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1Watson, J.1479Johnson, P.20310-119 ≣B0109 Dec 2006
2Reynolds, G.1923Jiang, A.14691-023 ≣B20WIO (Open)09 Dec 2006
3Stark, J.1450Fucsko, J.17780-128 ≣A52WIO (Open)09 Dec 2006
4Barkell, K.1735Nahlen, J.13631-039C01WIO (Open)09 Dec 2006
5Harmon-Vellotti, L.1229Roland, J.17060-152 ≣C10WIO (Open)09 Dec 2006
6Gilton, T.1626Shouse, D.12111-050 ≣D04WIO (Open)09 Dec 2006
7Johnson, P.2031Barkell, K.17350-119 ≣D02WIO (Open)09 Dec 2006
8Roland, J.1706Reynolds, G.19231-032 ≣A46WIO (Open)09 Dec 2006
9Fucsko, J.1778Gilton, T.16261-043 ≣A06WIO (Open)09 Dec 2006
10Jiang, A.1469Harmon-Vellotti, L.12291-026 ≣C45WIO (Open)09 Dec 2006
11Nahlen, J.1363Stark, J.14501-043 ≣B18WIO (Open)09 Dec 2006
12Roland, J.1706Fucsko, J.1778½-½20 ≣C43WIO (Open)09 Dec 2006
13Barkell, K.1735Reynolds, G.1923½-½15 ≣B23WIO (Open)09 Dec 2006
14Nahlen, J.1363Jiang, A.14690-187B21WIO (Open)09 Dec 2006
15Shouse, D.1211Stark, J.14500-153B10WIO (Open)09 Dec 2006
16Fucsko, J.1778Barkell, K.17350-137 ≣A04WIO (Open)10 Dec 2006
17Jiang, A.1469Roland, J.1706½-½28 ≣C45WIO (Open)10 Dec 2006
18Reynolds, G.1923Johnson, P.2031½-½24 ≣B01WIO (Open)10 Dec 2006
19Stark, J.1450Gilton, T.16261-048 ≣D06WIO (Open)10 Dec 2006
20Harmon-Vellotti, L.1229Shouse, D.12111-061C55WIO (Open)10 Dec 2006
21Barkell, K.1735Roland, J.1706½-½28 ≣C10WIO (Open)10 Dec 2006
22Jiang, A.1469Fucsko, J.17780-169 ≣B33WIO (Open)10 Dec 2006
23Johnson, P.2031Stark, J.14501-031 ≣D02WIO (Open)10 Dec 2006
24Reynolds, G.1923Harmon-Vellotti, L.12291-038 ≣C68WIO (Open)10 Dec 2006
25Shouse, D.1211Nahlen, J.13630-149 ≣C26WIO (Open)10 Dec 2006
26Harmon-Vellotti, C.1165Andrade, D.4321-030C50WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
27Andrade, B.224Faulkner, G.10270-111C65WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
28Hill, E.956Kanet, A.1-015E10WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
29Daptardar, S.2500Abderhalden, R.9031-041C55WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
30Jiang, R.852Porth, D.1-044B02WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
31Patterson, E.2500Barry, S.8240-141 ≣C57WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
32Abderhalden, K.817Seekamp III, J.1-054C50WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
33Darcy, M.2500Kaminski, N.7340-116C41WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
34Porth, A.658Long, J.0-151A00WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
35Patterson, K.Simonson, J.6571-066 ≣C25WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
36Langrell, A.575Seiniger, S.0-128C50WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
37Gilton, D.Barry, J.4410-123A46WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
38Kaminski, N.734Harmon-Vellotti, C.11650-125C68WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
39Faulkner, G.1027Daptardar, S.1-013C55WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
40Barry, J.441Hill, E.9560-156B01WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
41Long, J.Jiang, R.8521-020 ≣C55WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
42Barry, S.824Patterson, K.1-040C46WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
43Seiniger, S.Abderhalden, K.8171-056C50WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
44Abderhalden, R.903Wong, V.7081-045C44WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
45Seekamp III, J.Porth, A.6580-119B00WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
46Simonson, J.657Gilton, D.1-050 ≣B10WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
47Kanet, A.Langrell, A.5750-134C46WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
48Andrade, D.432Patterson, E.1-027C65WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
49Porth, D.Andrade, B.2241-026A04WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
50Harmon-Vellotti, C.1165Long, J.1-057 ≣C42WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
51Hill, E.956Seiniger, S.0-128E00WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
