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1Longhurst, C.Patterson, K.9861-047B1526 Jun 2010
2Featherston, S.791Longhurst, C.0-122B20Sumr Classic (Res...26 Jun 2010
3Pemsler, C.971Longhurst, C.1-039 ≣A23Sumr Classic (Res...26 Jun 2010
4Longhurst, C.Joki, R.12701-028 ≣B54Sumr Classic (Res...27 Jun 2010
5Veibell, V.456Longhurst, C.0-120A45Sumr Classic (Res...27 Jun 2010
6Longhurst, C.Barker, A.1-028 ≣D06Boise Chess Club ...20 Jun 2011
7Longhurst, C.Barker, A.1-028 ≣D06Boise Chess Club ...20 Jun 2011
8Barker, A.Longhurst, C.0-130 ≣C45Boise Chess Club ...20 Jun 2011
9Barker, A.Longhurst, C.0-130 ≣C45Boise Chess Club ...20 Jun 2011
10Longhurst, C.1287Roland, J.1700½-½38 ≣E10Social Game20 Jun 2011
11Longhurst, C.1243Abernathy, M.10550-113 ≣D20Lang Invitational #129 Jan 2011
12Longhurst, C.1243Edvalson, P.14470-126 ≣B70Lang Invitational #129 Jan 2011
13Abernathy, C.1609Longhurst, C.12431-073 ≣C50Lang Invitational #129 Jan 2011
14Lang, J.1337Longhurst, C.12430-129 ≣B70Lang Invitational #129 Jan 2011
15Longhurst, C.1243Edvalson, P.14471-062 ≣C70Lang Invitational #205 Feb 2011
16Lang, J.1337Longhurst, C.1243½-½13 ≣B50Lang Invitational #205 Feb 2011
17Patterson, K.1247Longhurst, C.1243½-½59 ≣C26Lang Invitational #205 Feb 2011
18Longhurst, C.1243Taylor, S.13551-038 ≣A65Lang Invitational #205 Feb 2011
19Roland, J.1703Longhurst, C.12431-030 ≣B53Lang Invitational #205 Feb 2011
20Abernathy, C.1739Longhurst, C.12421-029 ≣B50Lang Invitational #305 Mar 2011
21Longhurst, C.1242Barker, A.1-048 ≣D06Lang Invitational #305 Mar 2011
22Longhurst, C.1242Edvalson, P.14470-120B33Lang Invitational #305 Mar 2011
23Healy, M.382Longhurst, C.1242½-½71 ≣C20Lang Invitational #305 Mar 2011
24Niro III, F.1700Longhurst, C.12421-021 ≣C68Lang Invitational #430 Apr 2011
25Longhurst, C.1242Cook, C.1-056D10Lang Invitational #430 Apr 2011
26Lang, J.1337Longhurst, C.12421-040 ≣C21Lang Invitational #430 Apr 2011
27Kircher, C.1744Longhurst, C.12421-022 ≣C44ICA Players Mem-Open14 May 2011
28Longhurst, C.1242Harris, H.16860-167 ≣A51ICA Players Mem-Open14 May 2011
29Roland, J.1700Longhurst, C.1242½-½35 ≣D15ICA Players Mem-Open15 May 2011
30Longhurst, C.1242Abernathy, C.17360-142 ≣E15ICA Players Mem-Open15 May 2011
31Longhurst, C.1287Harris, H.15340-128A52Sumr Classic (Open)09 Jul 2011
32Edvalson, P.1448Longhurst, C.12871-073 ≣A45Sumr Classic (Open)09 Jul 2011
33Patterson, E.1442Longhurst, C.12871-023 ≣B21Sumr Classic (Open)10 Jul 2011
34Longhurst, C.1287Buckendorf Jr., G.18001-033 ≣D10Sumr Classic (Open)10 Jul 2011
35Longhurst, C.1400Roland, J.16860-135 ≣D53ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
36Pemsler, C.1000Longhurst, C.1400½-½21 ≣A16ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
37Longhurst, C.1400Patterson, K.1184½-½33 ≣A40ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
38Edvalson, P.1600Longhurst, C.14001-018 ≣C29ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
39Myers, H.1600Longhurst, C.12870-145 ≣C34Meridian Invitati...20 Aug 2011
40Longhurst, C.1287Niro III, F.17031-051 ≣A85Meridian Invitati...20 Aug 2011
41Kircher, C.1753Longhurst, C.12871-021C44Meridian Invitati...20 Aug 2011
42Longhurst, C.1287Roland, J.17001-044 ≣A40Meridian Invitati...20 Aug 2011
43Longhurst, C.1297Niro III, F.17001-027 ≣B90Eastern Idaho Ope...24 Sep 2011
44Booth, T.1635Longhurst, C.12971-028 ≣E00Eastern Idaho Ope...24 Sep 2011
45Longhurst, C.1297Owen, G.16010-130 ≣E70Eastern Idaho Ope...24 Sep 2011
46Longhurst, C.1297Asay, A.13050-139 ≣A43Eastern Idaho Ope...24 Sep 2011
47Longhurst, C.1512Kircher, C.17810-140 ≣D10WIO (Open)10 Dec 2011
48Abernathy, C.1686Longhurst, C.15121-036 ≣B50WIO (Open)10 Dec 2011
49Puderbaugh, K.Longhurst, C.15120-138 ≣C50WIO (Open)10 Dec 2011
50Longhurst, C.1512Pemsler, C.1320½-½25 ≣A40WIO (Open)11 Dec 2011
