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1Longhurst, C.1423Amen, C.1-030 ≣B3208 Mar 2014
2Amen, C.Mabry, W.13131-032 ≣E30BCC Inaugural08 Mar 2014
3Amen, C.Lang, J.14861-034 ≣C70BCC Inaugural08 Mar 2014
4Inman, J.1745Amen, C.1-021 ≣D02BCC Inaugural08 Mar 2014
5Olsoy, P.1763Amen, C.14821-043 ≣D80BCC #212 Apr 2014
6Amen, C.1482Kircher, C.19290-131 ≣B01BCC #212 Apr 2014
7Amen, C.1482Hunter, R.9260-150 ≣C70BCC #212 Apr 2014
8White, M.Amen, C.14820-145 ≣B30BCC #212 Apr 2014
9Edvalson, P.1622Amen, C.13970-119 ≣A02BCC #310 May 2014
10Amen, C.1397White, M.13071-021A22BCC #310 May 2014
11Amen, C.1397Booth, T.15511-054 ≣A13BCC #310 May 2014
12Inman, J.1763Amen, C.13971-036 ≣D10BCC #310 May 2014
13Inman, J.1774Amen, C.15080-122D85ICA Summer Classi...19 Jul 2014
14Amen, C.1508Gorman, C.19050-139 ≣A11ICA Summer Classi...19 Jul 2014
15Amen, C.1508Kircher, C.18920-121 ≣A13ICA Summer Classi...19 Jul 2014
16Booth, T.1565Amen, C.1508½-½29 ≣D80ICA Summer Classi...20 Jul 2014
17Amen, C.1508Porth, A.14091-026 ≣A13ICA Summer Classi...20 Jul 2014
18Amen, C.1511Kircher, C.18900-142 ≣A13ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
19Bailey, B.Amen, C.15110-132A05ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
20Amen, C.1511Hamilton, B.1713½-½51 ≣A30ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
21Hosford, M.1967Amen, C.15111-01 ≣A04ICA Players Memorial24 Aug 2014
22Amen, C.1558Brower, T.1-034A20Eastern Idaho Open20 Sep 2014
23Owen, G.1581Amen, C.1558½-½34 ≣A05Eastern Idaho Open20 Sep 2014
24Roland, J.1781Amen, C.15581-025 ≣C05Eastern Idaho Open20 Sep 2014
25Amen, C.1558Nathan, J.11640-118A20Eastern Idaho Open21 Sep 2014
26Amen, C.1558Curtis, B.1-028A20Eastern Idaho Open21 Sep 2014
27Amen, C.1560Labastida, E.10001-020 ≣C44TVCC25 Oct 2014
28Inman, J.1719Amen, C.15601-056 ≣D85TVCC25 Oct 2014
29Amen, C.1560Brubaker, B.10210-133A20TVCC25 Oct 2014
30White, M.1203Amen, C.15600-142 ≣B32TVCC25 Oct 2014
31Roland, J.1729Amen, C.15260-136E90Southern Idaho Open08 Nov 2014
32Carr, J.1745Amen, C.15260-142 ≣D85Southern Idaho Open08 Nov 2014
33Amen, C.1526Kircher, C.18690-168 ≣B01Southern Idaho Open08 Nov 2014
34Amen, C.1526Inman, J.17190-131 ≣A15Southern Idaho Open08 Nov 2014
35Mussler-Wright, A.277Amen, C.15260-128B20BCC #522 Nov 2014
36Amen, C.1526Kircher, C.18691-035 ≣B01BCC #522 Nov 2014
37Buus, J.1633Amen, C.15260-152 ≣C02BCC #522 Nov 2014
38Amen, C.1526Booth, T.15801-027 ≣C05BCC #522 Nov 2014
