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1Montchalin, M.1962Liddell, S.19371-042 ≣A0517 May 1970
2Buckendorf, G.1829Boos, G.20260-136 ≣B29Ponderosa Open22 Sep 1975
3Lambson, V.1609Vandenburg, R.1887½-½35 ≣A01Idaho Open06 May 1978
4Whipple, E.1628Schill, I.20600-127 ≣E00Idaho Open06 May 1978
5Cowan, E.1574Brown, H.19610-118 ≣A16Idaho Open06 May 1978
6McDougall, S.1613Whitacre, W.19681-025 ≣E00Idaho Open06 May 1978
7Grieve, P.1852Bell, H.16121-025 ≣C32Idaho Open07 May 1978
8Brown, H.1961Whitacre, W.19680-129 ≣A46Idaho Open07 May 1978
9Pupols, V.2246Miller, T.21300-161 ≣A40Idaho Open07 May 1978
10Nelson, F.1812Harmon, L.15201-028 ≣C40Idaho Open21 Apr 1979
11Parsons, L.1823McCormick, J.21721-057 ≣A56Idaho Open22 Apr 1979
12Lambson, V.1834Tadlock, N.15751-020 ≣D21Idaho Open22 Apr 1979
13Parsons, L.1823Weikel, J.20770-138 ≣A13Idaho Open22 Apr 1979
14Parsons, L.2092Robinson, T.18051-036 ≣A13Boise Open10 Oct 1981
15Sutton, S.1875Smolensky, R.17390-141 ≣C68Boise Open10 Oct 1981
16Letterman, J.1779Colin, L.19331-040 ≣E20Boise Open10 Oct 1981
17Smalec, J.1497Sutton, S.18750-151 ≣D00Boise Open10 Oct 1981
18Robinson, T.1805Meyer, R.1-040 ≣C43Boise Open10 Oct 1981
19O'Connor, T.1699Parsons, L.20921-042B15Boise Open10 Oct 1981
20Colin, L.1933Sentosa, S.1-040 ≣C40Boise Open10 Oct 1981
21Parsons, L.2092Smolensky, R.17391-022 ≣A15Boise Open11 Oct 1981
22Roland, J.1535Colin, L.19330-124 ≣E10Boise Open11 Oct 1981
23Sentosa, S.Robinson, T.18050-141 ≣C00Boise Open11 Oct 1981
24Sutton, S.1875Myers, H.15641-045 ≣B01Boise Open11 Oct 1981
25Parsons, L.2092Letterman, J.17791-041 ≣A30Boise Open11 Oct 1981
26O'Connor, T.1699Colin, L.19331-054 ≣B52Boise Open11 Oct 1981
27Benavente, E.Sutton, S.18751-052 ≣C00Boise Open11 Oct 1981
28Robinson, T.1805Roland, J.15351-061 ≣C68Boise Open11 Oct 1981
29Campbell, M.2092Meservy, T.16401-047 ≣B07NIO17 Jul 2004
30Eacker, B.1632McClary, L.20630-148 ≣A05NIO17 Jul 2004
31Sutton, S.1968Myers, H.16021-028 ≣A80NIO17 Jul 2004
32Dennis, B.1553Smith, D.18040-150 ≣B32NIO17 Jul 2004
33Smith, D.1804Campbell, M.20921-023 ≣C02NIO17 Jul 2004
34McClary, L.2063Eacker, D.17951-046 ≣C68NIO17 Jul 2004
35Roland, J.1709Sutton, S.1968½-½32 ≣B01NIO17 Jul 2004
36Smith, D.1804McClary, L.20630-132 ≣C02NIO17 Jul 2004
37Sutton, S.1968Martin, R.17741-044 ≣A46NIO17 Jul 2004
38Campbell, M.2092Roland, J.1709½-½40 ≣C68NIO17 Jul 2004
39McClary, L.2063Sutton, S.1968½-½42 ≣A06NIO18 Jul 2004
40Roland, J.1709Smith, D.18040-133 ≣A46NIO18 Jul 2004
41Anderson, M.1727Campbell, M.20920-157 ≣A05NIO18 Jul 2004
42Campbell, M.2092McClary, L.20630-132 ≣A02NIO18 Jul 2004
43Sutton, S.1968Smith, D.1804½-½15 ≣A46NIO18 Jul 2004
44Cohen, J.2100Morrow, H.2000½-½46 ≣B21Tri-State M (ID, ...23 Oct 2004
45Sutton, S.1967Smith, A.20100-147 ≣A46Tri-State M (ID, ...23 Oct 2004
46Morrow, H.2000Cohen, J.21000-11 ≣A00Tri-State M (ID, ...23 Oct 2004
47Smith, A.2010Sutton, S.19671-035 ≣B01Tri-State M (ID, ...23 Oct 2004
48Cohen, J.2100Morrow, H.20001-01 ≣A00Tri-State M (ID, ...24 Oct 2004
49Sutton, S.1967Smith, A.2010½-½24 ≣A46Tri-State M (ID, ...24 Oct 2004
50Morrow, H.2000Cohen, J.21000-11 ≣A00Tri-State M (ID, ...24 Oct 2004
51Smith, A.2010Sutton, S.19671-01 ≣A00Tri-State M (ID, ...24 Oct 2004
52G BuckendorfCranialNervex20350-143 ≣B90ICC so
53Reynolds, G.1963Eacker, B.16351-043 ≣C00TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
54Jiang, A.1344Taylor, D.19150-11 ≣A00TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
55Bartell, F.1853Mabry, W.13191-047 ≣C01TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
56Taylor, S.1113Buckendorf Jr., G.18000-131 ≣B90TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
