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This database contains games from various tournaments that have no home elsewhere.

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1Michael SugrueRob Loveband½-½29 ≣B40Interclub Geelong18 Sep 2011
2Octavio MartinezRob Loveband0-145 ≣A40Interclub Box Hill223 Oct 2011
3Nigel BarrowRob Loveband0-152 ≣A30BallaratXmasSwiss05 Dec 2008
4Rob Loveband1581Steven Fletcher17711-052 ≣E002012 Interclub Ge...07 Nov 2010
5Chris SegraveRob Bailey0-173 ≣A30BallaratXmasSwiss05 Dec 2008
6Rob LovebandBas van Riel1-056 ≣E60Eureka1110 Dec 2011
7Bas Van RielChris Segrave0-124 ≣B18Eureka1110 Dec 2011
8Bas van RielNigel Barrow1-028 ≣A04Eureka1111 Dec 2011
9Patrick CookNigel Barrow½-½18 ≣A40Eureka1110 Dec 2011
10Chris SegravePatrick Cook0-150 ≣A05Eureka1110 Dec 2011
11Bas Van RielChris Segrave0-124 ≣B18Eureka1110 Dec 2011
12Lumsdon, P.Lindberg, G.17 ≣B90BCCC200401 Jan 2004
13Steven SymonsPatrick Cook0-136 ≣C17casual game19 Jul 2007
14Schmitz, M.1915Watson, J.16330-171 ≣A482016 Australian R...03 Jan 2016
15Peter Abbot1901James Watson16330-144 ≣A572016 Australian R...11 Jan 2016
16Watson, J.1633Peng, S.1938½-½31 ≣E902016 Australian R...12 Jan 2016
17Carolin-Unkovich, G.1948Watson, J.1633½-½56 ≣B212016 Australian R...07 Jan 2016
18Watson, J.1633Stewart, S.1870½-½29 ≣A822016 Australian R...03 Jan 2016
19Kovacevic, P.1817Watson, J.1651½-½54 ≣A57Hjorth memorial31 Oct 2015
20Benjamin, N.James, W.16510-119 ≣B01Hjorth memorial01 Nov 2015
21Watson, J.1651Vulgar, S.17531-050 ≣A40Hjorth memorial03 Nov 2015
22Watson, J.1651Worsnop, A.1-020 ≣D10Hjorth memorial31 Oct 2015
23Nemeth, J.2149Watson, J.16511-030 ≣C70Hjorth memorial30 Oct 2015
24Schmitz, A.2048Watson, J.1633½-½30 ≣B222016 Australian R...05 Jan 2016
25Jamie BrotheridgeRob Loveband½-½43 ≣D17JH201010 Nov 2010
26Rob LovebandPeter Miitel1-053 ≣B32JH201007 Dec 2010
27Team RobTeam Rod1-065 ≣D0815 Sep 2016
28Jasan Barnett892DWB8851-026 ≣C41Chess.Com 5 min B...09 Sep 2016
29John LaveryRob Loveband0-149 ≣D05Euroka 0912 Dec 2009
30Kevin PerrinPatrick Cook1-029 ≣C00Eureka 0912 Dec 2009
31Nurnisa20181240Patrick Cook14330-118 ≣C07Clubs League 202027 Jun 2020
32Sandler, L.Saksis, Y.10 ≣B33Latvia 01 Jan 1980
33Sandler, L.Short, N.½-½46 ≣A40Ballarat Begonia ...01 Mar 2016
34Aronian, L.Sandler, L.0-146 ≣B90Erevan Olympiad 1996
35Smirnov, A.Adhiban1-01 ≣Anton Smirnov two...
36Vivaan SolankiPatrick Cook0-159 ≣C02Time Handicap31 Mar 2022
37Patrick CookPeter Stickland1-023 ≣A05Time Handicap31 Mar 2022
38Angus BlenkironPatrick Cook½-½51 ≣B02Time Handicap31 Mar 2022
39Patrick CookMichael Leckie½-½40 ≣E32Time Handicap07 Apr 2022
40Tom OppenheimPatrick Cook½-½40 ≣A20Time Handicap07 Apr 2022
41Patrick CookVipin Jyani0-145 ≣A40Time Handicap07 Apr 2022