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1Looney Daniel D (...Buckendorf Glen (ID)0-124 ≣B51
2Looney Daniel D (...Buckendorf Glen (ID)0-131 ≣B33Game/60 July
3Buckendorf Glen (ID)Looney Daniel D (...½-½26 ≣B02Game/60 May
4Buckendorf Glen (ID)Looney Daniel D (...1-058 ≣B10Jackpot Open
5Looney Daniel D (...Buckendorf Glen (ID)0-146 ≣B33MVCC: Autumn Roun...
6Buckendorf Glen (ID)Looney Daniel D (...1-037 ≣C63Southern Idaho Open
7Looney Daniel D (...Buckendorf Glen (ID)1-024B80MVCC: Championship
8Eacker, D.1795Looney, D.15521-027 ≣A85NIO17 Jul 2004
9Looney, D.1552Featherston, S.1-060C40NIO17 Jul 2004
10Uptain, M.1522Looney, D.15490-132 ≣A84Tri-State M (ID, ...23 Oct 2004
11Looney, D.1549Fortune, J.1636½-½30 ≣B13Tri-State M (ID, ...23 Oct 2004
12Fortune, J.1636Looney, D.15490-130 ≣A85Tri-State M (ID, ...24 Oct 2004
13Looney, D.1523Frasure, D.11800-11 ≣A00ICA January Quads #221 Jan 2007
14Tatom, G.1669Looney, D.1523½-½23 ≣A15ICA January Quads #210 Jan 2007
15Looney, D.1523Harmon-Vellotti, L.12290-130 ≣C45ICA January Quads #217 Jan 2007
16Bartell, F.1837Looney, D.16271-037 ≣A22ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)07 Mar 2009
17Looney, D.1627Buckendorf Jr., G.1800½-½32 ≣B32ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)07 Mar 2009
18Myers, H.1675Looney, D.16270-150 ≣B10ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)08 Mar 2009
19Pocol, D.1623Looney, D.16271-043A45ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)08 Mar 2009
20Bruck, N.1126Looney, D.15990-165B12SIO14 Nov 2009
21Looney, D.1599Finch, D.13501-045 ≣B54SIO14 Nov 2009
22Roland, J.1794Looney, D.1599½-½18 ≣A40SIO15 Nov 2009
23Baggett, J.1800Looney, D.15991-045 ≣B12SIO15 Nov 2009
24Looney, D.1627Lang, J.15001-032 ≣C24Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
25Gold, M.2310Looney, D.16271-033 ≣B13Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
26Looney, D.1627Myers, H.16730-130 ≣B01Treas. Valley Ch ...23 Jan 2010
27Looney, D.1606Abernathy, M.8871-059C45Idaho Closed14 Feb 2010
28Patterson, K.1184Looney, D.1606½-½20 ≣B01Idaho Closed14 Feb 2010
29Looney, D.1606Uriarte, A.11961-036C00Idaho Closed15 Feb 2010
30Patterson, E.1463Looney, D.1606½-½33 ≣A16Idaho Closed15 Feb 2010
31Looney, D.1593Kircher, C.17600-139 ≣B01Idaho Closed20 Feb 2011
32Looney, D.1593Patterson, K.9471-026C44Idaho Closed20 Feb 2011
33Simonson, J.565Looney, D.15930-144 ≣B12Idaho Closed21 Feb 2011
34Bartell, F.1604Looney, D.1593½-½9 ≣A05Idaho Closed21 Feb 2011
35Dugger, G.1280Looney, D.1636½-½55 ≣B10ICU MVCC Ch (Open)26 Mar 2011
36Looney, D.1636Stark, J.1617½-½34 ≣B07ICU MVCC Ch (Open)26 Mar 2011
37Vereshchagin, A.1433Looney, D.16360-135 ≣B18ICU MVCC Ch (Open)27 Mar 2011
38Buckendorf Jr., G.1800Looney, D.16360-138 ≣B12ICU MVCC Ch (Open)27 Mar 2011
39Patterson, K.1019Looney, D.16411-050 ≣A21ICU Twin Falls Ci...25 Jun 2011
40Looney, D.1641Patterson, K.11981-035 ≣B12ICU Twin Falls Ci...25 Jun 2011
41Porth, A.1224Looney, D.16410-123 ≣A43ICU Twin Falls Ci...25 Jun 2011
