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1Buckendorf Glen (ID)Rachels Stuart (USA)0-130 ≣B33
2FloodstromBuckendorf Glen (ID)0-132 ≣A40US Open
3Buckendorf Glen (ID)Frenkel Vera (CA)1-044 ≣B10US Open
4Buckendorf Glen (ID)Alston Tony0-149 ≣C03US Open
5Buehl WalterBuckendorf Glen (ID)1-044 ≣A40US Open
6Zupa DaoudBuckendorf Glen (ID)0-129 ≣A40US Open
7Buckendorf Glen (ID)Merado M0-129 ≣B02US Open
8Grasser GeorgeBuckendorf Glen (ID)0-115 ≣B06US Open
9Buckendorf Glen (ID)Kosenski Tom½-½38 ≣B90US Open
10Chutter JohnBuckendorf Glen (ID)½-½36 ≣B06US Open
11Buckendorf Glen (ID)Mannella James (NY)1-023 ≣B01US Open
12Buckendorf Glen (ID)Stani Karl½-½22 ≣C03US Senior Open
13Buckendorf Glen (ID)Nash E0-128 ≣B06US Senior Open
14Buckendorf Glen (ID)Bicknell Don (CA)0-129 ≣B02US Senior Open
15Buckendorf Glen (ID)Neff1-020 ≣B09US Senior Open
16ShainswitBuckendorf Glen (ID)1-023 ≣A04US Senior Open
17Markowski Alina (CA)Buckendorf Glen (ID)½-½57 ≣B06US Senior Open
18Buckendorf Glen (ID)Graff Barney Elme...1-023 ≣C42Western Idaho Open
19Haynes Bryan (OR)Buckendorf Glen (ID)0-114 ≣A40Western Idaho Open
20Parsons Larry R (ID)Buckendorf Glen (ID)1-029 ≣A40Western Idaho Open
21Buckendorf Glen (ID)Rambo Alan Gene (ID)½-½39 ≣C42Western Idaho Open
22CheeBuckendorf Glen (ID)0-130 ≣B06Western States Open
23ChambersBuckendorf Glen (ID)0-141 ≣A40Western States Open
24Buckendorf Glen (ID)Hurt Jim1-036 ≣B70Western States Open
25Buckendorf Glen (ID)Ramos C½-½36 ≣C42Western States Open
26ReagleBuckendorf Glen (ID)½-½45 ≣B06Western States Open
27Buckendorf Glen (ID)Ciaffone Robert (NV)34 ≣B40American Open
28Chu JoelBuckendorf Glen (ID)0-179 ≣A10American Open
29Campini MBuckendorf Glen (ID)1-023 ≣B06American Open
30Buckendorf Glen (ID)Brookshear0-125 ≣B10American Open
31Jensen ChristineBuckendorf Glen (ID)½-½38 ≣A40American Open
32Buckendorf Glen (ID)Roland Jeffrey T ...½-½40 ≣C62Idaho Class Champ...
33Mc Garvey James H...Buckendorf Glen (ID)0-122 ≣A40Idaho Class Champ...
34Buckendorf Glen (ID)Sutton Stewart Q ...½-½34 ≣B32Idaho Class Champ...
35Graff Barney Elme...Buckendorf Glen (ID)0-129 ≣A02Idaho Closed Cham...
36Buckendorf Glen (ID)Henderson Arnold ...1-031C62Idaho Closed Cham...
37Nolan Robert H (ID)Buckendorf Glen (ID)½-½39 ≣B06Idaho Closed Cham...
38Ketchum Clark (ID)Buckendorf Glen (ID)0-135 ≣B06Idaho Closed Cham...
39Buckendorf Glen (ID)Myers Hugh S (ID)½-½35 ≣B01Idaho Closed Cham...
