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1Weathers, R.1389Weyland, P.18640-140 ≣D0014 Feb 2009
2Weyland, P.1864Lundy III, G.14811-033 ≣A85Idaho Closed14 Feb 2009
3Weyland, P.1864Parsons, L.2015½-½30 ≣A40Idaho Closed15 Feb 2009
4Douglas, K.1707Weyland, P.18641-027 ≣C11Idaho Closed15 Feb 2009
5Abderhalden, K.1543Weyland, P.18641-019 ≣D00Idaho Closed16 Feb 2009
6Weyland, P.1864Dominick, M.12741-049E30Idaho Closed16 Feb 2009
7Lang, J.1219Weyland, P.18240-125 ≣C01Idaho Closed13 Feb 2010
8Holmquist, R.Weyland, R.14870-150 ≣A05Idaho Closed13 Feb 2010
9Weyland, P.1824Stewart, D.15161-047 ≣A48Idaho Closed13 Feb 2010
10Weyland, R.1487Douglas, K.17380-153 ≣A45Idaho Closed13 Feb 2010
11Douglas, K.1738Weyland, P.18240-134 ≣C11Idaho Closed14 Feb 2010
12Kepple, A.1121Weyland, R.14870-176 ≣E00Idaho Closed14 Feb 2010
13Weyland, P.1824Parsons, L.20000-124 ≣A46Idaho Closed14 Feb 2010
14Weyland, R.1487Stewart, D.15160-117 ≣A45Idaho Closed14 Feb 2010
15Abderhalden, K.1562Weyland, P.18240-120 ≣A40Idaho Closed15 Feb 2010
16Ye, M.1174Weyland, R.14870-134 ≣C11Idaho Closed15 Feb 2010
17Weyland, P.1824Kircher, C.15481-031 ≣E70Idaho Closed15 Feb 2010
18Weyland, R.1487Eacker, B.16330-133 ≣A45Idaho Closed15 Feb 2010
19Booth, T.1567Weyland, P.18640-147 ≣D51WIO (Open)11 Dec 2010
20Weyland, P.1864Stark, J.16111-037 ≣D10WIO (Open)11 Dec 2010
21Kircher, C.1650Weyland, P.18640-138 ≣C01WIO (Open)11 Dec 2010
22Weyland, P.1864Pellam, R.19340-157 ≣A57WIO (Open)12 Dec 2010
23Weyland, P.1864Myers, H.15331-026 ≣A85WIO (Open)12 Dec 2010
24Weyland, P.1863Edvalson, P.15511-037 ≣A85WIO (Open)10 Dec 2011
25Stark, J.1641Weyland, P.1863½-½26 ≣D30WIO (Open)10 Dec 2011