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1Patterson, K.Simonson, J.6571-066 ≣C2509 Dec 2006
2Simonson, J.657Gilton, D.1-050 ≣B10WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
3Simonson, J.657Wong, V.708½-½70 ≣C24WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
4Simonson, J.657Nahlen, J.7440-126 ≣A06WIO (Skittles)10 Dec 2006
5Eacker, B.1675Simonson, J.6391-038A09Idaho Closed17 Feb 2007
6Simonson, J.639Maguire, J.1242½-½54 ≣C00Idaho Closed17 Feb 2007
7Zack, A.Simonson, J.6391-024C25Idaho Closed18 Feb 2007
8Patterson, E.327Simonson, J.6391-049C55Idaho Closed18 Feb 2007
9Simonson, J.639Patterson, K.7320-119 ≣C23Idaho Closed19 Feb 2007
10Glodt, O.Simonson, J.6391-014C45Idaho Closed19 Feb 2007
11Kircher, C.Simonson, J.1-034 ≣A02ADACT vs TROTS Match16 Feb 2008
12Simonson, J.Kircher, C.0-139 ≣B32ADACT vs TROTS Match16 Feb 2008
13Simonson, J.625McMahon, A.10580-135 ≣C24Tri-State M (ID, ...03 May 2008
14Simonson, J.625Drake, M.11160-140C50Tri-State M (ID, ...03 May 2008
15McMahon, A.1058Simonson, J.6251-053 ≣B30Tri-State M (ID, ...04 May 2008
16Drake, M.1116Simonson, J.6250-126 ≣B23Tri-State M (ID, ...04 May 2008
17Simonson, J.621Montgomery, G.10291-024 ≣B70Pocatello Senior ...07 Aug 2009
18Emerick, E.1307Simonson, J.6211-059 ≣D02Pocatello Senior ...07 Aug 2009
19Simonson, J.621Steckbauer, B.5211-029C41Pocatello Senior ...07 Aug 2009
20Avila, J.657Simonson, J.6211-029C21Pocatello Senior ...07 Aug 2009
21Rowlands, S.Simonson, J.6211-032C46Pocatello Senior ...07 Aug 2009
22Simonson, J.689Porth, D.2260-122 ≣C44Idaho Closed15 Feb 2009
23Featherston, S.815Simonson, J.6891-031 ≣C23Idaho Closed15 Feb 2009
24Simonson, J.689Min, M.3601-036C55Idaho Closed16 Feb 2009
25Patterson, K.1017Simonson, J.6891-066C51Idaho Closed16 Feb 2009
26Simonson, J.621Montgomery, G.10291-024 ≣B70SE ID Senior Games07 Aug 2009
27Emerick, E.1307Simonson, J.6211-059 ≣D02SE ID Senior Games07 Aug 2009
28Simonson, J.621Steckbauer, B.5211-029C41SE ID Senior Games07 Aug 2009
29Avila, J.657Simonson, J.6211-029C21SE ID Senior Games07 Aug 2009
30Rowlands, S.Simonson, J.6211-032C46SE ID Senior Games07 Aug 2009
31Kett, E.1428Simonson, J.6211-039 ≣C40SIO14 Nov 2009
32Simonson, J.621Porth, A.11910-113C42SIO14 Nov 2009
33Proferes, A.845Simonson, J.6210-122C64SIO15 Nov 2009
34Simonson, J.621Lang, J.12210-129C50SIO15 Nov 2009
35Simonson, J.693Harrison, N.0-117C41EIO (Reserve)19 Sep 2010
36Simonson, J.657Patterson, K.12430-157 ≣B10SIO (Reserve)13 Nov 2010
37Patterson, K.956Simonson, J.6571-032 ≣B23SIO (Reserve)13 Nov 2010
38Simonson, J.657Porth, D.6690-167 ≣D00SIO (Reserve)13 Nov 2010
39Whitlock, J.218Simonson, J.6571-028D00SIO (Reserve)13 Nov 2010
40Featherston, S.803Simonson, J.6571-099 ≣D00WIO (Reserve)11 Dec 2010
41Simonson, J.657Ramalingam, D.12040-144 ≣C47WIO (Reserve)11 Dec 2010
42Healy, M.Simonson, J.6570-156 ≣A06WIO (Reserve)12 Dec 2010
43Simonson, J.657Patterson, K.9560-134 ≣C55WIO (Reserve)12 Dec 2010
44Jaramillo, T.1015Simonson, J.6271-036 ≣C65SIO (Extra)12 Nov 2011
45Simonson, J.565Buckendorf Jr., G.18001-040 ≣C55Idaho Closed19 Feb 2011
46Douglas, K.1671Simonson, J.5651-032 ≣B54Idaho Closed20 Feb 2011
47Bartell, F.1604Simonson, J.5651-035 ≣A13Idaho Closed20 Feb 2011
48Simonson, J.565Looney, D.15930-144 ≣B12Idaho Closed21 Feb 2011
49Simonson, J.565Healy, M.188½-½32 ≣B07Idaho Closed21 Feb 2011