40Almedia Jeffrey D...Buckendorf Glen (ID)0-144 ≣B06Idaho Open
41Buckendorf Glen (ID)Downes John R (WA...0-131 ≣B09Idaho Open
42Buckendorf Glen (ID)Smith Jerra9 ≣C65Idaho Open
43Graff Barney Elme...Buckendorf Glen (ID)½-½21 ≣A02Idaho Open
44Smith Steve (WY)Buckendorf Glen (ID)1-021 ≣B06Jackson Hole Open
45Silman Jeremy (CA...Buckendorf Glen (ID)1-018 ≣A40Jackson Hole Open
46Buckendorf Glen (ID)Moye Harold (WY) (F)1-045 ≣B90Jackson Hole Open
47Buckendorf Glen (ID)Liscich Joe1-020 ≣B10Lake Fair Open
48TobiasonBuckendorf Glen (ID)0-141B06Lake Fair Open
49Barnes Joe (WA)Buckendorf Glen (ID)1-041 ≣B06Lake Fair Open
50Bragg DavidBuckendorf Glen (ID)1-016 ≣A40National Open
51Buckendorf Glen (ID)Ivanka-Budinsky M...0-125 ≣B45National Open
52Berggren R LBuckendorf Glen (ID)1-010 ≣B06National Open
53Buckendorf Glen (ID)Miller Warren (NM)½-½54 ≣C42National Open
54Fairbarn StephenBuckendorf Glen (ID)½-½22 ≣A40National Open
55Buckendorf Glen (ID)Gold Paul (AZ)13 ≣B33National Open
56Zick DaveBuckendorf Glen (ID)39 ≣B06Oregon Open
57Buckendorf Glen (ID)Oshio Mike½-½45 ≣B90Oregon Open
58HammerBuckendorf Glen (ID)0-122 ≣B06Oregon Open
59Buckendorf Glen (ID)Ong Yew0-126 ≣C17Oregon Open
60MonohanBuckendorf Glen (ID)1-025 ≣A40Oregon Open
61Hofheimer RichBuckendorf Glen (ID)1-030 ≣A04Some San Diego To...
62Buckendorf Glen (ID)Karmon A0-138 ≣C42Some San Diego To...
63MayndorffBuckendorf Glen (ID)36B06Some San Diego To...
64Buckendorf Glen (ID)Katel1-029 ≣C70Some San Diego To...
65Buckendorf Glen (ID)Fery0-144B06Some San Diego To...
66Buckendorf Glen (ID)Hughs Craig1-052 ≣C42US Amateur Champi...
67Zitter JamesBuckendorf Glen (ID)½-½16 ≣A10US Amateur Champi...
68Buckendorf Glen (ID)Libby Robert0-131 ≣B01US Amateur Champi...
69Lester MichaelBuckendorf Glen (ID)0-134 ≣B06US Open
70Buckendorf Glen (ID)Schuylar James (NY)0-139 ≣C40US Open
71Chlopek FrankBuckendorf Glen (ID)0-124 ≣A40US Open
72Buckendorf Glen (ID)Hanken Jerome B (CA)0-139 ≣B06US Open
73Cox WilliamBuckendorf Glen (ID)1-044 ≣A40US Open
74Buckendorf Glen (ID)Click Russell G (NY)½-½39 ≣B54US Open
75Kemura James HBuckendorf Glen (ID)½-½48 ≣B06US Open
76Buckendorf Glen (ID)Bradley1-016 ≣B32US Open
77Graves William E ...Buckendorf Glen (ID)1-023 ≣B06US Open
78Buckendorf Glen (ID)Barrett Wayne (UT)1-028 ≣C70Utah Amateur
79Lee SteveBuckendorf Glen (ID)½-½34 ≣A10Utah Amateur
80Buckendorf Glen (ID)Hurdle26 ≣A48American Open
81Buckendorf Glen (ID)Pineda31A40American Open
82Buckendorf Glen (ID)Sefton14 ≣A46American Open
83GrayBuckendorf Glen (ID)30B06American Open
84Kellotat GunterBuckendorf Glen (ID)0-123 ≣B06American Open
85Buckendorf Glen (ID)Fitch Roger (ID)1-035B32Idaho Closed Cham...
86Wermers Daniel (N...Buckendorf Glen (ID)1-026B06Idaho Closed Cham...
87Buckendorf Glen (ID)Nolan Robert H (ID)1-020 ≣C17Idaho Closed Cham...
88Myers Hugh S (ID)Buckendorf Glen (ID)½-½32 ≣B06Idaho Closed Cham...
89Buckendorf Glen (ID)Rambo Alan Gene (ID)½-½31 ≣B53Idaho Closed Cham...
90Buckendorf Glen (ID)Morrow Hans M (UT)0-124 ≣D04Idaho Open
91Buckendorf Glen (ID)Nichols Eric (ID)1-011 ≣A48Idaho Open
92Douglas Kurt P (ID)Buckendorf Glen (ID)1-039 ≣A40Idaho Open
93Goldsby A JBuckendorf Glen (ID)1-034 ≣B06National Open
94Buckendorf Glen (ID)Ramirez Jose (2114)0-133 ≣B41National Open
95Buckendorf Glen (ID)Martin Don1-020 ≣C42National Open
96Wallace GordonBuckendorf Glen (ID)½-½49 ≣B06National Open
97Shakad Tal (AZ) (GM)Buckendorf Glen (ID)1-040 ≣B06National Open
98Buckendorf Glen (ID)Butten Stephan1-035 ≣C00National Open
99Lar JohnBuckendorf Glen (ID)20 ≣B06Oregon Open
100Buckendorf Glen (ID)Hatcher1-025 ≣D04Oregon Open