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1Taylor, S.1113Buckendorf Jr., G.18000-131 ≣B9027 May 2006
2Mabry, W.1319Taylor, S.11131-026C45TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
3Taylor, S.1113Eacker, B.16350-143 ≣C02TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
4Porth, A.575Taylor, S.11130-18C44TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
5Ely, J.Taylor, S.9510-131 ≣C55EIO (Reserve)15 Sep 2006
6Taylor, S.951Case, S.0-159B27EIO (Reserve)15 Sep 2006
7Taylor, S.1355Roland, J.17030-125 ≣C44Lang Invitational #205 Feb 2011
8Edvalson, P.1447Taylor, S.13551-017 ≣C44Lang Invitational #205 Feb 2011
9Taylor, S.1355Lang, J.13371-025 ≣C57Lang Invitational #205 Feb 2011
10Longhurst, C.1243Taylor, S.13551-038 ≣A65Lang Invitational #205 Feb 2011
11Taylor, S.1355Patterson, K.12470-133 ≣C07Lang Invitational #205 Feb 2011
12Taylor, S.1355Cook, C.1-024 ≣C57Lang Invitational #305 Mar 2011
13Roland, J.1700Taylor, S.13550-132 ≣D31Lang Invitational #305 Mar 2011
14Abernathy, C.1739Taylor, S.13550-121 ≣C57Lang Invitational #305 Mar 2011
15Taylor, S.1355Edvalson, P.14471-023 ≣B30Lang Invitational #305 Mar 2011
16Taylor, S.1355Roland, J.17000-144 ≣C54ICA Players Mem-Open14 May 2011
17Edvalson, P.1447Taylor, S.13550-139 ≣A04ICA Players Mem-Open14 May 2011
18Taylor, S.1355Booth, T.16210-11 ≣A00ICA Players Mem-Open15 May 2011
19Parsons, L.2000Taylor, S.13811-032 ≣A10Idaho Closed18 Feb 2012
20Taylor, S.1381Nathan, J.3841-033 ≣C50Idaho Closed18 Feb 2012
21Taylor, S.1381Kircher, C.17930-129 ≣B01Idaho Closed19 Feb 2012
22Murdock, M.Taylor, S.13810-145 ≣C65Idaho Closed19 Feb 2012
23Taylor, S.1381Roland, J.17250-120C00Idaho Closed20 Feb 2012
24Knoll, L.Taylor, S.13810-164C55Idaho Closed20 Feb 2012
25Winchell, N.1000Taylor, S.14000-161 ≣A15MH Spring Tourny28 Apr 2012
26Taylor, S.1400Olsoy, P.17001-041B21MH Spring Tourny28 Apr 2012
27Edvalson, P.1598Taylor, S.1400½-½43 ≣A05MH Spring Tourny28 Apr 2012
28Taylor, S.1400Pentico, C.14561-040 ≣B07MH Spring Tourny28 Apr 2012
29Olsoy, P.1615Taylor, S.13741-025 ≣E70Meridian Invitati...23 Jun 2012
30Taylor, S.1374Lundy III, G.15830-119 ≣C50Meridian Invitati...23 Jun 2012
31Taylor, S.1374Edvalson, P.15650-148 ≣B21Meridian Invitati...23 Jun 2012
32Patterson, K.1222Taylor, S.13740-129C20Meridian Invitati...23 Jun 2012
33Blake, I.1000Taylor, S.12400-148 ≣A06MH Summer Tourny28 Jul 2012
34Taylor, S.1240Blankenship, J.15871-031 ≣C50MH Summer Tourny28 Jul 2012
35Stewart, T.1831Taylor, S.12401-047 ≣A48MH Summer Tourny28 Jul 2012
36Taylor, S.1240Gorman, C.12900-139 ≣B00MH Summer Tourny28 Jul 2012
37Sawyer, D.1925Taylor, S.13811-023 ≣B00WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
