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1Buckendorf Glen (ID)Johnson Tyler1-036 ≣C70
2Binnley DaveBuckendorf Glen (ID)1-029 ≣C00Memorial P.Keres
3Buckendorf Glen (ID)Nishida½-½42 ≣C07Memorial P.Keres
4MoldenBuckendorf Glen (ID)0-126 ≣C00Memorial P.Keres
5Buckendorf Glen (ID)Conroy0-141 ≣B43Memorial P.Keres
6Buckendorf Glen (ID)Tate0-146 ≣B02Memorial P.Keres
7Sherry DaveBuckendorf Glen (ID)½-½30 ≣C00Memorial P.Keres
8Buckendorf Glen (ID)Gardia0-149 ≣B70Memorial Day Classic
9Buckendorf Glen (ID)Goldie29 ≣B07Memorial Day Classic
10GilbertBuckendorf Glen (ID)1-024 ≣B33Memorial Day Classic
11HoodBuckendorf Glen (ID)1-029 ≣B33Memorial Day Classic
12Buckendorf Glen (ID)Dorcas1-033 ≣B10Memorial Day Classic
13Buckendorf Glen (ID)Vermalyn0-136 ≣B23Memorial Day Classic
14Buckendorf Glen (ID)Danner½-½49 ≣B07Memorial Day Classic
15Buckendorf Glen (ID)Garnius½-½28 ≣C17Memorial Day Classic
16DoanBuckendorf Glen (ID)0-126 ≣E10Memorial Day Classic
17Shaw JosephBuckendorf Glen (ID)0-133 ≣A02Memorial Day Classic
18Pena AlBuckendorf Glen (ID)1-060 ≣B80Memorial Day Classic
19Buckendorf Glen (ID)Brestvansky1-029 ≣B07Memorial Day Classic
20Buckendorf Glen (ID)Rambo Alan Gene (ID)0-147 ≣C70Memorial Walter Y...
21Henderson Arnold ...Buckendorf Glen (ID)0-140 ≣A01Memorial Walter Y...
22Buckendorf Glen (ID)Merkelo Jerry (ID)1-026B01Memorial Walter Y...
23Johnson Paul M (ID)Buckendorf Glen (ID)1-044 ≣E61Memorial Walter Y...
24Buckendorf Glen (ID)BYE-00-11 ≣A00Memorial Walter Y...
25BedjanianBuckendorf Glen (ID)0-119 ≣B06Memorial Day Classic
26Buckendorf Glen (ID)Rubin1-032 ≣B02Memorial Day Classic
27Buckendorf Glen (ID)Brooks0-146 ≣B33Memorial Day Classic
29ThompsonBuckendorf Glen (ID)1-046 ≣A00Memorial Day Classic
30Buckendorf Glen (ID)Barrios Jorge (NV)0-134 ≣B00CCSN: Dave Trujil...
31Currell JohnBuckendorf Glen (ID)½-½22 ≣B30CCSN: Dave Trujil...
32Buckendorf Glen (ID)BYE-1/2½-½1 ≣A00CCSN: Dave Trujil...
33Buckendorf Glen (ID)Cassidy Mike1-040 ≣B00CCSN: Dave Trujil...
34Herrera AlexBuckendorf Glen (ID)1-040 ≣B24CCSN: Dave Trujil...
