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1Looney, D.1627Lang, J.15001-032 ≣C2423 Jan 2010
2Thompson, M.1574Gold, M.23100-129 ≣B54Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
3Reynolds, G.1924Kircher, C.15481-020 ≣B32Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
4Abderhalden, K.1543Douglas, K.17351-030 ≣E30Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
5Roland, J.1699Abderhalden, R.15161-052 ≣A41Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
6Patterson, E.1504Myers, H.16731-046 ≣A10Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
7Felice, L.1381Stark, J.16131-01 ≣A00Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
8McGarvey, J.1591Ye, M.1174½-½40 ≣D38Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
9Gold, M.2310Looney, D.16271-033 ≣B13Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
10Stark, J.1613Reynolds, G.19240-128 ≣E14Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
11Abderhalden, K.1543Roland, J.16991-036 ≣E00Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
12McGarvey, J.1591Patterson, E.15040-145 ≣A44Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
13Ye, M.1174Douglas, K.17350-129 ≣B80Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
14Myers, H.1673Abderhalden, R.15161-019B10Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
15Kircher, C.1548Lang, J.15001-045 ≣A02Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
16Looney, D.1627Myers, H.16730-130 ≣B01Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
17Patterson, E.1504Gold, M.23100-130A27Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
18Reynolds, G.1924Abderhalden, K.15431-027 ≣B30Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
19Douglas, K.1735Stark, J.16131-036 ≣B18Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
20Roland, J.1699Kircher, C.15480-133 ≣E70Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
21Thompson, M.1574McGarvey, J.15910-129 ≣A05Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
22Abderhalden, R.1516Ye, M.11740-134 ≣B20Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
23Gold, M.2310Reynolds, G.19241-035 ≣B03Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
24Douglas, K.1735Patterson, E.15041-049C17Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
25Myers, H.1673Abderhalden, K.15430-122 ≣B21Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
26Kircher, C.1548McGarvey, J.15911-025 ≣A02Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
27Ye, M.1174Roland, J.1699½-½30 ≣B54Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
28Lang, J.1500Stark, J.16130-140 ≣B13Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
29Abderhalden, R.1516Thompson, M.15740-152 ≣C44Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
30Patterson, K.1200Pemsler, C.10001-044B10Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
31Pentland, T.1000Patterson, K.10140-138 ≣A02Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
32Klug, M.1000Ebenroth, W.10000-122B30Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
33Proferes, A.1000Ebenroth, R.10001-043B01Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
34Ebenroth, W.1000Patterson, K.12000-152 ≣B10Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
35Patterson, K.1014Ebenroth Jr., W.10001-013A10Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
36Pemsler, C.1000Proferes, A.10000-118A25Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
37Ebenroth, R.1000Pentland, T.10000-130A04Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
38Patterson, K.1200Patterson, K.10141-053C55Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
39Pentland, T.1000Ebenroth, W.10000-121 ≣A03Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
40Ebenroth Jr., W.1000Klug, M.10000-120C41Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
41Pemsler, C.1000Ebenroth, R.10001-036A16Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
42Proferes, A.1000Patterson, K.1200½-½48 ≣A40Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
43Patterson, K.1014Klug, M.10000-144A22Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