39Faulkner, J.847Amen, C.15940-130 ≣B50Western Idaho Open13 Dec 2014
40Amen, C.1594Carr, J.17450-125 ≣C05Western Idaho Open13 Dec 2014
41Longhurst, C.1410Amen, C.1594½-½81 ≣B90Western Idaho Open13 Dec 2014
42Amen, C.1594Lang, J.1470½-½30 ≣C45Western Idaho Open14 Dec 2014
43Zaklan, D.1442Amen, C.15940-152 ≣A48Western Idaho Open14 Dec 2014
44Amen, C.1671Siek, J.10771-044C70BCC #730 May 2015
45Gorman, C.1885Amen, C.1671½-½62 ≣D70BCC #730 May 2015
46Kircher, C.1849Amen, C.16711-01 ≣A02BCC #730 May 2015
47Porth, D.1307Amen, C.16830-118 ≣B50Idaho Closed14 Feb 2015
48Amen, C.1683Eacker, B.1634½-½40 ≣C05Idaho Closed14 Feb 2015
49Machin, A.1571Amen, C.16831-032 ≣A48Idaho Closed14 Feb 2015
50Amen, C.1683Nathan, J.13951-040 ≣B32Idaho Closed15 Feb 2015
51Roland, J.1730Amen, C.16831-023 ≣D80Idaho Closed16 Feb 2015
52Amen, C.1683Longhurst, C.15051-026 ≣C70Idaho Closed16 Feb 2015
53Amen, C.1683Aderogba, T.10741-029C62BCC #929 Aug 2015
54Inman, J.1815Amen, C.1683½-½38 ≣D85BCC #929 Aug 2015
55Amen, C.1683Machin, A.17001-023C05BCC #929 Aug 2015
56Amen, C.1683Kircher, C.18380-114 ≣B01BCC #929 Aug 2015
57Liu, J.1158Amen, C.16830-144 ≣D82BCC #1026 Sep 2015
58Amen, C.1683Zaklan, D.14741-033 ≣B12BCC #1026 Sep 2015
59Hawkins, N.1543Amen, C.16830-147 ≣B23BCC #1026 Sep 2015
60Amen, C.1683Inman, J.1823½-½58 ≣B12BCC #1026 Sep 2015
61Hedden, R.Amen, C.16980-119D802015 BCC #1124 Oct 2015
62Amen, C.1698Siek, J.12171-038 ≣C702015 BCC #1124 Oct 2015
63Roland, J.1706Amen, C.16981-016 ≣B452015 BCC #1124 Oct 2015
64Amen, C.1698Inman, J.1768½-½41 ≣B122015 BCC #1124 Oct 2015
65Nyblade, W.1516Amen, C.1735½-½41 ≣A00SIO (Open)14 Nov 2015
66Amen, C.1735Eacker, B.16530-141 ≣C03SIO (Open)14 Nov 2015
67Amen, C.1735Nathan, J.14781-036 ≣C07SIO (Open)14 Nov 2015
68Pemsler, C.1699Amen, C.1735½-½42 ≣E90SIO (Open)14 Nov 2015
69Liu, J.1209Amen, C.17011-044 ≣E61BCC #1205 Dec 2015
70Amen, C.1701Wilson, D.1-015C42BCC #1205 Dec 2015
71Zaklan, D.1457Amen, C.17010-144 ≣A48BCC #1205 Dec 2015
72Amen, C.1701Nathan, J.15270-163 ≣C07BCC #1205 Dec 2015
73Saltaga, S.Amen, C.16550-143 ≣A45Idaho Closed13 Feb 2016
74Amen, C.1655Ong, C.17571-041 ≣B12Idaho Closed13 Feb 2016
75Amen, C.1655Inman, J.17620-130 ≣B12Idaho Closed14 Feb 2016
76Naccarato, S.1699Amen, C.16550-146 ≣A45Idaho Closed14 Feb 2016
77Amen, C.1655Kircher, C.19220-149 ≣B01Idaho Closed15 Feb 2016
78Glenn, J.1855Amen, C.16550-118 ≣A45Idaho Closed15 Feb 2016