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Luke and Carl

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1Harmon-Vellotti, L.1229Roland, J.17060-152 ≣C1009 Dec 2006
2Jiang, A.1469Harmon-Vellotti, L.12291-026 ≣C45WIO (Open)09 Dec 2006
3Harmon-Vellotti, L.1229Shouse, D.12111-061C55WIO (Open)10 Dec 2006
4Reynolds, G.1923Harmon-Vellotti, L.12291-038 ≣C68WIO (Open)10 Dec 2006
5Harmon-Vellotti, C.1165Andrade, D.4321-030C50WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
6Kaminski, N.734Harmon-Vellotti, C.11650-125C68WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
7Harmon-Vellotti, C.1165Long, J.1-057 ≣C42WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2006
8Seiniger, S.Harmon-Vellotti, C.11651-046 ≣C50WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
9Harmon-Vellotti, C.1165Porth, A.6581-030C50WIO (Reserve)10 Dec 2006
10Harmon-Vellotti, C.1165Abderhalden, R.9031-01 ≣A00WIO (Skittles)10 Dec 2006
11Fucsko, J.1778Vellotti, D.17551-025 ≣A06ICA January Quads #103 Jan 2007
12Vellotti, D.1755Myers, H.16791-034B01ICA January Quads #110 Jan 2007
13Roland, J.1706Vellotti, D.1755½-½20 ≣A40ICA January Quads #117 Jan 2007
14Harmon-Vellotti, L.1229Tatom, G.16691-061 ≣B23ICA January Quads #203 Jan 2007
15Frasure, D.1180Harmon-Vellotti, L.12290-125 ≣C50ICA January Quads #210 Jan 2007
16Looney, D.1523Harmon-Vellotti, L.12290-130 ≣C45ICA January Quads #217 Jan 2007
17Daptardar, S.855Harmon-Vellotti, C.11650-136C50ICA January Quads #303 Jan 2007
18Harmon-Vellotti, C.1165Abderhalden, R.9031-040 ≣C54ICA January Quads #316 Jan 2007
19Abderhalden, K.817Harmon-Vellotti, C.11650-160 ≣C54ICA January Quads #317 Jan 2007
20Parsons, L.2081Harmon-Vellotti, L.12681-026 ≣A20Idaho Closed17 Feb 2007
21Morrow, H.1936Harmon-Vellotti, C.11851-033 ≣E33Idaho Closed17 Feb 2007
22Harmon-Vellotti, L.1268Patterson, K.7321-034 ≣C53Idaho Closed17 Feb 2007
23Harmon-Vellotti, C.1185Seekamp III, J.5211-038C50Idaho Closed17 Feb 2007
24Harmon-Vellotti, L.1268Roland, J.1727½-½23 ≣B23Idaho Closed18 Feb 2007
25Eacker, B.1675Harmon-Vellotti, C.1185½-½30 ≣A09Idaho Closed18 Feb 2007
26Daptardar, S.855Harmon-Vellotti, L.12680-161A00Idaho Closed18 Feb 2007
27Harmon-Vellotti, C.1185Zack, A.1-031 ≣C42Idaho Closed18 Feb 2007
28Parsons, L.2081Harmon-Vellotti, C.11851-025 ≣A20Idaho Closed19 Feb 2007
29Booth, T.1546Harmon-Vellotti, L.1268½-½39 ≣E10Idaho Closed19 Feb 2007
30Harmon-Vellotti, L.1268Eacker, B.1675½-½45 ≣C13Idaho Closed19 Feb 2007
31Buckendorf Jr., G.1800Harmon-Vellotti, C.1185½-½22 ≣C70Idaho Closed19 Feb 2007
32Harmon-Vellotti, L.1419Chi, A.17640-161 ≣C54Idaho Open31 Mar 2007
33Vellotti, D.1751Treiman, S.13781-047B15Idaho Open31 Mar 2007
34Nowak, G.2161Vellotti, D.17511-061 ≣A00Idaho Open31 Mar 2007
35Harmon-Vellotti, C.1204Zumbrunnen, R.20100-126 ≣B33Idaho Open31 Mar 2007
36Walter, J.1525Harmon-Vellotti, L.14191-037 ≣C44Idaho Open31 Mar 2007
37Vellotti, D.1751Walter, J.15251-029 ≣C62Idaho Open31 Mar 2007