44Ebenroth, W.1000Pemsler, C.10001-044B10Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
45Ebenroth Jr., W.1000Pentland, T.10000-138B27Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
46Lang, J.1496Sawyer, D.19440-134 ≣B27ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
47Douglas, K.1714Pentico, C.1452½-½27 ≣B00ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
48Longhurst, C.1400Roland, J.16860-135 ≣D53ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
49Looney, D.1635Patterson, K.1184½-½25 ≣B10ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
50Patterson, K.1039Edvalson, P.16000-121A10ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
51Kirk, P.1700Pemsler, C.10001-034 ≣B10ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
52Sawyer, D.1944Kirk, P.17000-125 ≣B31ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
53Roland, J.1686Edvalson, P.16001-052 ≣A81ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
54Patterson, K.1184Douglas, K.1714½-½26 ≣B21ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
55Pentico, C.1452Looney, D.16350-128 ≣A04ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
56Patterson, K.1039Lang, J.14960-121C26ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
57Pemsler, C.1000Longhurst, C.1400½-½21 ≣A16ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
58Kirk, P.1700Roland, J.16861-031 ≣C31ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
59Edvalson, P.1600Sawyer, D.19440-161 ≣A45ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
60Douglas, K.1714Lang, J.14961-031 ≣C70ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
61Longhurst, C.1400Patterson, K.1184½-½33 ≣A40ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
62Pemsler, C.1000Pentico, C.14520-144 ≣A10ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
63Douglas, K.1714Kirk, P.16001-032 ≣B32ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
64Sawyer, D.1944Roland, J.16860-121 ≣B90ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
65Pentico, C.1452Patterson, K.11841-036 ≣A10ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
66Edvalson, P.1600Longhurst, C.14001-018 ≣C29ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
67Lang, J.1496Pemsler, C.10001-029B18ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
68Kircher, C.1591Douglas, K.17050-129 ≣B23TVCC08 Jun 2013
69Looney, D.1624Buus, J.1201½-½34 ≣B23TVCC08 Jun 2013
70Hunter, R.1000Booth, T.15930-138 ≣C02TVCC08 Jun 2013
71Ong, C.1592Blake, I.10001-047B13TVCC08 Jun 2013
72Douglas, K.1705Ong, C.15921-070 ≣B18TVCC08 Jun 2013
73Booth, T.1593Looney, D.16241-028 ≣A40TVCC08 Jun 2013
74Buus, J.1201Kircher, C.15910-131B01TVCC08 Jun 2013
75Blake, I.1000Hunter, R.10001-030A06TVCC08 Jun 2013
76Booth, T.1593Douglas, K.1705½-½25 ≣D10TVCC08 Jun 2013
77Ong, C.1592Kircher, C.15910-152 ≣B01TVCC08 Jun 2013
78Looney, D.1624Blake, I.10001-029 ≣B10TVCC08 Jun 2013
79Hunter, R.1000Buus, J.12010-150 ≣B23TVCC08 Jun 2013
80Douglas, K.1705Looney, D.1624½-½23 ≣B15TVCC08 Jun 2013
81Kircher, C.1591Booth, T.15931-032 ≣A40TVCC08 Jun 2013
82Buus, J.1201Blake, I.10001-051 ≣B12TVCC08 Jun 2013
83Hunter, R.1000Ong, C.15920-140B13TVCC08 Jun 2013
84Kircher, C.1850White, M.12031-038 ≣C24TVCC25 Oct 2014
85Batten, J.1121Inman, J.17190-140D20TVCC25 Oct 2014
86Longhurst, C.1601Brubaker, B.10210-156 ≣C00TVCC25 Oct 2014
87Mussler-Wright, A.1000McGarvey, J.16000-143B20TVCC25 Oct 2014
88Amen, C.1560Labastida, E.10001-020 ≣C44TVCC25 Oct 2014
89Brubaker, B.1021Kircher, C.18500-152 ≣A80TVCC25 Oct 2014
90Inman, J.1719Amen, C.15601-056 ≣D85TVCC25 Oct 2014
91McGarvey, J.1600Mussler-Wright, A.10001-036D06TVCC25 Oct 2014
92Buus, J.1213Longhurst, C.16011-021C31TVCC25 Oct 2014
93White, M.1203Mussler-Wright, A.10001-023C41TVCC25 Oct 2014
94Labastida, E.1000Batten, J.11211-058A03TVCC25 Oct 2014
95Kircher, C.1850Inman, J.17191-044 ≣B10TVCC25 Oct 2014
96McGarvey, J.1600Buus, J.12130-121 ≣D10TVCC25 Oct 2014
97Amen, C.1560Brubaker, B.10210-133A20TVCC25 Oct 2014
98Mussler-Wright, A.1000White, M.12030-111C24TVCC25 Oct 2014
99Longhurst, C.1601Labastida, E.10000-122 ≣B02TVCC25 Oct 2014
100Batten, J.1121Mussler-Wright, A.10001-023C70TVCC25 Oct 2014