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WR Swiss, Progressive

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1Parsons, L.2005Finch, D.1223½-½54 ≣A1510 Oct 2009
2Bruck, N.1154Reynolds, G.19240-152B04WRW Swiss10 Oct 2009
3Roland, J.1782Ellis, C.7431-041 ≣B07WRW Swiss10 Oct 2009
4Jaramillo, T.952Eacker, B.16190-159 ≣A45WRW Swiss10 Oct 2009
5Cohen, R.1500Bruess, S.8631-033 ≣D02WRW Swiss10 Oct 2009
6Baggett, J.Weathers, R.13861-047C24WRW Swiss10 Oct 2009
7Porth, A.1230Kett, E.0-149D02WRW Swiss10 Oct 2009
8Reynolds, G.1924Cohen, R.15001-044 ≣B53WRW Swiss10 Oct 2009
9Kett, E.Roland, J.17820-127C44WRW Swiss10 Oct 2009
10Eacker, B.1619Baggett, J.0-143 ≣A45WRW Swiss10 Oct 2009
11Porth, A.1230Parsons, L.20050-142 ≣A40WRW Swiss10 Oct 2009
12Finch, D.1223Weathers, R.13861-046 ≣D02WRW Swiss10 Oct 2009
13Bruess, S.863Bruck, N.11540-144 ≣C41WRW Swiss10 Oct 2009
14Ellis, C.743Jaramillo, T.9520-131C20WRW Swiss10 Oct 2009
15Roland, J.1782Reynolds, G.1924½-½15 ≣A46WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
16Baggett, J.Parsons, L.20050-126 ≣B06WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
17Eacker, B.1619Finch, D.1223½-½24 ≣D00WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
18Cohen, R.1500Jaramillo, T.9521-025A40WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
19Bruck, N.1154Kett, E.0-155C41WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
20Weathers, R.1386Bruess, S.8631-024A40WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
21Ellis, C.743Porth, A.12300-128C42WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
22Parsons, L.2005Reynolds, G.1924½-½5 ≣A15WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
23Cohen, R.1500Roland, J.17820-131 ≣A05WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
24Finch, D.1223Baggett, J.0-129E60WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
25Kett, E.Eacker, B.16190-146 ≣C00WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
26Weathers, R.1386Bruck, N.11541-051D00WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
27Jaramillo, T.952Porth, A.12301-065C42WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
28Bruess, S.863Ellis, C.743½-½35 ≣B01WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
29Bruck, N.1041Manross, S.18090-154 ≣C02WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
30Bartell, F.1645Patterson, K.9791-059A04WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
31Walton, T.802Baggett, J.16060-128 ≣B23WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
32Eacker, B.1600Porth, D.6851-026D00WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
33Whitlock, J.Patterson, K.12700-150B10WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
34Porth, A.1229Hutchinson, C.1-042D04WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
35Manross, S.1809Eacker, B.16001-039 ≣A40WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
36Patterson, K.1270Bartell, F.1645½-½42 ≣B21WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
37Baggett, J.1606Porth, A.12291-053 ≣C24WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
38Porth, D.685Bruck, N.10410-154D00WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
39Patterson, K.979Whitlock, J.1-043A10WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
40Hutchinson, C.Walton, T.8020-123 ≣D02WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
41Baggett, J.1606Manross, S.18091-036 ≣C02WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
42Bartell, F.1645Eacker, B.16000-154 ≣A05WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
43Porth, A.1229Patterson, K.12701-029 ≣A40WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
44Bruck, N.1041Patterson, K.9791-046C45WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
45Walton, T.802Porth, D.6851-015 ≣C44WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
46Whitlock, J.Hutchinson, C.0-11 ≣A00WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
47Eacker, B.1600Baggett, J.16060-131 ≣A45WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
48Manross, S.1809Porth, A.12291-026 ≣A46WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
49Walton, T.802Bruck, N.10410-122B01WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
50Hutchinson, C.Bartell, F.16450-131 ≣A48WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
51Patterson, K.1270Patterson, K.979½-½25 ≣C55WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
52Porth, D.685Whitlock, J.1-01 ≣A00WRW Progressive09 Oct 2010
53Mihalic, M.Porth, D.0-129 ≣A402012 WRHS Champio...12 May 2012
54Porth, D.Hutchinson, C.1-051 ≣D042012 WRHS Champio...12 May 2012
55Porth, D.Mauritzen, C.0-134 ≣D052012 WRHS Champio...12 May 2012
56Porth, A.1304Mayers, D.18410-137 ≣B22WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
57Sawyer, D.1925Taylor, S.13811-023 ≣B00WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
58Kircher, C.1816Nathan, J.6631-019 ≣A03WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
59Simonson, J.627Roland, J.17160-132 ≣C55WRW Progressive08 Oct 2012
60Niro III, F.1700Reidy, M.5621-033 ≣C41WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
61Sawyer, P.134Gorman, C.13830-150 ≣B00WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
62Mayers, D.1841Niro III, F.17001-019 ≣B21WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
63Roland, J.1716Sawyer, D.19250-115 ≣A46WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
64Gorman, C.1383Kircher, C.18160-132 ≣A01WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
65Taylor, S.1381Simonson, J.6271-061 ≣C20WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
66Reidy, M.562Porth, A.13040-130 ≣A00WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
67Nathan, J.663Sawyer, P.1341-021 ≣C41WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
68Sawyer, D.1925Mayers, D.18411-035 ≣C12WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
69Kircher, C.1816Roland, J.17161-047 ≣A02WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
70Niro III, F.1700Taylor, S.13811-016 ≣C68WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
71Porth, A.1304Gorman, C.13830-158 ≣B22WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
72Simonson, J.627Nathan, J.6631-020 ≣B53WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
73Sawyer, P.134Reidy, M.5620-120 ≣C20WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
74Mayers, D.1841Gorman, C.13830-138 ≣B21WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
75Kircher, C.1816Sawyer, D.1925½-½21 ≣B23WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
76Roland, J.1716Niro III, F.1700½-½1 ≣B20WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
77Sawyer, P.134Simonson, J.6270-118 ≣C68WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
78Taylor, S.1381Reidy, M.5621-036 ≣B07WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012
79Nathan, J.663Porth, A.13040-126 ≣C00WRW Progressive06 Oct 2012