2007
26Viveros SE, C.Patterson, E.3271-036 ≣C65Idaho Closed19 Feb 2007
27Patterson, K.732Warwick, J.2871-020D00Idaho Closed19 Feb 2007
28Roland, J.1734Patterson, E.10631-018C07ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
29Patterson, K.722Seiniger, S.14580-146 ≣C51ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
30Pinedo, J.1803Patterson, K.5841-028C50ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
31Zumbrunnen, R.2008Patterson, E.10631-028A00ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
32Laimana, J.1368Patterson, K.7221-033 ≣C00ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
33Patterson, K.584Harmon-Vellotti, C.13790-126C54ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
34Patterson, E.1063Abderhalden, R.8750-142 ≣B08ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
35Patterson, K.722Featherston, S.9251-020C50ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
36Patterson, K.584Abderhalden, K.10260-136C51ICA Sumr Classic15 Jul 2007
37Abderhalden, R.875Patterson, K.7221-060 ≣C02ICA Sumr Classic15 Jul 2007
38Featherston, S.925Patterson, E.10630-113C00ICA Sumr Classic15 Jul 2007
39Patterson, E.1063Patterson, K.5841-020C70ICA Sumr Classic15 Jul 2007
40Hansen, D.1692Patterson, E.10561-033C00EIO (Open)06 Oct 2007
41Patterson, E.1056Harmon-Vellotti, C.15410-122B12EIO (Open)06 Oct 2007
42Patterson, E.1056Yeaman, D.11930-135C10EIO (Open)07 Oct 2007
43Owen, G.1545Patterson, E.1056½-½81 ≣C17EIO (Open)07 Oct 2007
44Patterson, K.812Steckbauer, B.1-053 ≣C41EIO (Reserve)06 Oct 2007
45Abderhalden, R.1050Patterson, K.8121-027 ≣C44EIO (Reserve)06 Oct 2007
46Patterson, K.812Avila, J.6731-038 ≣C40EIO (Reserve)06 Oct 2007
47Patterson, K.812Abderhalden, K.1078½-½16 ≣C44EIO (Reserve)07 Oct 2007
48Pelletti, N.Patterson, K.8120-147C50EIO (Reserve)07 Oct 2007
49Patterson, K.Porth, A.0-143B07ADACT vs TROTS Match16 Feb 2008
50Porth, A.Patterson, K.0-140A05ADACT vs TROTS Match16 Feb 2008
51Mothersill, T.Patterson, K.8691-036 ≣D06Idaho Open (Reserve)05 Apr 2008
52Patterson, K.869Cellucci, T.0-145 ≣C21Idaho Open (Reserve)05 Apr 2008
53Patterson, K.869Avila, J.6221-070 ≣C41Idaho Open (Reserve)06 Apr 2008
54Normandin, S.Patterson, K.8691-060 ≣C01Idaho Open (Reserve)06 Apr 2008
55Patterson, E.1343Watts, V.17120-116 ≣B00Idaho Open (Open)05 Apr 2008
56Vander Sys, S.1549Patterson, E.13431-033 ≣A04Idaho Open (Open)05 Apr 2008
57Treiman, S.1662Patterson, E.13430-151A40Idaho Open (Open)06 Apr 2008
58Patterson, E.1343Derryberry, D.1809½-½38 ≣C17Idaho Open (Open)06 Apr 2008
59Stark, J.1547Patterson, E.14130-136 ≣A40WIO (Open)24 May 2008
60Patterson, E.1413Watson, J.14791-062 ≣A03WIO (Open)24 May 2008
61Ong, C.1509Patterson, E.14131-016 ≣C17WIO (Open)24 May 2008