57Buckendorf Jr., G.1800Reynolds, G.19630-125 ≣B03TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
58Taylor, D.1915Bartell, F.18531-033 ≣B32TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
59Reynolds, G.1963Taylor, D.1915½-½35 ≣C68TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
60Barkell, K.1728Bartell, F.18531-045 ≣C26TC Hartwell Memorial27 May 2006
61Reynolds, G.1963Barkell, K.1728½-½36 ≣B70TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
62Taylor, D.1915Mabry, W.13191-028 ≣C02TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
63Bartell, F.1853Eacker, B.16350-148 ≣A18TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
64Barkell, K.1728Taylor, D.19150-11 ≣A00TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
65Jiang, A.1344Reynolds, G.1963½-½1 ≣A00TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
66Buckendorf Jr., G.1800Jiang, R.5401-01 ≣A00TC Hartwell Memorial28 May 2006
67Barredo, W.1673Middaugh, J.19121-053 ≣B18NIO22 Jul 2006
68Middaugh, J.1912Keele, S.10991-028 ≣D10NIO22 Jul 2006
69Meservy, T.1701Middaugh, J.1912½-½30 ≣A18NIO22 Jul 2006
70Middaugh, J.1912Diaz-Gonzalez, M.1-027 ≣A50NIO23 Jul 2006
71Middaugh, J.1912Walton, J.15801-038 ≣A52NIO23 Jul 2006
72Watts, V.1626Campbell, M.20540-145 ≣C24Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
73Reynolds, G.1963Vander Sys, M.15840-141 ≣B12Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
74Vander Sys, S.1548Flynn, P.18360-146 ≣E11Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
75Bartell, F.1814Shouse, D.12161-055 ≣A05Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
76Daw, A.667Buckendorf Jr., G.18000-157B50Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
77Campbell, M.2030Roland, J.17001-045 ≣C68Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
78Flynn, P.1836Fucsko, J.1665½-½29 ≣C30Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
79Vander Sys, M.1584Bartell, F.18141-027C60Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
80Buckendorf Jr., G.1800Eacker, B.1649½-½15 ≣C03Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
81Zumbrunnen, R.2000Pocol, D.1615½-½45 ≣B00Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
82Daw, A.667Reynolds, G.19630-153B40Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
83Flynn, P.1836Vander Sys, M.15841-055 ≣B13Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
84Fucsko, J.1665Buckendorf Jr., G.18001-047 ≣A06Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
85Eacker, B.1649Zumbrunnen, R.2000½-½20 ≣A09Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
86Reynolds, G.1963Watts, V.16260-126 ≣B00Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
87Pocol, D.1615Bartell, F.18141-037 ≣A45Idaho Open26 Aug 2006
88Campbell, M.2030Flynn, P.18360-146 ≣B30Idaho Open27 Aug 2006
89Vander Sys, S.1548Zumbrunnen, R.20000-130 ≣B33Idaho Open27 Aug 2006
90Bartell, F.1814Roland, J.1700½-½50 ≣A30Idaho Open27 Aug 2006
91Flynn, P.1836Watts, V.1626½-½44 ≣B00Idaho Open27 Aug 2006
92Zumbrunnen, R.2000Fucsko, J.1665½-½42 ≣C43Idaho Open27 Aug 2006
93Buckendorf Jr., G.1800Vander Sys, M.1584½-½32 ≣C70Idaho Open27 Aug 2006
94Bartell, F.1814Porth, A.5961-037A21Idaho Open27 Aug 2006
95Watts, V.1626Nowak, G.21870-164 ≣C23EIO (Open)15 Sep 2006
96Zumbrunnen, R.2000Owen, G.15211-043 ≣B24EIO (Open)15 Sep 2006
97Jiang, A.1393Taylor, D.19350-130 ≣C45EIO (Open)15 Sep 2006
98Nowak, G.2187Zumbrunnen, R.20001-048 ≣A00EIO (Open)15 Sep 2006
99Taylor, D.1935Roland, J.17000-150 ≣C10EIO (Open)15 Sep 2006
100Roland, J.1700Zumbrunnen, R.20000-124 ≣D02EIO (Open)15 Sep 2006