52Jiang, R.852Barry, S.8241-046C64WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
53Patterson, K.Abderhalden, R.9031-061C48WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
54Abderhalden, K.817Barry, J.4411-045C55WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
55Daptardar, S.Kaminski, N.7340-144C57WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
56Porth, A.658Andrade, D.4321-048C24WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
57Langrell, A.575Porth, D.1-018C00WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
58Wong, V.708Darcy, M.1-013C50WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
59Andrade, B.224Seekamp III, J.0-117C48WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
60Patterson, E.Kanet, A.1-054C50WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
61Seiniger, S.Harmon-Vellotti, C.11651-046 ≣C50WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
62Faulkner, G.1027Hill, E.9561-045B01WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
63Porth, A.658Jiang, R.8521-039C26WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
64Barry, S.824Langrell, A.5751-029C50WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
65Long, J.Abderhalden, K.8171-047C54WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
66Kaminski, N.734Patterson, K.1-045C64WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
67Simonson, J.657Wong, V.708½-½70 ≣C24WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
68Abderhalden, R.903Patterson, E.1-060 ≣C44WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
69Barry, J.441Daptardar, S.0-131C47WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
70Andrade, D.432Porth, D.1-057C00WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
71Darcy, M.Gilton, D.0-149 ≣B10WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
72Kanet, A.Andrade, B.2241-034C55WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
73Seiniger, S.Faulkner, G.10271-056C50WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
74Harmon-Vellotti, C.1165Porth, A.6581-030C50WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
75Long, J.Barry, S.824½-½28 ≣C54WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
76Hill, E.956Kaminski, N.7341-028D20WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
77Langrell, A.575Abderhalden, R.9031-037C55WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
78Jiang, R.852Andrade, D.8171-035C62WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
79Abderhalden, K.817Patterson, K.1-046C57WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
80Wong, V.708Daptardar, S.0-148C55WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
81Gilton, D.Seekamp III, J.0-122 ≣D02WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
82Patterson, E.Barry, J.4410-132C55WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
83Porth, D.Kanet, A.0-120C44WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
84Andrade, B.224Darcy, M.1-021C41WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
85Nahlen, J.744Shouse, D.1-034C50WIO (Skittles)09 Dec 2006
86Simonson, J.657Nahlen, J.7440-126 ≣A06WIO (Skittles)10 Dec 2006
87Drumm, D.1819Nahlen, J.13631-01 ≣A00WIO (Skittles)10 Dec 2006
88Langrell, A.575Andrade, B.2241-01 ≣A00WIO (Skittles)10 Dec 2006
89Harmon-Vellotti, C.1165Abderhalden, R.9031-01 ≣A00WIO (Skittles)10 Dec 2006
90Barry, J.441Porth, D.1-01 ≣A00WIO (Skittles)10 Dec 2006
91Kaminski, N.Langrell, A.5750-140C40WIO (Skittles)09 Dec 2006
92Kaminski, N.Langrell, A.5751-035C40WIO (Skittles)09 Dec 2006
93Darcy, M.Andrade, B.2240-11 ≣A00WIO (Skittles)10 Dec 2006
94Gilton, D.Langrell, A.5750-11 ≣A00WIO (Skittles)10 Dec 2006
95Daptardar, S.Langrell, A.5750-145C57WIO (Skittles)10 Dec 2006
96Andrade, B.224Langrell, A.5751-01 ≣A00WIO (Skittles)10 Dec 2006
97Langrell, A.575Porth, D.1-021C00WIO (Skittles)10 Dec 2006
98Langrell, A.575Andrade, D.8170-1116 ≣C62WIO (Skittles)10 Dec 2006
99Daptardar, S.Hill, E.956½-½36 ≣B01WIO (Skittles)10 Dec 2006
100Stark, J.1547Patterson, E.14130-136 ≣A40WIO (Open)24 May 2008