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1Hollingsworth, G.1277Seekamp III, J.6801-019 ≣D2018 Sep 2010
2Patterson, K.1270Hollingsworth, G.0-140 ≣B21EIO (Reserve)18 Sep 2010
3Hollingsworth, G.Lang, J.1359½-½44 ≣D10EIO (Reserve)18 Sep 2010
4Srinivasan, V.1138Hollingsworth, G.1-019 ≣E70EIO (Reserve)19 Sep 2010
5Hollingsworth, G.Patterson, K.979½-½39 ≣D20EIO (Reserve)19 Sep 2010
6Healy, M.Hollingsworth, G.12150-152B20WIO (Reserve)11 Dec 2010
7Hollingsworth, G.1215Porth, A.1255½-½34 ≣D06WIO (Reserve)11 Dec 2010
8Hollingsworth, G.1215Patterson, K.1263½-½25 ≣A40WIO (Reserve)11 Dec 2010
9Pemsler, C.1122Hollingsworth, G.1215½-½66 ≣A21WIO (Reserve)12 Dec 2010
10Hollingsworth, G.1215Ramalingam, D.12040-153 ≣A56WIO (Reserve)12 Dec 2010
11Hollingsworth, G.1277Porth, D.7151-071D23Idaho Open (Reserve)16 Apr 2011
12Hanson, C.Hollingsworth, G.12770-134B20Idaho Open (Reserve)16 Apr 2011
13Hollingsworth, G.1277Black, G.7601-057A84Idaho Open (Reserve)17 Apr 2011
14McConnell, M.Hollingsworth, G.1277½-½65 ≣B20Idaho Open (Reserve)17 Apr 2011
15Nathan, J.318Hollingsworth, G.12030-157C26Sumr Classic (Res...09 Jul 2011
16Hollingsworth, G.1203Patterson, K.12461-057 ≣B18Sumr Classic (Res...09 Jul 2011
17Lang, J.1321Hollingsworth, G.1203½-½59 ≣C21Sumr Classic (Res...09 Jul 2011
18Porth, A.1312Hollingsworth, G.1203½-½26 ≣C44Sumr Classic (Res...10 Jul 2011
19Hollingsworth, G.1203Pemsler, C.11671-017B15Sumr Classic (Res...10 Jul 2011
20Hollingsworth, G.1301Niro III, F.17000-141 ≣B90ICA Sumr Classic ...14 Jul 2012
21Olsoy, P.1698Hollingsworth, G.13011-026 ≣D80ICA Sumr Classic ...14 Jul 2012
22Edvalson, P.1624Hollingsworth, G.13010-133 ≣A05ICA Sumr Classic ...15 Jul 2012
23Hollingsworth, G.1301Nahlen, J.1601½-½21 ≣C45ICA Sumr Classic ...15 Jul 2012
24Nathan, J.665Hollingsworth, G.13650-147B02Eastern Idaho Open22 Sep 2012
25Hollingsworth, G.1365Roland, J.17001-023 ≣C44Eastern Idaho Open22 Sep 2012
26Gorman, C.1383Hollingsworth, G.13651-015 ≣A01Eastern Idaho Open22 Sep 2012
27Hollingsworth, G.1365Avila, J.6551-041 ≣B00Eastern Idaho Open23 Sep 2012
28Hollingsworth, G.1365Morrow, H.19000-130 ≣B90Eastern Idaho Open23 Sep 2012
29Hollingsworth, G.1394Featherston, S.7941-017C34WIO (Reserve)08 Dec 2012
30Greear, B.Hollingsworth, G.13940-142B02WIO (Reserve)08 Dec 2012
31Hollingsworth, G.1394Porth, A.13250-132 ≣B13WIO (Reserve)08 Dec 2012
32Lang, J.1355Hollingsworth, G.13940-165 ≣B02WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2012
33Hollingsworth, G.1394Abernathy, M.13251-039 ≣B01WIO (Reserve)09 Dec 2012
34Hollingsworth, G.1407Imamovic, N.1-054 ≣B00Idaho Closed16 Feb 2013
35Bartell, F.1711Hollingsworth, G.14070-141 ≣A15Idaho Closed16 Feb 2013
36Hollingsworth, G.1407Roland, J.17000-125 ≣C45Idaho Closed17 Feb 2013
37Machin, A.Hollingsworth, G.14071-08 ≣B02Idaho Closed17 Feb 2013
38Hollingsworth, G.1407Douglas, K.1751½-½42 ≣B22Idaho Closed18 Feb 2013
39Hollingsworth, G.1407Carr, J.1700½-½21 ≣C05Idaho Closed18 Feb 2013