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1Carr, J.1732Eacker, B.16001-054 ≣E3023 Oct 2004
2Eacker, B.1600Carr, J.17320-130 ≣A09Tri-State M (ID, ...23 Oct 2004
3Carr, J.1732Eacker, B.1600½-½34 ≣A46Tri-State M (ID, ...24 Oct 2004
4Eacker, B.1600Carr, J.1732½-½50 ≣C01Tri-State M (ID, ...24 Oct 2004
5Carr, J.1755Abderhalden, R.15501-030A50WIO (Open)11 Dec 2010
6Pellam, R.1934Carr, J.17551-052 ≣C00WIO (Open)11 Dec 2010
7Stewart, D.1335Carr, J.1611½-½32 ≣C00WIO (Open)12 Dec 2010
8Carr, J.1755Abernathy, C.15120-159 ≣A40WIO (Open)12 Dec 2010
9Patterson, K.1247Carr, J.17320-136 ≣C02Idaho Closed19 Feb 2011
10Carr, J.1732Myers, H.16171-019 ≣A81Idaho Closed19 Feb 2011
11Abernathy, C.1609Carr, J.17321-043 ≣A46Idaho Closed20 Feb 2011
12Carr, J.1732Stark, J.15951-057 ≣D10Idaho Closed20 Feb 2011
13Baggett, J.1696Carr, J.1732½-½80 ≣C02Idaho Closed21 Feb 2011
14Parsons, L.2005Carr, J.1732½-½32 ≣A20Idaho Closed21 Feb 2011
15Lundy III, G.1461Carr, J.17451-023 ≣C17WIO (Open)10 Dec 2011
16Carr, J.1745McGarvey, J.1600½-½51 ≣E30WIO (Open)10 Dec 2011
17Carr, J.1745Hamilton, B.19040-127 ≣E00WIO (Open)10 Dec 2011
18Puderbaugh, K.Carr, J.17450-141 ≣E30WIO (Open)11 Dec 2011
19Pemsler, C.1320Carr, J.17450-126A21WIO (Open)11 Dec 2011
20Carr, J.1717Porth, A.13331-031 ≣A40Southern Idaho Open03 Nov 2012
21Roland, J.1700Carr, J.17171-041 ≣C05Southern Idaho Open03 Nov 2012
22Carr, J.1717Gorman, C.13831-047 ≣E30Southern Idaho Open03 Nov 2012
23Gretchanei, P.1692Carr, J.17171-043C00Southern Idaho Open03 Nov 2012
24Carr, J.1704Ruberry, C.14220-152 ≣E00WIO (Open)08 Dec 2012
25Nathan, J.687Carr, J.17040-117C00WIO (Open)08 Dec 2012
26Carr, J.1704Pemsler, C.14741-028 ≣A81WIO (Open)08 Dec 2012
27Abernathy, C.1695Carr, J.17041-034 ≣A04WIO (Open)09 Dec 2012
28Carr, J.1704Gorman, C.1662½-½14 ≣E30WIO (Open)09 Dec 2012
29Carr, J.1700Pemsler, A.5701-025D06Idaho Closed16 Feb 2013
30Parsons, L.2000Carr, J.1700½-½40 ≣A20Idaho Closed16 Feb 2013
31Carr, J.1700Pemsler, C.1465½-½40 ≣A81Idaho Closed17 Feb 2013
32Knoll, L.1060Carr, J.1700½-½20 ≣C00Idaho Closed17 Feb 2013
33Carr, J.1700Machin, A.0-128 ≣A40Idaho Closed18 Feb 2013
34Hollingsworth, G.1407Carr, J.1700½-½21 ≣C05Idaho Closed18 Feb 2013
35Carr, J.1700Booth, T.15580-156 ≣A40Idaho Open (Open)18 May 2013
36Hughes, C.1647Carr, J.17001-034 ≣C01Idaho Open (Open)18 May 2013
37Kardzhyan, V.1456Carr, J.17000-130 ≣E10Idaho Open (Open)19 May 2013
38Carr, J.1700Nelson, J.16221-058 ≣A41Idaho Open (Open)19 May 2013
39Carr, J.1700Jin, B.1-032 ≣E70SIO (Open)02 Nov 2013
40Stinar, J.Carr, J.1700½-½31 ≣A21SIO (Open)02 Nov 2013
41Gorman, C.1753Carr, J.17001-030 ≣A01SIO (Open)02 Nov 2013
42Carr, J.1700Buus, J.12431-043 ≣D10SIO (Open)02 Nov 2013
43Knoll, L.1203Carr, J.17000-160 ≣C02Idaho Closed15 Feb 2014
44Carr, J.1700Imamovic, N.14141-040 ≣D20Idaho Closed15 Feb 2014
45Kircher, C.1911Carr, J.17001-040 ≣C00Idaho Closed16 Feb 2014
46Carr, J.1700Pemsler, C.15611-056A81Idaho Closed16 Feb 2014
47Carr, J.1700Parsons, L.2000½-½19 ≣E70Idaho Closed17 Feb 2014
48Gorman, C.1808Carr, J.1700½-½14 ≣A05Idaho Closed17 Feb 2014
49Buus, J.1633Carr, J.17450-126C01Southern Idaho Open08 Nov 2014
50Carr, J.1745Amen, C.15260-142 ≣D85Southern Idaho Open08 Nov 2014
51Porth, A.1338Carr, J.17450-137 ≣C00Southern Idaho Open08 Nov 2014
52Kircher, C.1869Carr, J.1745½-½40 ≣A02Southern Idaho Open08 Nov 2014
53Zaklan, D.1442Carr, J.1745½-½36 ≣A46Western Idaho Open13 Dec 2014
54Amen, C.1594Carr, J.17450-125 ≣C05Western Idaho Open13 Dec 2014
55Carr, J.1745Faulkner, G.13290-152 ≣D06Western Idaho Open14 Dec 2014
56Faulkner, J.847Carr, J.17450-155C00Western Idaho Open14 Dec 2014
57Carr, J.1725Porth, A.13521-032 ≣D35Idaho Closed14 Feb 2015
58Bowden, D.1613Carr, J.17250-129 ≣A20Idaho Closed14 Feb 2015
59Carr, J.1725Kircher, C.18190-142 ≣A40Idaho Closed15 Feb 2015
60Douglas, K.1645Carr, J.17251-019 ≣C17Idaho Closed15 Feb 2015
61Carr, J.1725Bartell, F.16091-061 ≣A40Idaho Closed16 Feb 2015
62Landon, L.1923Carr, J.17250-132 ≣A20Idaho Closed16 Feb 2015
63Carr, J.1740Porth, D.10731-032 ≣A40Idaho Closed13 Feb 2016
64Derryberry, D.1719Carr, J.17400-123 ≣A06Idaho Closed14 Feb 2016
65Buus, J.1720Carr, J.17401-029 ≣C02Idaho Closed14 Feb 2016
66Carr, J.1740Bartell, F.16601-060 ≣A45Idaho Closed15 Feb 2016
67Landon, L.1842Carr, J.1740½-½11 ≣A53Idaho Closed15 Feb 2016