51Longhurst, C.1512Hamilton, B.19040-142 ≣C70WIO (Open)11 Dec 2011
52Longhurst, C.1512Roland, J.17251-060 ≣C70Winter Warmup Inv...21 Jan 2012
53McGarvey, J.1600Longhurst, C.15120-166 ≣E00Winter Warmup Inv...21 Jan 2012
54Abernathy, C.1686Longhurst, C.15121-033 ≣A05Winter Warmup Inv...21 Jan 2012
55Longhurst, C.1512Booth, T.16691-065 ≣C13Winter Warmup Inv...21 Jan 2012
56Davalle, S.Longhurst, C.14880-149A00Idaho Closed18 Feb 2012
57Longhurst, C.1488Stewart, T.19010-157 ≣D10Idaho Closed18 Feb 2012
58Healy, M.651Longhurst, C.1488½-½45 ≣B50Idaho Closed19 Feb 2012
59Olsoy, P.1313Longhurst, C.14881-054 ≣E00Idaho Closed19 Feb 2012
60Longhurst, C.1488Hamilton, B.19041-071 ≣C70Idaho Closed20 Feb 2012
61Kircher, C.1793Longhurst, C.14881-030 ≣B50Idaho Closed20 Feb 2012
62Imamovic, N.1688Longhurst, C.15831-030C55ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)24 Mar 2012
63Longhurst, C.1583Bruck, N.14541-030C41ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)24 Mar 2012
64Booth, T.1600Longhurst, C.15831-020E00ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)24 Mar 2012
65Longhurst, C.1583Vereshchagin, A.14571-040 ≣A53ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)24 Mar 2012
66Moffett, K.1000Longhurst, C.15860-154B20MH Spring Tourny28 Apr 2012
67Longhurst, C.1586Puderbaugh, K.13891-021B01MH Spring Tourny28 Apr 2012
68Featherston, S.1000Longhurst, C.15860-139B21MH Spring Tourny28 Apr 2012
69Longhurst, C.1586Edvalson, P.15981-036 ≣B90MH Spring Tourny28 Apr 2012
70Longhurst, C.1583Mouritzen, C.1-030C70W.R. Spring Simul02 May 2012
71Longhurst, C.1583Reinemann, T.1-025 ≣A50W.R. Spring Simul02 May 2012
72Longhurst, C.1583Reidy, M.1-020 ≣B02W.R. Spring Simul02 May 2012
73Longhurst, C.1583Mihalic, M.1-023 ≣B12W.R. Spring Simul02 May 2012
74Longhurst, C.1583Klimes, P.1-023 ≣B07W.R. Spring Simul02 May 2012
75Longhurst, C.1583Bunce, D.1-023 ≣D06W.R. Spring Simul02 May 2012
76Longhurst, C.1583Reigle, J.1-023 ≣B00W.R. Spring Simul02 May 2012
77Longhurst, C.1583Avila, T.1-024 ≣D06W.R. Spring Simul02 May 2012
78Longhurst, C.1583Say, E.½-½22 ≣B01W.R. Spring Simul02 May 2012
79Kircher, C.1777Longhurst, C.15831-060 ≣C44ICA Players Mem-Open19 May 2012
80Longhurst, C.1583Bruck, N.14540-125 ≣D20ICA Players Mem-Open19 May 2012
81Booth, T.1604Longhurst, C.15830-132 ≣E20ICA Players Mem-Open19 May 2012
82Longhurst, C.1583Pemsler, C.1364½-½35 ≣B12ICA Players Mem-Open20 May 2012
83Myers, H.1520Longhurst, C.15830-121 ≣C34ICA Players Mem-Open20 May 2012
84Parsons, L.2000Longhurst, C.1583½-½75 ≣E73Larry Parsons Simul02 Jun 2012
85Sawyer, P.1000Longhurst, C.16070-128A45ICU Treasure Vall...09 Jun 2012
86Longhurst, C.1607Roland, J.1690½-½21 ≣C70ICU Treasure Vall...09 Jun 2012
87Longhurst, C.1607Olsoy, P.17000-136 ≣E15ICU Treasure Vall...09 Jun 2012
88Longhurst, C.1584Patterson, K.12220-159 ≣B12Meridian Invitati...23 Jun 2012
89Edvalson, P.1565Longhurst, C.15840-121 ≣A01Meridian Invitati...23 Jun 2012
90Longhurst, C.1584Myers, H.15201-018 ≣C62Meridian Invitati...23 Jun 2012
91Lundy III, G.1583Longhurst, C.1584½-½56 ≣B50Meridian Invitati...23 Jun 2012
92Olsoy, P.1698Longhurst, C.15741-039 ≣D10ICA Sumr Classic ...14 Jul 2012
93Longhurst, C.1574Edvalson, P.16241-027E70ICA Sumr Classic ...14 Jul 2012
94Longhurst, C.1574Jiang, N.16950-161 ≣A53ICA Sumr Classic ...14 Jul 2012
95Roland, J.1700Longhurst, C.1574½-½15 ≣E90ICA Sumr Classic ...15 Jul 2012
96Longhurst, C.1574Hamilton, B.17770-150 ≣B06ICA Sumr Classic ...15 Jul 2012
97Stack, D.1000Longhurst, C.14910-138B20MH Summer Tourny28 Jul 2012
98Longhurst, C.1491Stewart, T.18310-135D20MH Summer Tourny28 Jul 2012
99Gorman, C.1290Longhurst, C.1491½-½89 ≣A01MH Summer Tourny28 Jul 2012
100Longhurst, C.1491Pentico, C.10000-176B13MH Summer Tourny28 Jul 2012