50Atkinson, C.160Simonson, J.0-126C50Idaho Open (Extra...16 Apr 2011
51Simonson, J.Avila, J.1-044C00SE Idaho Senior G...21 Jul 2011
52Rowlands, S.Simonson, J.0-131C68SE Idaho Senior G...21 Jul 2011
53Simonson, J.Walker, B.1-019C50SE Idaho Senior G...21 Jul 2011
54Simonson, J.642Hanson, C.10210-151 ≣C41Eastern Idaho Ope...24 Sep 2011
55Harrison, N.693Simonson, J.6421-016D00Eastern Idaho Ope...24 Sep 2011
56Simonson, J.642Singletary, M.1-023B01Eastern Idaho Ope...24 Sep 2011
57Simonson, J.627Patterson, K.911½-½25 ≣C47SIO (Reserve)12 Nov 2011
58Ness, K.1304Simonson, J.6270-11 ≣A00SIO (Reserve)12 Nov 2011
59Simonson, J.627Porth, D.7650-140B12SIO (Reserve)12 Nov 2011
60Simonson, J.Walker, R.0-111 ≣C40S.E. ID Sr. Games12 Jul 2012
61Rowlands, S.Simonson, J.6421-027 ≣C68S.E. ID Sr. Games12 Jul 2012
62Simonson, J.642McDougall, J.1-034B01S.E. ID Sr. Games12 Jul 2012
63Simonson, J.627Roland, J.17160-132 ≣C55WRW Progressive08 Oct 2012
64Taylor, S.1381Simonson, J.6271-061 ≣C20WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
65Simonson, J.627Nathan, J.6631-020 ≣B53WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
66Sawyer, P.134Simonson, J.6270-118 ≣C68WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
67Simonson, J.763Knoll, L.10600-134 ≣B01Idaho Closed16 Feb 2013
68Machin, A.Simonson, J.7631-022 ≣B23Idaho Closed17 Feb 2013
69Simonson, J.763Arp, J.0-111B23Idaho Closed17 Feb 2013
70Taylor, S.1389Simonson, J.7631-010C57Idaho Closed18 Feb 2013
71Simonson, J.727Porth, A.13060-132 ≣C00WIO (Reserve)14 Dec 2013
72Simonson, J.727Porth, D.12800-139 ≣A04WIO (Reserve)14 Dec 2013
73Boehm, M.Simonson, J.7271-012C26WIO (Reserve)14 Dec 2013
74Boldon, Z.Simonson, J.7270-160 ≣A03WIO (Reserve)15 Dec 2013
75Simonson, J.710Lang, J.14700-157 ≣C24Idaho Closed15 Feb 2014
76Mabry, W.1279Simonson, J.7101-050 ≣D04Idaho Closed15 Feb 2014
77Simonson, J.710Crowson, K.5211-063 ≣B23Idaho Closed16 Feb 2014
78Patterson, K.1222Simonson, J.7101-029 ≣B29Idaho Closed16 Feb 2014
79Simonson, J.710Looney, D.16150-143 ≣B08Idaho Closed17 Feb 2014
80Simonson, J.710Porth, D.9281-043 ≣C01Idaho Closed17 Feb 2014
81Simonson, J.771Hunter, R.11010-152 ≣C50Southern Idaho Op...08 Nov 2014
82Porth, D.936Simonson, J.771½-½35 ≣C44Southern Idaho Op...08 Nov 2014
83Brimstein, W.930Simonson, J.7711-032 ≣C44Southern Idaho Op...08 Nov 2014
84Inman, J.1650Simonson, J.7511-028 ≣C70Idaho Closed14 Feb 2015
85Simonson, J.751Zaklan, D.14830-136 ≣B10Idaho Closed14 Feb 2015
86Nathan, O.481Simonson, J.7510-127 ≣B30Idaho Closed15 Feb 2015
87Simonson, J.751Wray, J.14531-033 ≣C40Idaho Closed15 Feb 2015
88Longhurst, C.1505Simonson, J.7511-036 ≣D02Idaho Closed16 Feb 2015
89Simonson, J.751Nathan, J.13950-137B54Idaho Closed16 Feb 2015
90Eacker, B.1641Simonson, J.6421-045 ≣D00ICA Spring Open18 Apr 2015
91Nathan, J.1396Simonson, J.6421-022C44Eastern Idaho Open19 Sep 2015
92Simonson, J.642Avila, J.7300-150 ≣B00Eastern Idaho Open19 Sep 2015
93Buffaloe, O.Simonson, J.8310-139 ≣C30Eastern Idaho Open19 Sep 2015
94Derryberry, D.1719Simonson, J.8001-048 ≣D00Idaho Closed13 Feb 2016
95Simonson, J.800Porth, A.13370-127 ≣B11Idaho Closed13 Feb 2016
96Callen, G.Simonson, J.8000-133B23Idaho Closed14 Feb 2016
97Simonson, J.800Aderogba, T.1122½-½32 ≣A00Idaho Closed14 Feb 2016
98Nyblade III, W.1217Simonson, J.8001-042 ≣A00Idaho Closed15 Feb 2016
99Simonson, J.800Saltaga, S.0-142 ≣B30Idaho Closed15 Feb 2016