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1Hart, V.1041Hunter, R.1-041 ≣C7018 May 2013
2Hunter, R.Frame, B.1-012 ≣C60Idaho Open (Reserve)18 May 2013
3Magnuson, B.934Hunter, R.0-130A45Idaho Open (Reserve)18 May 2013
4Hunter, R.Bless, P.12080-148 ≣B30Idaho Open (Reserve)19 May 2013
5Harston, W.734Hunter, R.1-034 ≣C51Idaho Open (Reserve)19 May 2013
6Hunter, R.1000Booth, T.15930-138 ≣C02TVCC08 Jun 2013
7Blake, I.1000Hunter, R.10001-030A06TVCC08 Jun 2013
8Hunter, R.1000Buus, J.12010-150 ≣B23TVCC08 Jun 2013
9Hunter, R.1000Ong, C.15920-140B13TVCC08 Jun 2013
10Porth, A.1287Hunter, R.8431-043 ≣C44ICA Summer Classi...17 Aug 2013
11Hunter, R.843Shultz, J.1-034 ≣C41ICA Summer Classi...17 Aug 2013
12Hunter, R.843Smit, P.13191-055 ≣B01ICA Summer Classi...17 Aug 2013
13Fortune, B.927Hunter, R.8430-150E00ICA Summer Classi...18 Aug 2013
14Schwab, K.944Hunter, R.8431-023 ≣C45ICA Summer Classi...18 Aug 2013
15Hunter, R.843Porth, A.13450-113 ≣C02ICA PM (Reserve)21 Sep 2013
16Pelton, R.541Hunter, R.8430-117C46ICA PM (Reserve)21 Sep 2013
17Hunter, R.843Roberts, Z.12370-132 ≣B27ICA PM (Reserve)21 Sep 2013
18Blake, I.871Hunter, R.8431-029 ≣A06ICA PM (Reserve)22 Sep 2013
19Porth, D.495Hunter, R.8430-137C46ICA PM (Reserve)22 Sep 2013
20Hunter, R.940Lang, J.14860-125 ≣C44BCC Inaugural08 Mar 2014
21Hill, E.1126Hunter, R.9401-035 ≣E10BCC Inaugural08 Mar 2014
22Booth, T.1638Hunter, R.9401-030 ≣E00BCC Inaugural08 Mar 2014
23Tatom, G.1617Hunter, R.9261-045 ≣A20BCC #212 Apr 2014
24Hunter, R.926Harris, H.14891-030 ≣B06BCC #212 Apr 2014
25Amen, C.1482Hunter, R.9260-150 ≣C70BCC #212 Apr 2014
26Hunter, R.926Hamilton, B.17000-131 ≣C45BCC #212 Apr 2014
27Simonson, J.771Hunter, R.11010-152 ≣C50Southern Idaho Op...08 Nov 2014
28Hunter, R.1101Porth, D.13080-145 ≣B12Southern Idaho Op...08 Nov 2014
29Crowson, K.457Hunter, R.11010-145 ≣C44Southern Idaho Op...08 Nov 2014
30Murphy, A.988Hunter, R.11010-149A20Southern Idaho Op...08 Nov 2014
31Sanderson, K.1577Hunter, R.11010-151 ≣C70BCC #522 Nov 2014
32Hunter, R.1101Siek, J.925½-½41 ≣C45BCC #522 Nov 2014
33Hunter, R.1101Booth, T.15800-136 ≣C02BCC #522 Nov 2014
34White, M.1203Hunter, R.11011-011 ≣C45BCC #522 Nov 2014
35Nathan, O.462Hunter, R.11120-130 ≣C46Western Idaho Ope...13 Dec 2014
36Hunter, R.1112Porth, D.13080-126 ≣B12Western Idaho Ope...13 Dec 2014
37Porth, D.432Hunter, R.11120-144C44Western Idaho Ope...13 Dec 2014
38Porth, A.1363Hunter, R.11121-034 ≣C44Western Idaho Ope...14 Dec 2014
39Hunter, R.1109Tongsiri, C.1-025C41SIO (Reserve)14 Nov 2015
40Porth, D.1263Hunter, R.11091-041 ≣C70SIO (Reserve)14 Nov 2015
41Hunter, R.1109Van Law, Q.3381-046B53SIO (Reserve)14 Nov 2015
42Hunter, R.1109Aderogba, T.11301-061C45SIO (Reserve)14 Nov 2015