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2Watts, V.1626Campbell, M.20540-145 ≣C24Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
3Porth, A.596Watts, V.16260-158B00Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
4Reynolds, G.1963Watts, V.16260-126 ≣B00Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
5Watts, V.1626Shouse, D.12161-052 ≣C24Idaho Open27 Aug 2006
6Flynn, P.1836Watts, V.1626½-½44 ≣B00Idaho Open27 Aug 2006
7Watts, V.1626Nowak, G.21870-164 ≣C23EIO (Open)15 Sep 2006
8DeGuzman, E.1717Watts, V.16260-131 ≣B00EIO (Open)15 Sep 2006
9Watts, V.1626Jiang, A.13930-137 ≣B21EIO (Open)15 Sep 2006
10Zumbrunnen, R.2000Watts, V.16261-045 ≣B00EIO (Open)16 Sep 2006
11Watts, V.1655Nowak, G.21610-134 ≣A45Idaho Open31 Mar 2007
12Roland, J.1718Watts, V.16551-064 ≣B00Idaho Open31 Mar 2007
13Watts, V.1655Harmon-Vellotti, C.12040-128 ≣A45Idaho Open31 Mar 2007
14Viveros SE, C.Watts, V.1655½-½29 ≣B00Idaho Open01 Apr 2007
15Watts, V.1604Featherston, S.9251-035A40ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
16Abderhalden, K.1026Watts, V.16040-140 ≣B00ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
17Watts, V.1604Unger, G.1736½-½50 ≣A45ICA Sumr Classic14 Jul 2007
18Roland, J.1734Watts, V.16040-152 ≣B00ICA Sumr Classic15 Jul 2007
19Watts, V.1604Eacker, B.16251-035 ≣D00ICA Sumr Classic15 Jul 2007
20Watts, V.1663Hernandez Valenci...1-039D00EIO (Open)06 Oct 2007
21Owen, G.1545Watts, V.16630-142 ≣B00EIO (Open)06 Oct 2007
22Watts, V.1663Morrow, H.1900½-½38 ≣A45EIO (Open)06 Oct 2007
23Fucsko, J.1739Watts, V.16630-133A04EIO (Open)07 Oct 2007
24Patterson, E.1343Watts, V.17120-116 ≣B00Idaho Open (Open)05 Apr 2008
25Watts, V.1712Chen, T.19340-119 ≣D00Idaho Open (Open)05 Apr 2008
26Abderhalden, K.1199Watts, V.17121-034 ≣A40Idaho Open (Open)05 Apr 2008
27Watts, V.1712Owen, G.1511½-½40 ≣A40Idaho Open (Open)06 Apr 2008
28Watts, V.1712Holland, M.16850-121 ≣A40Idaho Open (Open)06 Apr 2008
29Watts, V.1672Cohen, R.15351-041 ≣A40Tri-State M (ID, ...03 May 2008
30Watts, V.1672McLaughlin, E.17111-031 ≣A45Tri-State M (ID, ...03 May 2008
31Cohen, R.1535Watts, V.16720-144 ≣B00Tri-State M (ID, ...04 May 2008
32Skovron, J.1784Watts, V.16720-144 ≣A40Tri-State M (ID, ...04 May 2008
33Watts, V.1718Mothersill, T.14251-030A40Idaho Open (Open)04 Apr 2009
34Eacker, B.1610Watts, V.1718½-½20 ≣A40Idaho Open (Open)04 Apr 2009
35Watts, V.1718Ungureanu, R.13301-035 ≣A45Idaho Open (Open)04 Apr 2009
36Nowak, G.2129Watts, V.17181-045 ≣A00Idaho Open (Open)05 Apr 2009
37Watts, V.1718Roland, J.1782½-½30 ≣A45Idaho Open (Open)05 Apr 2009
38Laimana, J.1434Watts, V.17231-032 ≣B00EIO (Open)26 Sep 2009
39Watts, V.1723Abernathy, C.13641-031A41EIO (Open)26 Sep 2009
40Kircher, C.1557Watts, V.17230-170B00EIO (Open)26 Sep 2009
41Watts, V.1723Owen, G.15981-020A45EIO (Open)27 Sep 2009
42Morrow, H.1912Watts, V.17231-036 ≣B00EIO (Open)27 Sep 2009