42Looney, D.1641Patterson, E.15161-026C00ICU Twin Falls Ci...25 Jun 2011
43Looney, D.1635Patterson, K.1184½-½25 ≣B10ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
44Pentico, C.1452Looney, D.16350-128 ≣A04ICU TVCC23 Jul 2011
45Looney, D.1584Patterson, K.9061-019C45Winter Warmup Inv...21 Jan 2012
46Booth, T.1669Looney, D.15840-136 ≣E90Winter Warmup Inv...21 Jan 2012
47Looney, D.1584Olsoy, P.0-152 ≣B30Winter Warmup Inv...21 Jan 2012
48McGarvey, J.1600Looney, D.1584½-½28 ≣E90Winter Warmup Inv...21 Jan 2012
49Looney, D.1584Blake, I.1-027 ≣B10Idaho Closed18 Feb 2012
50Puderbaugh, K.785Looney, D.15840-113 ≣E90Idaho Closed18 Feb 2012
51Parsons, L.2000Looney, D.1584½-½33 ≣A15Idaho Closed19 Feb 2012
52Looney, D.1584Booth, T.16691-043 ≣C00Idaho Closed19 Feb 2012
53Furlow, B.1517Looney, D.15841-031 ≣B12Idaho Closed20 Feb 2012
54Bruck, N.1454Looney, D.16330-145 ≣A10ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)24 Mar 2012
55Looney, D.1633Imamovic, N.1688½-½39 ≣B23ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)24 Mar 2012
56Bartell, F.1777Looney, D.16331-035 ≣B15ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)24 Mar 2012
57Looney, D.1633Eacker, B.1633½-½18 ≣C02ICU MVCC Ch (Champ)24 Mar 2012
58Gorman, C.1252Looney, D.16330-145 ≣E90ICU Treasure Vall...09 Jun 2012
59Sawyer, D.1924Looney, D.16331-038 ≣B13ICU Treasure Vall...09 Jun 2012
60Looney, D.1633Kircher, C.15700-139 ≣B01ICU Treasure Vall...09 Jun 2012
61Looney, D.1615Eacker, B.16190-126 ≣C00Southern Idaho Open03 Nov 2012
62Henderson, M.1856Looney, D.16150-132 ≣E90Southern Idaho Open03 Nov 2012
63Looney, D.1624Rambo, A.1715½-½22 ≣B23MVCC Ch (Champion...23 Mar 2013
64Baggett, J.1636Looney, D.16241-055 ≣B12MVCC Ch (Champion...23 Mar 2013
65Looney, D.1624Machin, A.16641-027 ≣C45MVCC Ch (Champion...23 Mar 2013
66Looney, D.1624Buus, J.1201½-½34 ≣B23TVCC08 Jun 2013
67Booth, T.1593Looney, D.16241-028 ≣A40TVCC08 Jun 2013
68Looney, D.1624Blake, I.10001-029 ≣B10TVCC08 Jun 2013
69Douglas, K.1705Looney, D.1624½-½23 ≣B15TVCC08 Jun 2013
70Gorman, C.1753Looney, D.16251-031A01SIO (Open)02 Nov 2013
71Looney, D.1625Eacker, B.1625½-½23 ≣C00SIO (Open)02 Nov 2013
72Looney, D.1615Bartell, F.17000-137 ≣B12Idaho Closed15 Feb 2014
73Murphy, A.837Looney, D.1615½-½42 ≣A46Idaho Closed16 Feb 2014
74Looney, D.1615Porth, D.1220½-½16 ≣B12Idaho Closed16 Feb 2014
75Simonson, J.710Looney, D.16150-143 ≣B08Idaho Closed17 Feb 2014
76Douglas, K.1668Looney, D.1615½-½18 ≣B08Idaho Closed17 Feb 2014
77Knoll, L.1250Looney, D.16110-134 ≣B12MVCC (Championship)22 Mar 2014
78Looney, D.1611Bartell, F.1762½-½21 ≣C00MVCC (Championship)22 Mar 2014
79Longhurst, C.1601Looney, D.1611½-½17 ≣B12MVCC (Championship)22 Mar 2014
80Looney, D.1611Porth, A.1274½-½19 ≣B12MVCC (Championship)22 Mar 2014
81Ang, D.Looney, D.1573½-½40 ≣A09Idaho Closed13 Feb 2016
82Looney, D.1573Nyblade III, W.1217½-½28 ≣B07Idaho Closed14 Feb 2016
83Bartell, F.1660Looney, D.15731-037 ≣A10Idaho Closed14 Feb 2016