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1Baggett, J.Weathers, R.13861-047C2410 Oct 2009
2Eacker, B.1619Baggett, J.0-143 ≣A45WRW Swiss10 Oct 2009
3Baggett, J.Parsons, L.20050-126 ≣B06WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
4Finch, D.1223Baggett, J.0-129E60WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
5Lang, J.1221Baggett, J.18000-152B23SIO14 Nov 2009
6Baggett, J.1800Booth, T.1500½-½25 ≣C02SIO14 Nov 2009
7Ness, K.955Baggett, J.18000-155 ≣B43SIO15 Nov 2009
8Baggett, J.1800Looney, D.15991-045 ≣B12SIO15 Nov 2009
9Porth, A.1190Baggett, J.18010-145A48Idaho Closed13 Feb 2010
10Baggett, J.1801Weathers, R.15000-144 ≣C24Idaho Closed13 Feb 2010
11Abernathy, C.1334Baggett, J.18011-031 ≣B40Idaho Closed14 Feb 2010
12Baggett, J.1801Ye, M.1174½-½78 ≣B20Idaho Closed14 Feb 2010
13Abderhalden, R.1516Baggett, J.18010-147 ≣B40Idaho Closed15 Feb 2010
14Baggett, J.1801Min, W.11401-056 ≣C24Idaho Closed15 Feb 2010
15Walton, T.802Baggett, J.16060-128 ≣B23WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
16Baggett, J.1606Porth, A.12291-053 ≣C24WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
17Baggett, J.1606Manross, S.18091-036 ≣C02WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
18Eacker, B.1600Baggett, J.16060-131 ≣A45WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
19Connor, K.1021Baggett, J.16960-149B43Idaho Closed19 Feb 2011
20Baggett, J.1696Abernathy, C.16090-125 ≣B01Idaho Closed19 Feb 2011
21Healy, M.188Baggett, J.16960-167B40Idaho Closed20 Feb 2011
22Baggett, J.1696Abderhalden, K.17411-031 ≣B20Idaho Closed20 Feb 2011
23Baggett, J.1696Carr, J.1732½-½80 ≣C02Idaho Closed21 Feb 2011
24Kircher, C.1760Baggett, J.16960-145 ≣B43Idaho Closed21 Feb 2011
25Pemsler, C.1474Baggett, J.17221-039 ≣A17WIO (Open)08 Dec 2012
26Baggett, J.1722Longhurst, C.15371-042B20WIO (Open)08 Dec 2012
27Olsoy, P.1694Baggett, J.17221-048 ≣E15WIO (Open)08 Dec 2012
28Baggett, J.1722Puderbaugh, K.13591-039 ≣B20WIO (Open)09 Dec 2012
29Roland, J.1700Baggett, J.17220-124 ≣B43WIO (Open)09 Dec 2012
30Baggett, J.1636Bartell, F.17720-124 ≣B20MVCC Ch (Champion...23 Mar 2013
31Vereshchagin, A.1426Baggett, J.16360-130 ≣B43MVCC Ch (Champion...23 Mar 2013
32Baggett, J.1636Looney, D.16241-055 ≣B12MVCC Ch (Champion...23 Mar 2013
33Imamovic, N.1707Baggett, J.16361-033 ≣B43MVCC Ch (Champion...23 Mar 2013