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1Weathers, R.1389Weyland, P.18640-140 ≣D0014 Feb 2009
2Pemsler, C.626Weathers, R.13890-140A21Idaho Closed14 Feb 2009
3Abderhalden, K.1543Weathers, R.1389½-½38 ≣D00Idaho Closed15 Feb 2009
4Weathers, R.1389Eacker, B.1642½-½37 ≣C02Idaho Closed15 Feb 2009
5Kircher, C.1505Weathers, R.13891-037A02Idaho Closed16 Feb 2009
6Weathers, R.1389Porth, A.8800-168 ≣D00Idaho Closed16 Feb 2009
7Montgomery, G.922Weathers, R.0-156D10Idaho Open (Reserve)04 Apr 2009
8Weathers, R.1362Porth, A.10311-039 ≣C24Idaho Open (Reserve)04 Apr 2009
9Patterson, K.1035Weathers, R.13640-139 ≣C21Idaho Open (Reserve)04 Apr 2009
10Weathers, R.1364Nielsen, J.9221-050D00Idaho Open (Reserve)05 Apr 2009
11Weathers, R.1364Patterson, K.5871-056D00Idaho Open (Reserve)05 Apr 2009
12Baggett, J.Weathers, R.13861-047C24WRW Swiss10 Oct 2009
13Finch, D.1223Weathers, R.13861-046 ≣D02WRW Swiss10 Oct 2009
14Weathers, R.1386Bruess, S.8631-024A40WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
15Weathers, R.1386Bruck, N.11541-051D00WRW Swiss11 Oct 2009
16Kersey, J.Weathers, R.13850-140C45SIO14 Nov 2009
17Weathers, R.1385Myers, H.15851-065 ≣A80SIO14 Nov 2009
18Weathers, R.1385Bartell, F.17181-074D00SIO15 Nov 2009
19Reynolds, G.1925Weathers, R.13851-032C44SIO15 Nov 2009
20Weathers, R.1500Abernathy, P.1-023D00Idaho Closed13 Feb 2010
21Baggett, J.1801Weathers, R.15000-144 ≣C24Idaho Closed13 Feb 2010
22Weathers, R.1500Evers, J.18870-134 ≣A45Idaho Closed14 Feb 2010
23Reynolds, G.1933Weathers, R.15001-037C50Idaho Closed14 Feb 2010
24Weathers, R.1500Porth, A.11901-023 ≣B12Idaho Closed15 Feb 2010
25Stark, J.1563Weathers, R.15001-068 ≣E90Idaho Closed15 Feb 2010
26Weathers, R.1510Douglas, K.16930-129 ≣B50WIO (Open)11 Dec 2010
27Abderhalden, K.1731Weathers, R.15101-048 ≣D00WIO (Open)11 Dec 2010
28Weathers, R.1510Booth, T.1567½-½53 ≣A40WIO (Open)11 Dec 2010
29Stark, J.1611Weathers, R.15101-048 ≣D30WIO (Open)12 Dec 2010
30Weathers, R.1486Murdock, M.1-015A45Idaho Closed18 Feb 2012
31Booth, T.1669Weathers, R.1486½-½46 ≣D10Idaho Closed18 Feb 2012
32Stark, J.1655Weathers, R.14861-043 ≣D10Idaho Closed19 Feb 2012
33Weathers, R.1486Bruck, N.13401-058 ≣D00Idaho Closed19 Feb 2012
34Puderbaugh, K.785Weathers, R.14861-050 ≣D10Idaho Closed20 Feb 2012
35Weathers, R.1486Douglas, K.17630-143 ≣B50Idaho Closed20 Feb 2012