38Taylor, S.1381Simonson, J.6271-061 ≣C20WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
39Niro III, F.1700Taylor, S.13811-016 ≣C68WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
40Taylor, S.1381Reidy, M.5621-036 ≣B07WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
41Peterson, N.Taylor, S.13670-134A00National Chess Day13 Oct 2012
42Taylor, S.1367Roland, J.17161-025 ≣C00National Chess Day13 Oct 2012
43Gorman, C.1635Taylor, S.13671-025 ≣A01National Chess Day13 Oct 2012
44Taylor, S.1367Fitzwater, J.1-011C40National Chess Day13 Oct 2012
45Niro III, F.1734Taylor, S.13671-041 ≣B54National Chess Day13 Oct 2012
46Taylor, S.1389Parsons, L.20000-120 ≣B06Idaho Closed16 Feb 2013
47Machin, D.Taylor, S.13891-065 ≣A56Idaho Closed16 Feb 2013
48Taylor, S.1389Porth, D.9241-040 ≣C00Idaho Closed17 Feb 2013
49Taylor, S.1389Porth, A.13081-062 ≣C00Idaho Closed17 Feb 2013
50Kircher, C.1845Taylor, S.13891-033 ≣C44Idaho Closed18 Feb 2013
51Taylor, S.1389Simonson, J.7631-010C57Idaho Closed18 Feb 2013
52Roland, J.1701Taylor, S.1370½-½38 ≣B32Meridian Invitati...20 Apr 2013
53Taylor, S.1370Lundy III, G.1611½-½34 ≣C50Meridian Invitati...20 Apr 2013
54Machin, A.1666Taylor, S.13700-120 ≣A00Meridian Invitati...20 Apr 2013
55Hamilton, B.1757Taylor, S.13701-022 ≣A56Meridian Invitati...20 Apr 2013
56Taylor, S.1454Kircher, C.19090-130 ≣A03WIO (Open)14 Dec 2013
57Hamilton, B.1700Taylor, S.1454½-½55 ≣A60WIO (Open)14 Dec 2013
58Taylor, S.1454Booth, T.15990-136 ≣C13WIO (Open)14 Dec 2013
59Taylor, S.1454Longhurst, C.14931-036 ≣B21WIO (Open)15 Dec 2013
60Stinar, J.1627Taylor, S.1454½-½28 ≣A16WIO (Open)15 Dec 2013
61Porth, D.1000Taylor, S.13740-127C20Mountain Home Open11 Jan 2014
62Taylor, S.1374Bartell, F.17721-026 ≣C16Mountain Home Open11 Jan 2014
63Roland, J.1690Taylor, S.13740-137 ≣A46Mountain Home Open11 Jan 2014
64Taylor, S.1374Eacker, B.16341-020C17Mountain Home Open11 Jan 2014
65Taylor, S.1473Mussler-Wright, A.1-015A00BCC #522 Nov 2014
66Taylor, S.1473Buus, J.16330-136 ≣A00BCC #522 Nov 2014
67Siek, J.925Taylor, S.14730-152C00BCC #522 Nov 2014
68Taylor, S.1473Longhurst, C.14100-191A00BCC #522 Nov 2014
69Taylor, S.1473Pitre, H.18790-150 ≣B21Western Idaho Open13 Dec 2014
70Faulkner, G.1329Taylor, S.14731-033 ≣B07Western Idaho Open13 Dec 2014
71Taylor, S.1473Sanderson, K.15771-032 ≣B21Western Idaho Open13 Dec 2014
72Taylor, S.1473Kircher, C.18821-031 ≣B01Western Idaho Open14 Dec 2014
73Nathan, J.1391Taylor, S.14730-160 ≣B01Western Idaho Open14 Dec 2014
74Etulain, J.626Taylor, S.15390-115 ≣C46BCC #1026 Sep 2015
75Taylor, S.1539Machin, A.1692½-½40 ≣C10BCC #1026 Sep 2015
76Buus, J.1723Taylor, S.15391-038 ≣B07BCC #1026 Sep 2015
77Taylor, S.1539Zaklan, D.14740-144 ≣B15BCC #1026 Sep 2015