35Reynolds, G.1963Eacker, B.16351-043 ≣C00TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
36Jiang, A.1344Taylor, D.19150-11 ≣A00TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
37Bartell, F.1853Mabry, W.13191-047 ≣C01TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
38Taylor, S.1113Buckendorf Jr., G.18000-131 ≣B90TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
39Barkell, K.1728Jiang, R.5401-01 ≣A00TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
40Buckendorf Jr., G.1800Reynolds, G.19630-125 ≣B03TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
41Taylor, D.1915Bartell, F.18531-033 ≣B32TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
42Porth, A.575Barkell, K.17280-135B23TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
43Eacker, B.1635Jiang, A.1344½-½38 ≣A09TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
44Mabry, W.1319Taylor, S.11131-026C45TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
45Reynolds, G.1963Taylor, D.1915½-½35 ≣C68TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
46Barkell, K.1728Bartell, F.18531-045 ≣C26TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
47Jiang, R.540Mabry, W.13190-144 ≣C00TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
48Taylor, S.1113Eacker, B.16350-143 ≣C02TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
49Jiang, A.1344Porth, A.5751-064C44TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
50Reynolds, G.1963Barkell, K.1728½-½36 ≣B70TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
51Taylor, D.1915Mabry, W.13191-028 ≣C02TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
52Bartell, F.1853Eacker, B.16350-148 ≣A18TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
53Jiang, R.540Jiang, A.13440-11 ≣A00TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
54Porth, A.575Taylor, S.11130-18C44TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
55Barkell, K.1728Taylor, D.19150-11 ≣A00TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
56Jiang, A.1344Reynolds, G.1963½-½1 ≣A00TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
57Eacker, B.1728Mabry, W.13191-027 ≣A05TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
58Buckendorf Jr., G.1800Jiang, R.5401-01 ≣A00TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
59Amen, C.1511Kircher, C.18900-142 ≣A13ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
60Inman, J.1788Lang, J.14740-132 ≣E46ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
61Zaklan, D.1402Jiang, N.17430-157A53ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
62Roland, J.1718Faulkner, G.1171½-½39 ≣D06ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
63Siek, J.959Hamilton, B.17130-133B30ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
64Edvalson, P.1620Bailey, B.1-045D51ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
65Proano, E.Sanderson, K.15801-065 ≣A05ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
66Kircher, C.1890Edvalson, P.16201-025 ≣A03ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
67Jiang, N.1743Lang, J.14741-056 ≣C70ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
68Hamilton, B.1713Proano, E.0-146 ≣A40ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
69Buus, J.1514Hosford, M.19671-044 ≣B00ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
70Nathan, J.1164Roland, J.17181-025 ≣C10ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
71Faulkner, G.1171Inman, J.17880-143 ≣B10ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
72Sanderson, K.1580Zaklan, D.14021-043 ≣B13ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
73Bailey, B.Amen, C.15110-132A05ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
74Proano, E.Kircher, C.18901-031 ≣A07ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
75Jiang, N.1743Buus, J.1514½-½32 ≣B90ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
76Inman, J.1788Nathan, J.11641-020 ≣E40ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
77Amen, C.1511Hamilton, B.1713½-½51 ≣A30ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
78Edvalson, P.1620Siek, J.9591-047B01ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
79Lang, J.1474Sanderson, K.1580½-½57 ≣B90ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
80Hosford, M.1967Roland, J.17181-031 ≣C44ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
81Bailey, B.Faulkner, G.11710-151D06ICA Players Memorial23 Aug 2014
82Proano, E.Jiang, N.1743½-½26 ≣A05ICA Players Memorial24 Aug 2014
83Kircher, C.1890Inman, J.17880-151 ≣A02ICA Players Memorial24 Aug 2014
84Buus, J.1514Edvalson, P.16201-034B33ICA Players Memorial24 Aug 2014
85Hosford, M.1967Amen, C.15111-01 ≣A04ICA Players Memorial24 Aug 2014
86Hamilton, B.1713Lang, J.1474½-½58 ≣C70ICA Players Memorial24 Aug 2014
87Sanderson, K.1580Nathan, J.11641-047 ≣C60ICA Players Memorial24 Aug 2014
88Faulkner, G.1171Zaklan, D.14021-039 ≣B10ICA Players Memorial24 Aug 2014
89Roland, J.1718Siek, J.9591-023C70ICA Players Memorial24 Aug 2014
90Buus, J.1514Proano, E.0-141 ≣B18ICA Players Memorial24 Aug 2014
91Inman, J.1788Jiang, N.17430-130 ≣A53ICA Players Memorial24 Aug 2014
92Hosford, M.1967Sanderson, K.15801-071 ≣A05ICA Players Memorial24 Aug 2014
93Hamilton, B.1713Faulkner, G.1171½-½63 ≣D06ICA Players Memorial24 Aug 2014
94Lang, J.1474Kircher, C.18900-132 ≣B01ICA Players Memorial24 Aug 2014
95Nathan, J.1164Edvalson, P.16200-137 ≣B21ICA Players Memorial24 Aug 2014
96Zaklan, D.1402Roland, J.1718½-½27 ≣D30ICA Players Memorial24 Aug 2014
97Siek, J.959Bailey, B.0-145C02ICA Players Memorial24 Aug 2014