62Patterson, E.Jiang, A.0-156 ≣A03WIO (Open)25 May 2008
63Patterson, K.896Wong, J.5351-029C51WIO (Reserve)24 May 2008
64Jiang, R.837Patterson, K.8960-119C02WIO (Reserve)24 May 2008
65Patterson, K.896Ebenroth, W.1-035B21WIO (Reserve)24 May 2008
66Patterson, K.Gailey, J.1-032C55WIO (Reserve)25 May 2008
67Anderson, M.1620Patterson, K.9461-039 ≣A06Idaho Closed14 Feb 2009
68Abernathy, C.Patterson, E.14701-046 ≣C00Idaho Closed14 Feb 2009
69Patterson, E.1513Min, W.9671-058 ≣A03Idaho Closed14 Feb 2009
70Patterson, K.1017Kircher, C.15050-151 ≣B30Idaho Closed14 Feb 2009
71Ramalingam, D.1080Patterson, E.15130-140C02Idaho Closed15 Feb 2009
72Min, M.360Patterson, K.10170-155B10Idaho Closed15 Feb 2009
73Patterson, E.1513Stark, J.15240-129 ≣A03Idaho Closed15 Feb 2009
74Abderhalden, R.1440Patterson, K.10171-013 ≣B12Idaho Closed15 Feb 2009
75Dominick, M.1274Patterson, E.15131-040 ≣A40Idaho Closed16 Feb 2009
76Patterson, K.1017Booth, T.1500½-½40 ≣C02Idaho Closed16 Feb 2009
77Patterson, E.1513Ye, M.10550-146A02Idaho Closed16 Feb 2009
78Patterson, K.1017Simonson, J.6891-066C51Idaho Closed16 Feb 2009
79Dugger, G.1273Patterson, K.10141-037B12ICU MVCC Ch (Chal...07 Mar 2009
80Patterson, K.1014Mills, D.10900-149 ≣C02ICU MVCC Ch (Chal...07 Mar 2009
81Viveros, C.1204Patterson, K.10140-136 ≣B10ICU MVCC Ch (Chal...08 Mar 2009
82Vereshchagin, A.1449Patterson, K.10140-147 ≣B10ICU MVCC Ch (Chal...08 Mar 2009
83Reynolds, G.1901Patterson, E.1445½-½38 ≣C00Idaho Open (Open)04 Apr 2009
84Morrow, H.1909Patterson, E.14451-031A40Idaho Open (Open)04 Apr 2009
85Patterson, E.1445Abderhalden, R.1425½-½66 ≣A02Idaho Open (Open)04 Apr 2009
86Patterson, E.1445Britten, D.1-056 ≣A02Idaho Open (Open)05 Apr 2009
87Eacker, B.1610Patterson, E.1445½-½28 ≣A40Idaho Open (Open)05 Apr 2009
88Patterson, K.1035Avila, J.6661-037 ≣B01Idaho Open (Reserve)04 Apr 2009
89Patterson, K.587Porth, A.10310-137C46Idaho Open (Reserve)04 Apr 2009
90Millward, D.Patterson, K.10350-130 ≣B18Idaho Open (Reserve)04 Apr 2009
91Patterson, K.1035Weathers, R.13640-139 ≣C21Idaho Open (Reserve)04 Apr 2009
92Nielsen, J.922Patterson, K.5871-039 ≣D00Idaho Open (Reserve)04 Apr 2009
93Montgomery, G.1029Patterson, K.10351-036A40Idaho Open (Reserve)05 Apr 2009
94Patterson, K.587Pelletti, N.5871-030C46Idaho Open (Reserve)05 Apr 2009
95Weathers, R.1364Patterson, K.5871-056D00Idaho Open (Reserve)05 Apr 2009
96Patterson, K.1158Roland, J.1787½-½39 ≣C21Flaming Dragons19 Sep 2009
97Roland, J.1787Patterson, E.14391-035C07Flaming Dragons19 Sep 2009
98Patterson, K.823Finch, D.12751-086 ≣A27EIO (Reserve)26 Sep 2009
99Patterson, K.1158Abernathy, M.1-038C21EIO (Reserve)26 Sep 2009
100Proferes, A.845Patterson, K.1158½-½56 ≣B10EIO (Reserve)26 Sep 2009