38Watts, V.1655Harmon-Vellotti, C.12040-128 ≣A45Idaho Open31 Mar 2007
39Harmon-Vellotti, L.1419Vander Sys, S.1551½-½71 ≣B23Idaho Open31 Mar 2007
40Harmon-Vellotti, C.1204Vellotti, D.17510-124 ≣C02Idaho Open01 Apr 2007
41Viveros SE, C.Harmon-Vellotti, L.14190-131 ≣C44Idaho Open01 Apr 2007
42Vellotti, D.1751Zumbrunnen, R.20100-141 ≣B23Idaho Open01 Apr 2007
43Seiniger, S.1507Harmon-Vellotti, C.12041-028 ≣C44Idaho Open01 Apr 2007
44Owen, G.1555Harmon-Vellotti, L.1419½-½34 ≣C45Idaho Open01 Apr 2007
45Harmon-Vellotti, C.1379Zumbrunnen, R.20081-040 ≣A26ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
46Abderhalden, R.875Harmon-Vellotti, L.15830-136C02ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
47Harmon-Vellotti, L.1583Bartell, F.17800-139 ≣C10ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
48Unger, G.1736Harmon-Vellotti, C.13791-028 ≣C54ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
49Harmon-Vellotti, L.1583Abderhalden, K.10261-053C70ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
50Patterson, K.584Harmon-Vellotti, C.13790-126C54ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
51Harmon-Vellotti, C.1379Harmon-Vellotti, L.15830-144 ≣A25ICA Sumr Classic15 Jul 2007
52Harmon-Vellotti, L.1583Roland, J.17341-061 ≣B23ICA Sumr Classic15 Jul 2007
53Abderhalden, K.1026Harmon-Vellotti, C.13790-157C50ICA Sumr Classic15 Jul 2007
54Harmon-Vellotti, C.1541Morrow, H.19000-128 ≣A22EIO (Open)06 Oct 2007
55Belliston, M.Harmon-Vellotti, L.16670-126C00EIO (Open)06 Oct 2007
56Harmon-Vellotti, L.1667Fucsko, J.1739½-½27 ≣C43EIO (Open)06 Oct 2007
57Patterson, E.1056Harmon-Vellotti, C.15410-122B12EIO (Open)06 Oct 2007
58Zumbrunnen, R.2000Harmon-Vellotti, L.16671-032 ≣C00EIO (Open)06 Oct 2007
59Harmon-Vellotti, C.1541Hernandez Valenci...0-155 ≣A21EIO (Open)06 Oct 2007
60Harmon-Vellotti, L.1667Hansen, D.16920-183 ≣B06EIO (Open)07 Oct 2007
61Owen, G.1545Harmon-Vellotti, C.15410-135 ≣B18EIO (Open)07 Oct 2007
62Harmon-Vellotti, C.1541Hansen, D.16920-132 ≣A10EIO (Open)07 Oct 2007
63Hernandez Valenci...Harmon-Vellotti, L.16670-146A40EIO (Open)07 Oct 2007
64Harmon-Vellotti, L.1685Zumbrunnen, R.2000½-½38 ≣B33SIO10 Nov 2007
65Morrow, H.1900Harmon-Vellotti, C.15791-038 ≣A25SIO10 Nov 2007
66Harmon-Vellotti, C.1579Harmon-Vellotti, L.16850-144 ≣A21SIO10 Nov 2007
67Harmon-Vellotti, L.1685Bartell, F.17851-038 ≣B32SIO10 Nov 2007
68Gorsuch, T.487Harmon-Vellotti, C.15790-133 ≣C50SIO10 Nov 2007
69Reynolds, G.1884Harmon-Vellotti, L.16850-135 ≣C00SIO11 Nov 2007
70Bartell, F.1785Harmon-Vellotti, C.1579½-½19 ≣E00SIO11 Nov 2007
71Harmon-Vellotti, L.1685Roland, J.1739½-½45 ≣C10SIO11 Nov 2007
72Wenzel, J.Harmon-Vellotti, C.18470-119A00Idaho Scholastic Ch19 Mar 2011
73Harmon-Vellotti, C.1847Ellis, C.8081-026A21Idaho Scholastic Ch19 Mar 2011
74Uriarte, A.1212Harmon-Vellotti, C.18470-134B12Idaho Scholastic Ch19 Mar 2011
75Harmon-Vellotti, C.1847Jiang, A.15631-033 ≣A22Idaho Scholastic Ch19 Mar 2011
76Abernathy, C.1609Harmon-Vellotti, C.18470-137 ≣A46Idaho Scholastic Ch19 Mar 2011