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1Dominick, M.1269Glodt, O.1-028C5717 Feb 2007
2Roland, J.1727Dominick, M.12690-139 ≣A46Idaho Closed17 Feb 2007
3Dominick, M.1269Reynolds, G.19000-163B02Idaho Closed18 Feb 2007
4Powers, B.1716Dominick, M.12691-048 ≣B01Idaho Closed18 Feb 2007
5Dominick, M.1269Myers, H.16790-150B01Idaho Closed19 Feb 2007
6Daptardar, S.855Dominick, M.12690-158A00Idaho Closed19 Feb 2007
7Buckendorf Jr., G.1800Dominick, M.12740-137 ≣B12Idaho Closed14 Feb 2009
8Dominick, M.1274Ong, C.15890-149A04Idaho Closed14 Feb 2009
9Kircher, C.1505Dominick, M.12741-055A03Idaho Closed15 Feb 2009
10Dominick, M.1274Min, W.9671-056C45Idaho Closed15 Feb 2009
11Dominick, M.1274Patterson, E.15131-040 ≣A40Idaho Closed16 Feb 2009
12Weyland, P.1864Dominick, M.12741-049E30Idaho Closed16 Feb 2009
13Dominick, M.1369Roland, J.17540-132 ≣A05Sumr Classic (Open)26 Jun 2010
14Abernathy, M.942Dominick, M.13690-161 ≣B90Sumr Classic (Open)26 Jun 2010
15Dominick, M.1369Brown, N.1200½-½35 ≣A45Sumr Classic (Open)26 Jun 2010
16McGarvey, J.1673Dominick, M.13691-038 ≣D10Sumr Classic (Open)27 Jun 2010
17Dominick, M.1369Buckendorf Jr., G.1800½-½26 ≣C62Sumr Classic (Open)27 Jun 2010
18Nathan, J.1395Dominick, M.13741-030 ≣B18Idaho Closed15 Feb 2015
19Dominick, M.1374Porth, D.9151-042 ≣A04Idaho Closed15 Feb 2015
20Wray, J.1453Dominick, M.1374½-½28 ≣A45Idaho Closed16 Feb 2015
21Dominick, M.1374Shouse, D.11541-030 ≣A04Idaho Closed16 Feb 2015